Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 6

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In Oberoi Mansion
In hall
Om : today my friend is coming.
Shakti : wat is his name?
Om : Abhay, chota papa u saw him, he came to our house.
Shakti : ya, he is a nice boy.
Jhanvi : ya.
Shivaay : he is so sweet.
Pinky : he like sweets a lot. Let me prepare. Later Abhay comes and hugs everybody, he takes everybody’s blessings. He goes to Prinku and hugs her.
Prinku : bhaiya, how r u?
Abhay : I’m fine. Abhay sees Anika.
Abhay : who is this?
Anika : I’m Anika. Abhay hugs her. Shivaay looks at him.
Rudra : bhaiya this is Prinku’s friend. Everyone looks at him being confused.
Rudra : I want party, after bhaiya’s marriage we didn’t do any party so atleast now.
Jhanvi : u all go outside and enjoy but party in the evening.
All : ok.
Dadi : ok now go and get ready, call Gauri and Soumya also. Prinku call Ranveer also (guys Ranveer is her fiancee).
Om : ok Dadi. Abhay goes.
Pinky : y did u say Anika as Prinku’s friend.
Rudra : we ll give a surprise to bhaiya.
Jhanvi : but y?
Dadi : let it be, if they want to give surprise then fine. Shivaay looks at Rudra angrily.

In Shopping mall
Everyone select their dress.
Abhay takes a dress and gives it to Anika.
Abhay : hope u ll wear this in the party. Shivaay looks at him angrily.
Anika : sure.
Shivaay : (thinking) how can she take gift from him. How can she be so happy with him.
Abhay : u look good in yellow and pink colour.
Shivaay : (thinking) wat nonsense, she is good in blue, red and black colour dresses.
Anika : thank u Abhay. Shivaay sees a black saree with red velvet border.
Shivaay : this ll suit u Anika. U ll look gorgeous in this dress. But y shud I select dress for her. He goes. Anika hears this and smiles. Abhay suggests her few dresses and she goes to check. Gauri is selecting dresses and Om helps her.
Om : green colour is good for u.
Gauri smiles.

In Trial room
Anika : Soumya, Gauri.
Abhay : wat happen Anika.
Anika : my earrings got stuck in my hair.
Abhay : first u come out then I ll help u becoz there is nobody else.
Anika : ok. She comes out wearing pink gown.
Abhay : this suits u a lot.
Anika : thank u, can u help me.
Abhay : sure. He gets closer to her and tries removing her hair. Shivaay comes there and sees this. He gets angry and goes to them. He pulls Anika.
Abhay : wat happen Shivaay?
Shivaay : actually Om is calling u.
Abhay : ya, I’m coming I have to help Anika.
Shivaay : Don’t worry, I ll help her.
Abhay : ok. He goes.
Shivaay : I ll help u.

Anika : I don’t want ur help. Shivaay pulls her inside the trial room and holds her closer.
Anika : wat r u doing?
Shivaay : I want to say something.
Anika : wat?
Shivaay : u…..
Anika : me…….ll u say today.
Shivaay : u look good in saree. Anika smiles but hides it from Shivaay.
Anika : so u mean that I’m not beautiful in other dresses.
Shivaay : its not like that…. I….. I…. Like u in saree.
Anika : u won’t do as I like then y should I.
Shivaay : ok do as ur wish. Anyway I ll help u. He removes the hair from her earring. He goes closer and blows near her ear. She closes her eyes. He looks at her and smiles. She opens her eyes.
Shivaay : which dress ll u wear for party?
Anika : this pink gown which Abhay gifted. He gets angry.
Shivaay : I said u its not looking good.
Anika : I liked it.

Shivaay : then do as ur wish. He goes. Anika smirks.
Prinku : ranveer which dress looks good for me.
Veer : u look beautiful in every dress. She blushes. He holds her closer. Music………… plays………. He kisses her ears and move towards her cheek.
Rudra : this is a public place. They move back.
Om : u can do romance at home.
Veer : its nothing like that.
Rudra : we know everything.
Abhay : Om, Shivaay said that u were calling me.
Om : I didn’t ca…… Then he understood, ya I just called u to ask where r we going next.
Abhay : we ll go to some hotel, I’m really hungry.
Om : ok.
Gauri : but where is didi and jiju.
Shivaay and Anika comes.
Om : so lets go.
All : ok.

In hotel
Om : wat do u all want?
Anika : aloo puri.
Gauya : even for us.
Rudra : I don’t want oily food.
Abhay : even I want aloo puri.
They all order their food.
Abhay : now everybody feed ur partners.
All : wat.
Abhay : it ll be really fun.
Omru : but we don’t have any partners.
Abhay : ok then feed Gauri and Soumya.
Gauya : wat, no.
Anika : its just for fun.

Om feeds Gauri, Rudra feeds Soumya, Ranveer feeds Prinku and Shivaay feeds Anika.
Abhay : now girls feed boys. All the girls feed their partners.
Abhay : now I don’t have partner so Anika if u don’t mind can I feed u.
Anika : sure. Shivaay looks at her angrily. Abhay feeds Anika and Anika feeds him. Shivaay takes a glass and goes. Anika sees this and follows him. Shivaay breaks the glass and his hand bleeds.
Shivaay : y r u doing this Anika? I can’t see u with anyone else. I know I can’t love u but even can’t see u going far from me. I want u Anika. Anika hears this and smiles but just then she sees his hand bleeding. She takes the first box from car and dresses his wound. She cries. He wipes her tears.
Anika : I know u love me then y can’t u accept it.
Shivaay : I just hate u.
Anika : don’t lie, I heard u saying that u can’t see me with anybody else.
Shivaay : if u know that then y r u going near to him.
Anika : because u r so boring and we are gonna get divorced.
Shivaay : then go with him. He tries to go but she hugs him.
Anika : I want to hear I LOVE YOU from ur mouth with in two days if no then……
Shivaay : if no then wat ll u do.
Anika : I ll go back to my home.
Shivaay : wat, r u mad.
Anika : then wat shud I do, simply wasting my life. Wat do u think Shivaay that I ll waste my whole life here. No, I ll live happily with somebody else. This hurts him. She goes.
Anika : Om, I did as u said but I’m not able to see Shivaay in this condition.
Rudra : its just for few days.
Gauri : calm down di.
Abhay : Anika, its just a drama.

Precap :
Party……..Abhay proposes Anika………. Shivaay shocked……….

Author’s note :
Guys hope u ll like it. And thanks a lot for ur comments. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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