Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 3

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In Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay comes and goes to his room. He thinks about Anika and sleeps peacefully.
Shivaay woke up and got freshen up.
Shivaay : (thinking) how did I sleep so peace fully. Her words r really effective.

In Malhotra Mansion
Everyone gets ready for engagement. Oberois comes there. Shivaay and Anika comes and dorn the ring to each others fingers. Shivaay looks at her angrily.
Anika : shivaay, at least for the happiness of ur family, stop this shivaay. I’m just asking u one week, just one week that is untill our marriage, stop all these things and spend ur precious time with ur sibilings. At least u can see them happy. She goes. Shivaay looks on. Shivaay had slight changes.

Marriage day
Shivaay and Anika comes to the mandap. They exchange the garlands and takes pheras. He dorns her mangalsutra and applies sindhoor in her maang. The marriage gets completed.

At night
In Shivika’s room
Anika is waiting for Shivaay. Shivaay comes there.
Anika : Shivaay, I said u right, I ll change u but I didn’t expect it so fast but I’m happy.
Shivaay : u r right, I changed. I wanted to forget my past but I was spoiling my life. For me my family is important, I care for them but u r not a part of it. Anika gets shocked.
Shivaay : I don’t know y but I hate u. I can’t leave happily with u. That day u said me that u don’t have any problem if I hate u, then its fine. I told u that u I ll make u give divorce to me. So I’m waiting for that day. Now out of my room. And one more thing, u think that I changed but its wrong, I decided to spend my time with my family thats all nothing more than that. U can’t change me.
Anika : Shivaay……. He pushes her out of the room.

In pool area
Anika sits in the couch. Omrupri comes there. She tells them everything.
Om : I ll talk to Shivaay.
Anika : no Om, he won’t listen. He didn’t change completely, now he won’t drink drinks everyday.
Om : ya. He stopped night work from last one week.
Prinku : but he is rough.
Anika : don’t worry, we ll find some way. I expected all these things. Ok now go and sleep.
Rudy : bhabhi, u sleep in Prinku’s room.
Prinku : yes bhabhi.
Anika : no need, I ll sleep here. U all go and sleep.
Om : bhabhi but…
Anika : no Om. Listen to ur bhabhi go and sleep.
Omrupri : ok but call us if u want anything.
Anika : ok. They goes. She checks shivaay through window and sees him working in front of laptop. She goes and sleeps. Later Shivaay comes and covers her with blanket.
Shivaay : (thinking) y am I getting attracted to her. He goes.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay wakes and freshen up and goes outside. Anika wakes and finds blanket, she gets confused then goes to her room. She doesn’t find Shivaay, she goes to washroom. Shivaay comes and closes the door. She changes his dress. He then opens his cupboard and sees a black suit. Anika comes in saree.
Anika : (thinking) y is he staring at black suit. He sees her and was staring at her. He was seeing her first time in saree.
Shivaay : (thinking) saree suits her more. But y am I thinking about her.
Shivaay : wat r u doing here?
Anika : this is my bed room and I ll do wat I want. Shivaay goes near to her.
Anika : stop…… Maintain one hand distance. She wears her jewellery and goes down to the hall. He looks on.

In hall
Everyone comes there.
Dadi : I want to tell u all something important.
Shakti : ma, wat is the matter?
Dadi : Our company’s mumbai branch is in shivaay’s ownership, now I made a change in it. Shivaay ll have only half of the ownership.
Jhanvi : then who ll be having the remaining.
Dadi : Anika ll be having the remaining ownership. Everyone smiles except Shivaay. Anika smirks at Shivaay.
Tej : thats a good thing.
Om : (to Dadi) thank u Dadi. Dadi smiles.
Prinku : Dadi I have some shopping.
Dadi : u all go for shopping. Call Gauri and Soumya too. Shivaay u too join them.
Rudy : ok Dadi.

In shopping mall
Youngsters goes inside a shop.
Shivaay : I want to call somebody, u all start I ll join u.
Soumya : ok. They all select dress.
Anika : Rudy, wat is so special in black suit.
Rudy : wat happen bhabhi.
Anika : Rudy, Shivaay was continously staring at black suit.
Rudy : bhabhi, bhaiya like black suit a lot. He wears it only when he is very happy. So since last 2 years he didn’t wear it.
Anika : ok, then I ll make him wear it very soon. She smirks. She then selects a three piece black suit and smiles.
Soumya : rudy, how is my dress.
Rudy : it suits u moti.
Soumya : don’t call me moti, duffer.
Rudy : don’t call me duffer.
Gauri : u both, stop ur fight, typical husband and wife.
Rumya : wat.
Gauri : stop it, now select ur dress. Anika searches Shivaay and sees him talking with a girl. She gets angry.
Anika : Rudy, I’m going.
Om : wat happen?
Anika : ur brother is talking with some girl, at least while shopping he shud stop this. Now I’m very angry. I can’t manage. Rudy looks at the girl and gets shocked.
Rudy : bhabhi, that is Tia.
Anika : wat?
Om : but wat is she doing here with Shivaay?
Anika : lets check.
They go near Shivaay and listens their conversation.

Shivaay : Tia wat do u want?
Tia : shivaay baby, I know u can’t forget me. So even now ur not agreeing for another marriage.
Shivaay : mind ur words. Did u do some promise to somebody to disturb me weekly. Just go away from me.
Tia : baby, to forget me ur spending ur each night with each girl. But u can’t forget me baby. She gets closer to Shivaay. Anika comes there and pushes her.
Anika : don’t dare to come closer to Shivaay.
Tia : who r u to say that? Oo, so u r the girl for shivaay for today.
Rudy : lady baba, mind ur words.
Tia : Shivaay, I said u na u forget me. U can’t marry anybody.
Anika : that is ur misunderstanding.
Tia : u cheap girl, mind ur words. She tries to slap Anika but Anika stops it by holding her hand.
Anika : Don’t dare to raise ur hands against Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Tia gets shocked.
Anika : I’m his wife, so better stay away from shivaay. Girls like u have a habit to irritate others, keep that habit with u. And by the way who the hell r u to interfere in his life. If u disturb him once again then u won’t go this way, mind it. Shivaay gets 440 volt shock seeing Anika this much angry. They go from there.
Anika : Shivaay, I wanna talk to u. Shivaay : say.
Anika : something personal.
Rudy : (teasing) bhaiya go bhabhi want to talk to u. If u want some tips then u can ask me.
Omruriya goes in another car.

In car
Shivaay : wat do u want to say?
Anika : Today I understood that becoz of Tia’s taunts, u were doing all this things. Don’t care about her. Stop all this shivaay.
Shivaay : Stop ur advise.
Anika : bhagad billa.
Shivaay : wat?
Anika : nothing, stop the car.
Shivaay : y?
Anika : I forgot my phone in house, I ll go and take that and I ll come to office.
Shivaay : ok. He goes.

In Oberoi Mansion
In Shivika’s room
Anika comes there and takes out the suit and writes a note in it and goes.

In office
Shivaay is checking files. Anika comes there.
Shivaay : ur cabin is in next block.
Anika : I don’t want another cabin. She takes a chair and sits near to Shivaay and asks peon to bring all the files.

Precap :
Anika alone in office…………… Omri friendship……..

Author’s note :
Guys, really sorry, I didn’t include mehandi, sangeet and haldi scenes because the main plot is after marriage. And if u have any suggestions then plz inform me that. Hope u all ll continue commenting. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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