Ishqbaaz-Love Makes Us Crazy & IshKara The Story of a Drug Addictor ff by Soha (Promos)

Ishqbaaz-Love Makes Us Crazy

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Priyanka was standing outside the airport waiting for his brothers to pick her and it was going to be late night. Some goons misbehaved with her and she got saved buy Ranveer. When they both looked at each other they were shocked to see each other.

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Someone entered in the OM and she collided with Om. Om looked at her. “I am really sorry “the girl said. “It’s ok but who are you” Om asked. “Actually I am……” and she was interrupted by Priyanka. “Bhai she is my dancing teacher and she will come every day to teach me dance”. “Yeah and I was saying that I am Ishana” she forward her hand to shake with Om but rudra came and shake his hand with Ishana. “I am the most handsome brother of prinku and everyone calls me agent Rudy”. Ishana looked at him and smiled. Om gave an impossible look to Rudy.

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Om rudra and Advay were trying to make shivaay understand that the project is more important than his ego. “Bhai I think you should take Annika on date so that you can get the project”. The trio of them looked at Rudy and said “shut up duffer”. “Shivaay I think that you should invite her for a party at your home and try to convince her for project.” Advay advised shivaay. “Shivaay this is a good idea”. Om replied
Shivaay looked at them and said “okay as you all say”

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“Shivaay I told you that today in your party Mallika will come and look here she is” Om pointed at the door and mallika was standing. Everyone went near her to meet. Mallika and Advay saw each other and they were fuming in anger and loudly said “tum yahan” everyone looked at them. “Did you both met before” Shivaay asked from Advay
“Shivaay I will tell you later” Advay replied.

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Mallika went near Om and she introduced his sister “Om meet my sister Gauri”. Om looked at her
“My name is Omkara” he said. They both started to talk with each other and there Ishana came.

IshKara The Story of a Drug Addictor

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Om looked at Ishana angrily and said “Mrs. Ishana I will not spare you if you will not take your accusation back I am giving you 2 hours in this 2 hours if you will not get me out of this jail then see what I will do”.
“I will not let you out of this jail”. Replied Ishana

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Media was standing outside the saloon of Ishana. Ishana was inside and she was talking with the owner of saloon pleading her not take her job but she didn’t listened. As Ishana went outside the saloon she saw media reporters. They were not letting her to go from there. Reporters started to ask their questions from Ishana that did she is having affair with omkara or did he really tried to rape her. Ishana looked at them angrily

So I am back but not with the chapters because I am not getting time to write the ff so sorry guys and I want to tell you all that from now on I will not write any ff I will start writing from July if you guys can forgive me so plzz forgive me I hope you all will understand and I want to make sure that I will be reading all of your ff. I will also comment on it.
So bye guys and take care of yourselves. Don’t forget me

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  1. Kanfi

    Its amazing,,,soha,,,so much suspense,,will surely wait,…

  2. Thedreamsoul

    Interesting one dear ! I am eagerly waiting for July so that I can read it Soha !

  3. Renimarenju

    Soha….This is just wonderful….I loved it….dear,.ur ff sounds really too much of suspenses and the way u have carried promos are amazing…..I am really surprised 2 see some thing quite new which i had never read for ishkara ….. And my eye will be on this ff as soon as u will update this…..Pakka….i will read it… matter….whether it’s late….i will be there 2 read it……even i am also not continuing ffs due 2 lack of time….so we are sailing in the same boat……I will wait for u surely…..Bye….

  4. Interesting

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  6. Arthi

    It’s Superb dr and i loved all the promos and just awesome it is…..

  7. SamSun

    awesome promos. mere to chakke chut gaye!!! itna suspense aur itni ishqbaazi!!!
    love makes us crazy me is it ishkara or garikara?? I really really hope ishkara… gaurikara to is just namesake!! but I will keep waiting to know…. cause I feel I am already addicted to this!!!

  8. Alekhika20

    Beautiful promos

  9. Fabulous promo..

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