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Hiiii peeps…. Hope you all have enjoyed aaj wal OS… And sorry if anyone do not like that….Are yeah I am here with update of Marriage or revenge???… Almost of you have assumed that bride and groom to be ShivIka…. Today too I am not revealing it here who is brideand bridegroom… Read update and find out who they are????

Character Sketch

Shivay Singh Oberoi: Only son of industrialist Shakti Singh Oberoi.. He is famous for two things no three things

His success at younger age, His unavoidable charm and list of his girlfriends…

Shakti and Pinky Singh Oberoi: Parents of Shivay… And owner of Oberoi group of companies.

Anika Shekhawat: Only child of her parents… She is bubbly, simple and happy go lucky type of girl. She helped her father in business but she hate fame that come with unavoidable rumors…

Rishi and Jayshree Shekhawat: Anika’s parents. And owner of Shekhawat Industries.

There won’t be OmRu and Priyanka or any one else… Sorry for not including them but they won’t fit in my story and I do not want spoil their charm by forcefully including them in my story…

Part One…

Like usual Shivay Singh Oberoi enter in one of happening club of Delhi to celebrate his success and soon he is surrounded by few hot chicks and he is enjoying their fake attention and drink… And after few minutes he is down with half whisky bottle and he randomly choose one of chick and about to enter in VVIP room of club but before that his phone ring and he checked his father is calling so he received call and talked to his father and soon he disconnect call and leave that chick and walk out from club and stated his BMW and move to home….

After entering inside he started searching fro his father and soon he find him sitting on living hal’s sofa and he went there sit beside him and speak

Shivay: What is emengency papa??? Why you called me home urgently??

Shakti: (With stren look) Shivay this time you have to do whatever I am saying else…

Shivay: what it is Papa????

Pinky: Wo Shivay, Shaktiji wanted to say that you are now young and you have to get married too so….

Shakti: Shut up Pinky, I am talking to him… (In same stren voice)

This surprised Shivay because his father never cut his mother in between and never have use such tone so he is eager to know what his father wanted to say….

After that their conversation went in mute…. And in conversation they have some argument but at the end of conversation Shivay agreed to his father reluctantly and leave for his room to get ready and soon he come down dressed in casual and leave from there making faces and after drving of half an hour his car come to halt in front of beautiful mansion like home of Shekhawat he parked his car and prepared himself to enter inside….

Okay I am done with today’s update… How it is???? What to do you buddy think Shivay is going to do????And what conversation can happen between father son duo according to you all???? I am waiting for all your feedback….

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  1. Cuteprincess

    shivaay has girlfriends….huh,,,
    so anika should have boyfriends…
    I liked it…really nice..a different shivaay….waiting to see anika’s character…

  2. Priyanka_22

    I Guess dey r planning some revenge or something wid sekhawats
    nd for revenge n his father’s sake shivay said yes to mrg

  3. Once again cli

  4. Once again clifhanger and mysterious an intriguing too…

    I like this track..

    So e are right couple is bride and bride groom is Shivika so PRI what is Strom ??

    Plz update this ,Vivah wala and dare wala soon

    I am waiting and yeah how can I forget your sweet a d romantic OS they are my fail happiness dose plz write one OS too (Oh girl do not be angry,
    I know I am behaving greedy)

    1. Jazz1

      Agree with di. It was nice. Waiting for your other shots and yeah some other os too.
      I know I am becoming greedy too

  5. Tulasi

    Woweeeeee…….is it an os dear?? waitng for d next …wat ll shivaay baby do now???

  6. Yazhu

    It’s an awesome update yaar Priya…think it’s a plan to revenge…waiting to see that in next epi…

  7. Arghhh once again cliffhanger…

    Waiting eagerly for next update post soon…

    And Shivay’s this image is shocking and Anika’s character is wonderful…

    I think Shivaybus there for marriage proposal for Anika as they want some revenge from Shekhawats…

  8. Sanaya_malik

    Nice update dear…. As usual….. I mean u always write jhakkas….. And plzz dont feel low yr…. Low comments will not decide ur writing skills…. So chill yr…. ❤❤and keep going

  9. Samm

    why is OmRu not there? 🙁 🙁
    but i’m glad there’s no tia either! 😀
    waiting for next 🙂

  10. Nainaa

    Nice one Priya Di….. Shivaay’s end less list of girlfriend’s!!…. hmm…..Interesting to read……
    Update your next one soon….Waiting for it…

  11. Aarya

    Nyc one dear……waiting for this new story…..waiting for anika….this one is a different story ….yet loved it……

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