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Hello Peeps..?????

Before you all ask for update let me tell you I am up with this OS because feeling insomniac and mind is racing on pace of different ideas and it stop at this idea so I am up with this OS. Hope you all will like it.

Before OS let me man it clear this one is wholly for current track so ShiTia marriage is happening and its Sangeet of ShiTia which stopped due to sudden entry of Romi from staircase which shocked Oberois and Kapoors.


It have been one and half hour since Dr.have examined Romi and according to Dr she need rest so he’ve injected sedatives to her and she uis sleeping in ShivIka’s room under observation of Oberois brothers and Anika and Shivay have sent Tia out of room for rest and all are worriedly looking at Romi with hope but seems like luck is not in their favor.

Almost after more half hour Anika decide to make their mood lil better so breaking silence she speak

Anika: I am going to bring food for you all none of you’ve had your dinner and I am not listening any argument over this so don’t even think about it.

An without giving any chance to any of them to react she leave from there and Shivay sigh out of tension and OmRu sensing his tension hug him and Om speak

Om: Shivay and everything will be fine.

Shivay: Om after two days I am getting married in front of Anika who is trying so hard to control her self from breaking and I can’t do anything for her and moreover I am brusti out my anger in her without any of her fault when this whole marriage forcing and all s my damn plan in which she agreed to play just because I want.

Om: We’ll take out some solution.

Rudra: I’ve an idea. We can make lady baba unconscious and Anika Bhabhi will take her place and ShivIka marriage will happen once again….

ShivOm: Rudra shut up this is not time for being funny and doing stupidity.

But before Rudra can reply anything Pinky enter and speak

Pinky: What’s plannings are going on??? And Shivay don’t do any thing las time you cheat us by hiding bride’s face so I’ve decided that this time I’ll bring my beautifuls bahu so and you comes with OmRu OKs????

Shivay: Yeah mom.

And caressing his hair Pinky left from there and both ShivOm look at Rudra who hit his own head and speak

Rudra: See mere plans ki Oh my mata kar di chhoti maa ne… Now what bhiya I seriously don’t want that lady baba as my Bhabhi.

But before they conversation can continue further Anika enter with dinner and shemake them all sit together and Shivay feed bite to Rudra and Om and Anika is looking at them lovingly remembering she too make Sahil eat with her hand and he used to bite her hand f she don’t listen his blah blah and uninvited tears make their ways through her eyes and before she can wipe it Shivay notice it and making his way towards her he come near her and he give her warm hug and she to reciprocate to that hug and later even OmRu to join them in hug but before their Oberoi moment cab be completed they heard slow whisper from Romi so they all rush to her and Anika caresses her hair with sisterly concern and they heard her whisper

Romi: Tia wife Dushyant. Dushyant Robin same no Tia brother she cheating.

And before they can question her they heard some voice from poolside so Om went there and ShivRu pretend to read some magazine and Anika is seating near Romi who once again drift to deep slumber.

After 10 minutes Om come back and inform them that he saw Swetlana there who is trying to eavesdropping but failed due to his sudden entry.

And soon they started discussing Romi’s whispering which ended up giving them hint that Tia is married to Dushyant who is none other then Robin. But as soon as their discussion end Anika speak

Anika: Now what’s the us if this information when we don’t have Robin????

Shivay: Anika we’ve him.

OmRuNika: What??? seriously??? ( Socked and surprised) Where???? (Excited)

Shivay: 65 Gulmahor Park where Anika went in search of him he is yet there after you went there I told khana to keep eye on that place and yet no one moved out from that house so if your doubt is right then he’ll be there yet.

Rudra: Then for whom we are waiting letsbgo and get him here.

Shivay: You are right but we can’t bring him here right now. Cause this can lead to one more fake trap OK Kapoor so we’ve to do it silently so me and Anika will go and bring him but we’ll bring him in from back door so keep it open and keep eye on Romi too.

