Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 12

Haii guys really thanks a lot for ur support. Today is the last episode of this ff.

When I started this ff many friends said me many suggestions and requests. I fulfilled most of them but one is left which uf asked me.

Note to uf :
You asked me to start a new ff of all pair ib and dbo. Don’t worry dude I ll start it very soon and another ff too.

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Many people inspired me to start a ff such as Pri_24, Jara, Sat, Sairan, Pragya, Samaira20, Savera, Dreams97, Ananya7044, Tulsi, Nansshivika.

Here goes the next episode

In Oberoi Mansion
In Priveer’s room
Ranveer goes near Prinku and hugs her. She blushes. He holds her closer and kisses her cheek. He carries Prinku in his arm and make her lie down on the bed. He first kisses her forehead. Then he kisses her eyes. Then he kisses her neck which make Prinku fall for him more. She responds by pricking him with her nails. When he goes to kiss her on her lips she just shies away. Ranveer make Prinku looks into his eyes and kisses her with the passion and love. They just cuddle in each other’s arms.

In Omri’s room
Om comes there and smiles seeing Gauri sitting there. Om goes to her and tucks her hair behind her ear and kisses near her ear. Om starts kissing her intensely without letting her breathe. Gauri pushes him gently. Om immediately pulls her and holds her from back tightly. Gauri starts breathing heavily. Om can clearly hear her every breath. Om turns Gauri and lifts her in his arms. He takes her to bed and makes her lay down. Om gently removes her clothes and makes her lay back. They hug each other. (Privacy☺)

In Rumya’s room
Rudra goes to Soumya and hugs her.
Rudra : finally we got married. She smiles. He kisses her cheeks. They lie down on the bed. He moves towards her lips. She moves away. He makes her face towards him. He kisses her lips and she reciprocates. They hug each other. (Privacy ?).

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and locks the room. Anika was standing there. Shivaay goes near her. He leaned over her right shoulder. He whispered slowly, I love u Anika…..She turned her head towards him and said back into his ear I love u too Shivaay. Shivaay hugs her and kisses her cheek.
Shivaay : u got ur hug, now go and sleep. Anika looks on.
Anika : Shivaay…… Only this much.
Shivaay : then wat?
Anika : (angry) nothing, u just like to sleep. U love ur deal not me. He goes to her and seals his lips with hers. She looks on shocked. They come out of the moment. She blushes. He makes her lie down on the bed.
Shivaay : did u get wat u wanted. She hugs him.

After few years
In hall
Anika : help………. Shivaay comes there running hearing Anika’s voice and is shocked to see her condition.
Anika : Shivaay………. She shouts. He looks at her and laughs.
Anika : instead of helping me u r laughing. Gauri comes there and joins Shivaay.
Anika : Gauri, help me. Gauri looks on laughing. Anika shouts, hearing her shouting everyone comes there and is shocked to see a cute girl pulling Anika’s hair and tieing it on a doll’s head. Everyone laughs.
Anika : plz help me, its paining. At last Shivaay goes to her and helps her to some out of the hold. Shivaay takes his daughter in his hands.
Shivaay : Anika, wat have u done, y is Shivika angry?
Anika : I….I…..called her for having food but she didn’t listen to me, she was busy with her doll, so I pulled her doll and the hair of the doll got spoiled so she was pulling my hair. She is very naughty, she is just 2 years but see how stubborn. Gauri laughs. Anika looks at her.
Anika : u don’t laugh, u r pregnant right, even u ll come to know my condition very soon. Gauri makes a puppy face.
Gauri : ya, only Soumya and Prinku safe now but don’t worry u both ll also become pregnant soon.
Shivaay : enough, my baby is hungry.
Anika : I won’t give her food. Shivika makes sounds. Shivaay looks at both, his wife and daughter. At last he feeds Shivika. Anika looks at them lovingly. Omru comes there and takes Shivika along with them. Everyone plays with her.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay : r u angry?
Anika : no Shivaay, I’m happy that u and Shivika came to my life. She hugs him.



Author’s note :
Guys, really sorry for the late update, hope u all ll forgive me. This is the last part of this ff. I was sad that I got less comments but hope that u all ll comment. I ll start a new ff very soon. Guys ll miss u all a lot. And I ll write two ff which is completely different from the serial. And these both ff depends only on ur comments. So hope u all ll even support in that. Guys plz comment, this is the last and final episode, plzzzzzz. Miss u all guys. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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