Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 2

Haii guys, I’m back with the next episode. As usual thanks for ur comments. Actually I didn’t except this much comments. Anyway thanks a lot.

Guys a small change in the precap of last episode, in that Anika is in danger is cancelled.

Here goes the next episode

In Malhotra Mansion
Omruriya plans to make everyone believe that shivaay loves Anika a lot so that the marriage decision gets more stronger. Gauri and Soumya goes and calls everybody near the lawn. They see Shivaay and Anika standing closer. Shivaay pulls her more closer and twists her hand. She cries in pain and keeps her head in his chest due to pain. Everyone gets shocked seeing them closer. Everyone gets happy because they think that Shivaay liked her.
Om : (to Rudra) I think Shivaay is hurting Anika, I ll go call Shivaay.
Rudy : (to Om) No, Om wait.
Rudy : bhaiya, at least now leave bhabhi, u can romance later. Shivaay leaves Anika. Everyone giggles. Anika covers her hand with dupatta.
Anjali : now lets have food. Everybody sits in the dinning table. Anika sits beside Shivaay. Shivaay holds her tightly and looks at her angrily. Om sees this and tells to Rudy.
Rudy : Dadi, I think u shud do bhaiya’s and bhabhi’s marriage soon. Now they started romancing under dinning table. Bhaiya, at least while eating leave bhabhi’s hand. Shivaay leaves Anika’s hand.
Pinky : Shivaay, u became very romantic after seeing Anika. Everyone laughs.
Jhanvi : Anika y r u not eating food. She sees Anika’s hand got swollen up. Everyone gets tensed.
Anjali : Anika, how did this happen?
Anika : Ma, I….. I slipped from bathroom at that time my hand got hit on the wall.
Pinky : now how ll u eat?
Anjali : I ll feed her.

Rudy : aunty, don’t take tension. Shivaay bhaiya is ready to feed bhabhi. Shivaay again gets a 440 volts shock.
Shivaay : no.
Gauri : plz jiju, Dadi, tell him to feed didi.
Anika : no, its fine. I ll eat. She tries to take the spoon but her hand pains and she drops the spoon. She decides to try once more. But this Shivaay stops her and takes the spoon of food and gives to her. She opens her mouth and he feeds her. She looks at him shockingly. Music………..plays………. They then finish the dinner. Jhanvi puts bandage for Anika’s wound and Anjali smiles. They decide the marriage date after one week and after that Oberois decides to go back to Oberoi Mansion.
Shakti : where did Anika go?
Soumya : didi is in her room. I ll go and call.
Rudy : wait Soumya, bhaiya ll go and call. He may have many things to talk. Everyone giggles.
Anjali : ya, go Shivaay.
Pinky : Shivaay, don’t leave such opportunity. Go faster and bring her. He was about to go.
Rudy : bhaiya, don’t forget to take bhabhi’s mobile number. Everyone laughs. Shivaay keeps his hand on his head.

In Anika’s room
Anika is standing near the window. Shivaay comes there and goes near her. She feels his presence and turns. She sees him and smiles.
Shivaay : everyone is calling u.
Anika : shivaay u care for me a lot.
Shivaay : just stop this nonsense. I just hate u.
Anika : u won’t change so soon but I ll make u change ur behaviour.
Shivaay : don’t u dare.
Anika : Shivaay calm down.
Shivaay : don’t forget that u r playing Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I won’t loose. U urself ll give me divorce. She laughs
Anika : So u r ready to marry me.
Shivaay : u r mad.
Anika : ya, I’m mad after seeing u. They go down. Jhanvi and Pinky hugs Anika. Rudy gives Shivaay’s number to Anika. They all go to Oberoi Mansion.

In Oberoi Mansion
Everyone goes to sleep. Shivaay goes outside.
Om : Shivaay, where r u going?
Shivaay : Om u know that.
Om : won’t u change.
Shivaay : no. He goes. Om calls Anika.
Anika : hello.
Om : hello, bhabhi, its me Om.
Anika : wat happened Om?
Om : Bhabhi, Shivaay has gone out.
Anika : so wat?
Om : he is going to a hotel to sleep with some girl. He always goes like this but today his marriage is fixed. I don’t know how to stop him.
Anika : don’t worry Om. I know wat to do. Which hotel?
Om : Star Light hotel, room no 403.
Anika : I ll manage this. She cuts the call. She smirks.