And soon they decided while plan and ShivIka silently disappear from OM and they reach to 65 Gulmahor with khana and other staff and after lil fight with two man who is guarding Robin they depart from there taking care of that man in manner so Kapoor can’t know their visit and then everything happens with according hto their plan.

Marriage Day

Pinky is having bad vibes since morning and she speak it loudly and Rudra smirk hearing this and he take full advantage of it and he call Pinky from unknown number and speak

Rudra: Am I talking to Mrs.Oberoi???

Pinky: Yes who’s is this????

Rudra: I am assistant of Pandit Shankar Maharaj and Panditji told me to inform you that today is bad day for your shown and you have to hide hus face from bad eyesight so take care of this.

And before Pinky can react he disconnect calk controlling his laughter because worried expression of Pinky ad his own drama making difficult for him to control his laughter.

And soon he rush to ShivIka room and he informed about is part of drama done and before they can enjoy it they heard Pinky calling Anika and Anika smiling at them showing them thumb left from their and all three brothers are waiting for her arrival and soon she make entry with turban which is decorated with flowers which will be helping to hide face an sawing this they HiFi each other and they share a group hug.

Almost after half hour marriage rituals started and everything going so smoothly and ShiTia completed their pheras and they sit back on their place and now panditji speak

Pndit-: Now remembering you god you can take off your turban.

Pinky: Par bad eyesight???

Padit: Its gone now.

Pinky: Then OKs. Shivay give me your turban.

And following order with full obedience he HND over turban to Inky giving biggest shock of their life to every present person in hall and first one from them to react is Pinky

Pinky: Oh my Mata Robin what you did? you married to your hiwn sister??? Mrs.kapoor what is this??

Recovering from shock Mrs.Kapoor speak

Mrs.Kapoor: Robin enough of your prank get off from there now.

Robin: Seriously prank??? Till when you’ll feed lie to world that I am hi brother when I am her legally wedded husband and what more you want to do for your…

But cutting him in between Mrs. Kapoor speak

Mrs.Kapoor: Enough not a single word else you’ll…

Tia: ( Finally giving one reaction) No more word from you too mom just because of your damn revenge drama I almost list him once and my unborn child too lost his father but now I don’t want to lost him again.

Swetlana: Tis this is not just a damn revenge drama its our father’s death’s revenge which coldly planned by Tej and Shakti.

Saumya: Enough Di I’ve dine all the research regarding that we can’t vlae anyone for them cause its papa’s mistake papa is stealing chemicals from them and want to sell it to rivals who killed papa after thy get it.

Swetlana: So you both are on their side just because of so-called love but Saumya how can you forget that your so-called husband don’t even want to accept you in his life and Tia how you both will survive without money???

Tia: Money is not everything Di and we’ll survive you don’t need to worry for that and about Saumya Rudra is alwat concerned for her and they get married in awkward situation and because if our damn revenge we make fun if it which apart them more.

Swetlana: Wow suddenly you are started loving Oberoi..

Tia: In s not like that Di in our revenge game we forget to live and take stand for each other Di and mom its not late yet let’s forget this all and lives normal happy life plz.

Swetlana: wow Tia you both are free to do what you want but I can’t forget all the insult I bare all this way and I’ll make them suffer too.

And she signaled to Mrs.Kapoor and next second Swetlana have pointed gun at Om’s head and Mrs.Kapoor have pointed gun at Jahnavi’s head and before any one can make a move Tia run in her mothers direction and Saumya IB Swetlana’s direction and Tia speak

Tia: Mom this is wrong you can’t do that mom plz leave Jahnvi aunty plz mom.

Saumya: Di you ate being mad in your rage this not what you want plz Di leave Om bhiya plz.

