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Ishqbaaz-Love Makes Us Crazy ( Introduction)


Hello guys I hope that you guys will also enjoy this story of mine hope so
The characters are in my story below and even later I will add more characters maybe
Shivaay Singh Oberoi—( Nakkul Mehta)
He is a classic business man. Arrogant having attitude sometimes becomes stubborn bad tempered person. He loves his family especially his brothers and sister. He is the eldest son of oberois.
Omkara singh oberoi—( Kunal jaisingh)
He is the second eldest son of oberoi family. He loves his brothers and sister. He is an artist. Mallika is his best friend.
Rudra Singh oberoi—( Leenesh Matto)
He is an immature and younger son of oberoi family. He is a flirter and always busy in parting with girls.
Priyanka singh oberoi—(Subhana Rajput)
She is the youngest daughter of oberoi family. loved by everyone especially his brothers. She is very introverted girl.
Anika Mehta— ( Surbhi Chandana)
She is a business woman of Mehta company. Loves his cousins ishana and ranveer. She lives with his mother. Her father died when she was small and she is the only daughter of Mehta family.
Ishana Singh randhawa— (Vrushika Mehta)
She is sister of ranveer and cousin of anika she is fun loving girl like anika. She is having her own dance academy. She loves to help poor people. She is dependable.

Ranveer Singh randhawa— ( Ayush Anand)
He is an ACP and brother of ishana he loves her sister. He is having a simple personality.
Mallika Saxena— (surbhi jyoti)
She is best friend of om. She is elder sister of guari. She is daughter of a rich business man.
Gauri Saxena— ( shrenu parikh)
She is a cute loving girl. She is an upbeat and talkative girl. She is the youngest sister of mallika
Advay Singh Raizaada—( Barun Sobti)
He is a rich business man and best friend of shivaay since childhood. He is similar to shivaay. Arrogant gets angry immediately and if he likes anything he gets it in his life by hook or by crook. He is a charismatic person that’s why girls get attractive to him soon. He haves his own style to live. If you guys saw barun in tanhiyaan he is having same style of clothing and hair.
Soumaya Singh Raizaada— ( Neha laximi)
She is youngest sister advay and loves his brother. She is an intelligent girl.
The couples are
Advay and Mallika what should be there couple name tell me
So I hope that u guys will like it. I promise that I will start writing the three ff on ishkara, Ishqbaaz-Love Makes Us Crazy and on iss ishq ko nibhana. So please tell me how it is and don’t forget to comment

  1. ManyaPV5

    Nice intro πŸ™‚ post next part soon. Couple name for Advay and Mallika can be Advika.

    1. Soha

      Thank you manya and advika will be the couple name because majority of u guys suggested these name

  2. It is awesome dear… Waiting for the next update please post ASAP… I suggest you ADVAY (ADV) MALLIKA(IKA).. ADVIKA

    1. Soha

      thank you nikitajai soo sorry i will not upload in this month because of my exams but promise after my exams i will upload it

  3. Wow superb yaar waiting for the next one u have paired omkara with two cuties n i love to see ishkara

    1. Soha

      thank you ishkara surely but have some patience because i will not upload but after exams so sorry

  4. Aarti32

    Ishkara bhi Gaukara bhi!!😨😨

    1. Soha

      thank u aarti and yes both are in my ff

  5. Archisha

    Nice. Advika is fine with me

    1. Soha

      thank u archi and yeah the couple name will be advika

  6. Nice intro. Post next part soon plz

    1. Soha

      thank u fffan soo sorry i will post after my exams

      1. All the best for your exams dear.

  7. Nice next part soon.And ha I go with manya di.Advika will be nice.

    1. Soha

      thank u payal and yeah couple name will be advika

  8. Would like to know on whom the show will focus, ishkara or gaurikara?

    Love to see gaurikara as we get only few scenes of themπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

    1. Soha

      thank u shraddha it will be on both of them but you have to wait for long so sorry okay

  9. Nice intro .Waiting for ur next part.plz post it soon.I also think that ADVIKA will go better.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. Soha

      thank u payal and yeah the couple name will be advika

  10. Nycc….nd u could go with the name suggested by manya..

    1. Soha

      thank u bhavana and yeah the name will be advika

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Nice… But how Ishkara & Gaurikara??? I suggest Advika for Advay-Mallika…..

    1. Soha

      thank u gayathri and you have to wait and keep reading to know this but i will be not able to post because of the exams sorry dear

  12. Awesome

    1. Soha

      thank you ankita

  13. Nyc…… but iskara gourikara both???????? & ya couple name i’m also agree with manya…….

    1. Soha

      thank u banita and yess it will be ishkara and gaurikara both so u have to wait for long time to know this

  14. Awesome

    1. Soha

      thank u

  15. Awesome

    1. Soha

      thank u lilly

  16. Alekhika20

    Nyc intro

    1. Soha

      thank u lilly

      1. Soha

        oh sorry you are alekhika sorry

  17. Awesome

    1. Soha

      thank u niriha

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