Ishqbaaz: Love is what gives life meaning (Intro)

Hey guys, Im Anaira, this will be my first time writing a ff, tell me if I should go ahead with it or not. If you think the concept will work or not.

Annika: 25 yrs old. Extremely mysterious, all that’s known about her is that, she’s lower middle class, stays with her disabled brother Sahil who she will protect with all and everything. Her personality matches from the show. Fearless, immense self-respect and doesn’t believe in “asking” for money, she’ll earn money rather than use tricks to take it.

Sahil: Annika’s younger brother, never let’s his disability stop him from trying to be normal. He can die for his sister, just like she can for him.

Dadi: Head of Oberoi Family, Adores everyone in her family, wishes to see her family together.

Tej Singh Oberoi: President of Oberoi Empire. More than his own sons he adores Shivaay since he’s the only one who’s actually interested in business. Husband of Jhanvi. Father of
Omkara and Rudra and Priyanka.

Jhanvi Singh Oberoi: Founder of SOPRA Inc. She loves all the children in the family equally. She never differentiates between the kids.

Shakti Singh Oberoi: VP of Oberoi Empire. Father of Shivaay and Anaita. Husband of Pinky.

Pinky Singh Oberoi: Co-Founder of SOPRA Inc. She’s all about the money. She wants her son to be the head of Oberoi Empire, but she still takes care of all the kids equally.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi: 27 yrs old, COO of oberoi empire, son of Pinky and Shakti Singh Oberoi. He has been taught the most important thing about a person is their bloodline. If they
are from a wealthy family they can never be wrong compared to someone who’s poor to them. He only cares about a person’s blood and his family. More importantly his dadi, and siblings.

Omkara Singh Oberoi: 27 yrs old, oldest son of Jhanvi and Tej Singh Oberoi. He’s an artist, just like the show, He’s exactly the same from the show. His personality and his beliefs.
He’s only three months younger than Shivaay.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi: 24 years old, Her personality is exactly the same as it is in the show, works with her mom and chachi.

Rudra Singh Oberoi: 22 years old. He has a small secret that he hides from his family, other than that he’s also exactly like the show.

Anaita Singh Oberoi: 20 years old, she’s the baby of the family. Everyone adores and pampers her the most. Which means she’s the attitude queen. So much attitude sometimes
you want to kill her. But also has the heart of gold like all the oberoi’s (well most of them) She’s still in college and dreams of joining Oberoi Empire after getting her degree which isn’t
going right with her mom, since she wants her to join SOPRA Inc.

Many of the characters are the same from the original show, in fact a lot of this story is going to be extremely similar to the show, but with it’s own different twist. Im going to be stealing or copying ideas from the show many times, because many of the things that happened were just perfect so, you may be bored at times, but I promise there’s also going to be many more twists that you can’t imagine.

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