Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 5

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In Oberoi Mansion
In hall
Everyone are present there.
Tej : today a new client is coming to meet u, right.
Shivaay : ha bade papa, her name is Riya. She ll stay here for few days. She is on the way. Later after few minutes she comes with a huge smile. She goes and hug Shivaay. Anika stares at them.

Rudra : bhabhi, I think this is a big problem to u.
Om : shut up Rudra.
Riya : Shivaay, I’m happy to meet u, I’m tired can I get a room to freshen up.
Shivaay : sure. She goes to guest room and freshen up. Servants gives her food. She eats all this and goes to Shivika’s room.

In Shivika’s room
Riya comes there and sees Shivaay seeing some files.
Shivaay : Riya, do u want something?
Riya : Shivaay, I just want to spent some time with u. Shivaay looks confused. Riya moves towards him and gets closer.
Shivaay : Riya, wat r u doing?
Riya : Shivaay, I want to be yours, please Shivaay. She hugs him and they lie down in the bed. She was about to kiss him. Just then Anika comes there and pulls her out of the bed. They get up from the bed.
Riya : how dare u to enter this room without knocking. Shivaay who is she, I didn’t see her here.
Shivaay : She…. She….. Is.
Riya : oo, she is the new servant.
Anika looks at Shivaay.
Riya : who the hell r u to pull me, I may enter any room, at any time and may even sleep with him. Anika slaps her. Shivaay looks on angrily.
Riya : u slapped me. She goes crying.

Shivaay : wat have u done.
Anika : how can she sleep in my bed room that too with u.
Shivaay : I said all this things before marriage.
Anika : Shivaay, she is a cheap girl.
Shivaay : its about a deal.

Anika : so for ur deal ll u even sell anybody.
Shivaay : Anika…… He raises his hand to slap her but stops. He tries to go but Anika holds him.
Anika : r u going to see Riya?
Shivaay : ya.
Anika : I won’t leave u.
Shivaay : I don’t want ur permission. He pushes her hardly and she gets hurt in her hands and legs but Shivaay doesn’t see this.

In Riya’s room
Shivaay : Riya, I’m sorry.
Riya : its not ur mistake Shivaay but who is she.
Shivaay : we ll talk about it later. U better take rest.
Riya : ok. He goes.

In hall
Everyone is sitting in hall. Doctor is checking Anika. Everyone gets tensed. Shivaay comes there.
Shivaay : wat happened?
Prinku : bhabhi got hurt.
Pinky : but how did this happen?
Anika : I just slipped and my hands got hit in the dressing table. Shivaay reminisces how he is pushed her. He looks at her sadly.
Doctor : she needs rest, don’t give stress.

Om : thank u Doctor. He goes.
Anika tries to wake.
Rudra : bhabhi, I ll help u.
Anika : no Rudra, I ll go. She tries to walk with pain and slips but Shivaay holds her and makes her stand. She looks at him.
Shivaay : I ll help u.
Anika : no, I ll go. But Shivaay doesn’t listen to her and lifts her and takes her to the room. Everyone smiles.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay makes her sit in the bed.
Anika : I ll sit in couch.
Shivaay : be quiet.
Anika : Om, rudra.
Shivaay : y r u calling them?
Anika : I want a glass of juice.
Shivaay : can’t u say this to me, ok I ll go and get it but don’t move from here. He goes. Anika slowly gets up and goes to couch. Her leg starts bleeding. She cries in pain. Shivaay comes there with juice and sees this. He keeps the juice aside. He goes to her and dresses her wound. She holds his kurta tightly. He finishes dressing but still crying.
Shivaay : Anika, don’t cry. I’m sorry.
Anika : don’t talk to me. U r ashamed to call me wife in front of others. I know u don’t like me but u can’t deny the fact that I’m ur wife. I’m not a good wife so u r not accepting me.
Shivaay : (thinking) y is she behaving like a small kid. May be becoz of the medicines. So now she not in senses.
Anika : I’m not a good wife.
Shivaay : u r a good wife so listen to me.
Anika : ok.
Shivaay : we ll sleep in bed. He lifts her and make her sit in the bed. He feeds her juice. Anika becomes emotional. She has tears in her eyes.
Anika : Shivaay, I Love You. Plz don’t leave me. Shivaay cups her face.
Shivaay : I won’t leave u, he hugs her and kisses her forehead and Anika kisses him in his cheeks. They sleep hugging each other.

Shivaay : (thinking) I know Anika ur a good wife. A wife’s most important quality is that stop husband from going to wrong path. And ur doing ur level best for it. Anika I can’t forget my past so I don’t want to spoil ur life. I can’t love u. I’m sorry.

In Shivika’s room
Anika wakes up and finds herself in Shivaay’s arms. She thinks about yesterday night and smiles.
Anika : I was like a child yesterday. She smiles. She goes to freshen up. Anika comes back and Shivaay goes to freshen up. He comes back and gives her some papers.
Anika : wat is this?
Shivaay : this is divorce papers. U must sign in this. Anika looks at him and signs the paper without even a question.

Anika : I don’t want to see that Riya once again in this house. She goes angrily.
Shivaay : y she didn’t ask even one question. Something is wrong. Anika goes to Omrupri and tells everything and plans something.

In Riya’s room
Shivaay : Riya, I arranged room for u in hotel.
Riya : fine, so there we won’t have any disturbance like that idiot girl.
Shivaay : no, not a word against her.
Riya : Shivaay, who is she.
Shivaay : She is Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, my wife, I don’t like anybody saying bad about her. Riya looks on shocked and takes her luggage and goes. She sees Anika standing near the door smirking. She goes. Anika comes inside and hugs Shivaay.
Anika : I know my husband ll accept me as ur wife.
Shivaay : we are getting divorced.

Anika : ya, but not now, according to the rules we should stay together for 6 months.
Shivaay : (thinking) l know u ll be finding some way. But it won’t work.
Anika : (thinking) I ll make u say that u don’t want divorce.

Precap :
New entry……. Shivaay jealous……

Author’s note :
Really sorry guys for being late. Hope u ll like it. Also give suggestions and comment. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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