#Ishqbaaz #Marriage or Revenge #DarkSS # Part 2


Hello peeps…. ??? Thanks a ton for showring your immense love in form if comment for my work… I love you all for that…???? Okay fine I am stopping my blabbering here and started writing next update hope you all’ll enjoy it…☺☺☺

Part Two

As soon as Shivay come out from his car he noticed decoration of whole mansion… And once again his father’s word echo in his mind along with conversation…


As soon as his father shouted at his mother in stren voice surprised Shivay asked his father

Shivay: Papa, what happened??? What is matter??? And why are you shouting at ma???

Shakti: Shivay she have spoiled you a lot so and today you can’t say no to whatever I say…

Shivay: Papa what it is??? You are scaring me now…

Shakti: I am glad to know I am able to scare the great SSO. But Shivay me and your mother is leaving for Australia for conference meeting and from today my best friend Rishi’s daughter marriage is starting so you’ve attend it on behalf of me. And do not you dare so me no…

Shivay: But papa you know I do not like such marriage functions, I won’t go…

Shakti: I am not asking you for your choice, I am ordering you…

Shivay: Papa I am not going anywhere… Mumma plz say something to Papa na…

Shakti: She won’t take your side today, and if you do not want to go there then be ready we are visiting Kapoor as they have send alliance of their only daughter Tia for you..

As soon as he heard Tia’s name Shivay feel uncomfortable due to that bimbo who is always stick him like a other skin so unwillingly he agreed to attend marriage…

As soon as flashback end he once again look at mansion which is beautifully decorated with fairy lights and purple, blue,pink and white Orchids and Anika weds Daksh board is adoring entrance door he murmured

Shivay: “Quite impressive decoration and nice name of bride to be”

And he enter inside masking his face with fake smile which won’t saw his boring expression seeing same crowd full of gossiping aunties, uncles who are enjoying free ki drinks and young stars who are discussing what hot and what is trending??? But in all this he notices that girls present there oogling at him and checking him out and some aunties who are searching eligible groom for their daughter is observing him from head to toe… He smrikes seeing them and thought No one can resist charm of Shivay Singh Oberoi and all this while his eyes are searching for Mr.Shekhawat cause after meeting him he want to leave this place as soon as possible and want to visit some club cause yet he do not find anyone who can captive his eye and soon he cone to know that Mr.Shekhawat is on the stage where bride’s nahendi is going on so he started moving towards stage and there he find most beautiful scenario that Mr. Shekhawat is busy in feeding a girl and a lady so but he is not able to look either if them as their back is facing them and even they are surrounded by other girls and ladies, he reached to stage and parted on Mr. shekhawat’s back and he turned and directly identify him and speak

Mr. Shekhawat(Rishi) :Shivay, my boy welcome.. and where is your parents????

And same time Shivay notice milky bare back of girl which s covered by only two strips of her blouse and he wanted to see her soon but controlling his urge he replied to Rishi

Shivay: Wo uncle papa have to go to Australia for conference so they are not able to come…

And all this while his eye stuck on stage and he see that a lady in his early fifty left from stage and she took mehandi wali girl with her and speak something in girl’s ear whose back attracted Shivay…

Rishi: Ohhh I see waise meet my daughter and bride to be Anika… And listening her father Anika turned and look at him and same moment after seeing her innocent beautiful face with her dark black expressive eyes and beautiful smile playing on her lips Shivay felt his through dry and the same moment he fall in love with Anika irrecoverably and he vow to make her his…

And he forward his hand in her direction but in reply she saw her heen clad hand and smiled making sorry faces and seeing this Shivay’s heart snipe a beat and chill run through his spine seeing this natural beauty in white and light green saree which is exposing her milky bare waist and her open hair is adoring her but few naughty hair strains are playing with her cheek and irritating her she tries to remove her but due to heena in her hand she is not able to do it so seeing her unknowingly Shivay’s hand move in direction and move that strains from her cheeks and tuck behind her ears like they are under some spell but soon that spell broke hearing her Thank you and he come out from trance and noticed that Mr.Shekhawat is not in stage and he standing far from stage and talking with aom guest and he took breath of relief from his emberessment and smile at her and she too smile at him and leave from there taking her phone from table which is vibrating indicating someone’s call…

And Shiay who is lost in her wants to take her in his arm and smooch her wildly and clame her as his and he too follow her…

Okay done with update… So peeps as all you have assumed bride is Anika but groom is not Shivay twist in story… ???? So now my story will reveal how Shivay an Anika become ShivIka??? BDW hows update??? Plz do leave your feedback whether its positive or negative and yeah sorry peeps due to some reason yet I am not able to reply all of tour comments I’ve read it all and trust I’ll reply soon hope you all understand…☺☺☺☺

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  8. Sanchi

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