But Mrs.Kapoor an Swetlana who became mad in rage of revenge wants to end this two chapter of Oberois but on nick time Tia succeeded in pushing Jahnavi and this make Mrs.Kapoor mad and she push Tia too and this cause Tia to fall in Dushyant’s arm and Mrs.Kapoor press trigger of gun and Tia close her eyes out of fear but within next few seconds she felt nothing so she opened her eyes and saw Anika landing in floor and bullet have hit on her hand ad she saw Shivay running in Anika’s direction and next second they another sound of bullet hitting and all look in Om and Swetlana’s direction and sight in front of them give them shock as Swetlana is lying on floor and bullet have hit her in her heart and within few more seconds she closed her eyes for forever. And soon they saw Ranveer making his entry with fellow inspectorsan they arrest Mrs.Kapoor and Oberois rush to hospital along with RoTia and Saumya.

And Dr.started operation to take out bullet and meanwhile Shivay inform everyone how Tomi inform them about marital status if Tia and how they bring Dushyant who informed them about Mrs.Kapoor kidnapped him and lie to Tia about his death and so they planned their marriage tobing out everything.

And soon Tia and Saumya give thier statement to Media and police are ready to arrest her too but on request of Shivay and Rudra they didn’t do it.

Almost after half hour operation is over and it is successful and Dr. Informed that she is unconscious cause of trauma and sedative but soon she will gain consciousness and one of them can see her and Shivay rush inside and holding her hand he speak

Shivay: Anika come back soon I am missing you a lot and I wan to say something important to you.

And all Oberois are happy seeing him so much in love.

After one more hour she gain her consciousness and all rush inside and one by one ask her about how she is feeling and Dadi and TenVi and Shakti bless her and Pinky fold her hand and speak

Pinky: Anika I am sorry I’ve rude to all this time and…

Anika:Don’t say sorry auntyji you are elder then me and you are right on your place auntyji and U ahm sorry if I’ve hurt any of your feelings plz forgive me…

Pinky: only on one condition if you’ll call me mummy then only I’ll forgive you.

And Anika nod her head an kissing her forehead Pinky blessed her and soon Shivay one by one sent them to home and then RoTia make their entry and Ta ask for forgiveness and Anika forgive her and ask her to take care of her and her baby and soon they to depart ad Shivay cal Robin for interview on next day at his office now only Rumya and ShivIka are there and soon Shivay send Rumya to home and he sit near to Anika and holding her hand in his hand he speak

Shivay: So Miss Kalavati Thkur is right of love is true then it wins from all odds.

Anika: Yeah see I told you before too that Tia is in love with Dushyant and she misses him a lot but being Baghdad billa iu didn’t trust me now see their love wins through all odds…

Shivay: And what about our love???? It wins or not???

Anika: Our???

Shivay: Anika I know I am kinda late in confessing that I love you and I am sooty for all that matter which I told you regarding blood and linage and all but you know me na I am like that but you are the only one in world who make me think that person’s thinking and character matters more then that all and you changed m to a good human being you taught me weird words but I am started enjoying that all thing, before you I was felling hlike a part of me is missing but you complete me and I don’t wan to lost now I wan tot spend rest of my life with you I love you Anika do you????

Anika: Shivay…

Shivay: You can take as much time as you want for your answer and you can denied to I won’t force you this time.

Anika: Can you help me in sitting???

Shivay felt sad that she ignored his confession royally but instead if bursting he help her in sitting but before he can move away from her, her hand land on her chick leaving him astonish and he looked at her and before he can speak anything

Anika: That is for not understanding my silence and ( throwing glass of water on him fro side table) this for cutting my answer before I reply. Noe come near I want to reply in special manner.

Shivay: Now what is special in your store???

Anika: Come near and get to know and Shivay come near to her and she kissing his both the chick I too love you my kanji aankho wale Baghdad bille.

And soon Shivay cupping her face slam his lips on her surprising her he is kissing her with full passion and delicacy taking care to not hurt her.

So done with shot. So how it is??? Let me know by your comments whether its positive IR negative but not the demotivating one instead of demotivating comment you can throw flying shoes and tomatoes and whatever you like. So I am waiting for all of your views.

Plz do leave your feedback…..??????☺☺☺☺☺☺

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