In Hotel
Shivaay comes to room no 403. He sees a girl standing there. He closes the door. He goes to her and hugs her from back and kisses her ear. She turns and Shivaay was shocked to see her.
Shivaay : Anika……
Anika : wat happened Shivaay? U didn’t except me here.
Shivaay : wat do u want?
Anika : I don’t like my would be husband spending a night with other girl.
Shivaay : did I say u to agree for marriage.
Anika : no, Shivaay change ur behaviour.
Shivaay : I can’t change my behaviour. I want a girl for this night. He tries to go but Anika holds his hand.
Anika : Shivaay, I don’t know ur past but I know that to forget ur past u r sleeping with each girl. And today, to forget about me ur doing this.
Shivaay : no, I don’t think about u so no need to forget it. Anika, if ur parents find that ur not there in house then they may get tensed.
Anika : so u care about me.
Shivaay : no, just go away from here, I want a girl tonight and I ll arrange it.
Anika : y shud u arrange it, I’m here then wat is the problem. I’m ready to stay with u for whole night.
Shivaay : don’t say nonsense, I don’t want u. If u want to stay a whole night with somebody then go to other room. There are many person waiting. She gets angry but calms down.
Anika : to make u change, to prove that u care for me, I ll do anything. She opens the door and goes outside. She sees a man drunk, he come towards her.
Man : hey, come lets go to my room darling. Anika looks at Shivaay. She stays silent. The man holds her hand and pulls her. Shivaay gets angry. He goes to the man and releases Anika’s hand.
Man : hey, if u want some girl then see somebody else. She is for me for this night. Tears form in Anika’s eyes. Shivaay sees this.

Man : look, how sweet she is, I’m ready to give how much ever money u want dear. He tries to touch her cheek. But Shivaay holds his hand and slaps him.
Man : u r slaping me for a cheap girl. Shivaay slaps him again. Shivaay holds Anika closer to him by shoulder.
Shivaay : she is my fiancee, don’t even dare to speak bad about her to see her in a way. If u repeat this then I ll kill u. He holds her hand and comes out of the hotel.
Anika : this shows that u care for me. I’m happy.
Shivaay : stop ur drama, come I ll drop u.
Anika : no I ll go alone.
Shivaay : its raining heavily, I ll drop u. He drags her and makes her to sit in the car. Through out the journey Anika was looking at Shivaay.
Anika : don’t stop the car in front of the house, stop it a little near to it so that nobody gets doubt. Shivaay does as she said. Shivaay and Anika gets out of the car. Both got drenched in the rain. She goes to him.
Anika : thank u Shivaay. He sees her and pulls her closer. She smiles. Shivaay was about to hug her but he stops and pushes her slightly.

Shivaay : its too late, go and sleep.
Anika : Shivaay, actually I have a habit to hug my teddy and sleep, but I shud stop that because I’m goona get married. But without a hug, I can’t sleep, sooooo. She goes to him and hugs him tightly.
Anika : this hug is enough for me sleep peacefully whole night. She was about to go but comes back again.
Anika : Shivaay, u said me u can’t sleep without a girl. Today its already late so I think u can’t get a girl now. If u won’t sleep peacefully then how ll I get sleep, sooooo. Shivaay gets confused. She goes to him and kisses his cheek. He gets a shock.
Anika : now go back to home and lay down ur bed u ll surely get good sleep which u lost before years because other girls sleep with u for ur money but I kissed u for u to be calm. There is difference, if my intension is good, if the kiss I gave u is from my heart then u surely get good sleep. And about me, today I won’t hug my teddy because when u sleep peacefully then I can sleep peacefully and ur hug ll give me a smile in my face.
She goes. He looks at her surprisingly. He touches his cheek where he kissed. He then goes back to Oberoi Mansion.

Precap :
Engagement…….Anika sees Shivaay with another girl…… Anika angry……..

Author’s notes :
Guys, really thanks a lot for ur comments, and I can’t update next episode faster but still I ll try. Hope that u ll like this episode. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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