Ishqbaaz: Love is what gives life meaning (Episode 3)

Recap: Shivika 1st meeting, Man sets himself on fire.

The Puja is about to end, when a man in his 40s come to the front of the crowd and splashes kerosene on himself, None is paying attention to his antics, other than the guards. As he’s about to set himself on fire, someone from the crowd yells getting the attention of everyone around them. The brothers run towards the man, but before OmRu can get even a
little close Shivaay pushes his brothers away into the hold of guards, while he goes to save the man. As soon as he gets close to the man, he’s blinded by water. Someone has
turned on the water hose and it aiming at the man. Shivaay slowly makes way towards the hose and tries to take it from the person’s hand and in struggling, they both fall on the
floor, while the man faints, after the fire is doused off. Shivaay opens his eyes and he’s staring at the eyes of the person from the new year’s party. They are the same eyes and
she’s revealed to be Annika.

Pinky: Oh My Mata, Shivaay, what are you doing?

Shivika are still deeply gazing into each other’s eye, without noticing the world.

Ru: Om, I think Shivaay Bhaiyya found someone.

Om: Shut Up Rudra. Shivaay, are you okay?

Om helps Shivaay up, who in turn extends his hand towards Annika, but she doesn’t notice it and is about to get up herself.

Annika: Ouch.

Dadi: Annika, tum theek ho nah? (Are you okay)

Annika: Ha Dadi, mein theek ho. (I’m fine)

She tries getting up again, but her hand once again hurts, and Shivaay thinking it’s enough, picks her up.

Shivaay: I think she hurt her elbow. Om you handle the situation here, I’ll take her to the hospital.

Annika: Nahi, Mein theek ho, hospital jaane ki kya zaroorat hai. (I’m fine, what’s the need to go to the hospital.)

Shivaay: Would it kill you to agree with me once?

Annika: Aise kuch nahi hai, bas mujhe nahi lagta mujhe hospital jaana chaiye. (It’s nothing like that, I just don’t think I need to go to the hospital)

Shivaay: Annika.

Annika: Ji.

Shivaay: Are you really not going to the hospital?

Annika: Nahi, Mein sach mein theek ho. (No, I’m seriously fine)

Shivaay: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Saying this he carries her bridal style and takes her to the car and puts her in the car. Annika tries her best to struggle but she can’t due to her arm. He’s about to the get in the car, when Priyanka comes there and they three leave together. As they are leaving someone is seen clicking their pictures with an evil grin on their face.

Oberoi Mansion:

There’s an ambulance taking away the victim, while OmRu look over Shivaay driving away, while Tej & Shakti instruct the bodyguards something.

At the hospital:

Annika is with the doctor while Shianka are outside in the lobby and are glad to see there’s no news regarding the incident at Oberoi Mansion.

Oberoi Mansion:

Bodyguard 1: Sir, We made sure not a single reporter had any footage or pictures.

Tej: What about pictures?

BD 2: We checked everyone’s phones to make sure they deleted all the pictures.

Shakti: Did you check the staff or just the guests?

BD 1: Sir, we checked the staff as well. We made sure to check everyone who left the premise.

Tej: Good. But I need all the information on who that guy was by tomorrow morning. Leave.


Annika comes out with a cast on her right elbow, and the doctor instructs her one month of bed rest.

Annika: Aapko mujhe yaha lane ki kya zaroorat thi. Mein haldi ka lap laga lati. Do din, mein theek ho jata. (What was the need to bring me here. I would I have made haldi paste and
it would have been fine in two days)

Shivaay: Tum middle class log, haldi la lape lagan se sab theek nahi hota. (You middle class people, just applying haldi paste doesn’t make it right)

Annika: aap ka kya matlab, middle class log. Ha toh, usme me kya hain. Mr. Oberoi thank you mujhe yaha lekin aane ke liye, lekin iske zarorat nahi thi. ( what do you mean, middle
class people, what’s the difference. Anyways, Mr. Oberoi thank you for bringing me here, but honestly, you didn’t have to.)

Shivaay: Ek toh mein tumhe yaha leki aaya, aur uspe attitude. (first of all, I brought you here and on top of that you’re showing me attitude.)

Annika: Hello, agar aap nah hote nah, to mujhe yaha nahi aana hota. (Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have to be here.)

Shivaay: What do you mean?

Annika: Array, agar aap beech mein nahi aate, toh mujhe chot nah lagti. (If you hadn’t interfered, I wouldn’t have been hurt)

Shivaay: this is why, no one should help poor people like you, never grateful.

Annika: Oh Hello, Kabhi aap jaise ki madat nahi karne chahiye. ( never help, people like you)

Shivaay: Listen.

Priyanka: Bhaiya, Annika, stop fighting. Yeh hospital hai.

Shivaay: Priyanku, let’s go. I’m pretty sure she can find an auto from here to go home.

Annika: Ji. Thank you is chot ke liye. Bahut madad kar chuke hain aap. (thank you for the wound, you’ve already helped me a lot.)

They both leave in the opposite direction, when Annika realizes she has to go to behind Shivaay to the exit.

Shivaay notices her and is about to say something, but Annika beats him.

Annika: Mein aapke peeche nahi kariye ho, bas darwaza wahan hai. Baas. (I’m not following you, it’s just the door is there.)

Shi: Maine kuch kaha. (Did I say something)

Ani: Nahi, par aap kuch kahne wale the. (no, but you were going to say something)

Shiv: tumhe kaise pata. (How do you know)

Ani: Woh, nahi mujhe aisa laga. (Woh, No, I actually thought that.)

They silently exit. While it seems as if someone has been recording this conversation, but it turns out to be a facetime call with Dadi, and OmRu witnessing the whole scene between Shivika.

Ru: Dekha Dadi, I knew there’s something about Annika.

Dadi: Mujhe lagta hain, Billu ke liye yeh ladki barabar takar ki hai. ( I feel like, she is the person who can be of equal attitude to Shivaay.)

Om: Ha, dadi. I think She’s also perfect for Shivaay.

Ru: Of course, or what girl has ever talked back to Shivaay, especially after knowing he’s an Oberoi. There’s definitely something about her.

Annika’s house.

As Annika enters the house, she sees Sahil watching TV and gets angry.

Ani: Sahil, time dekha. School nahi jana kya kal. (Have you seen the time, don’t you have to go to school.)

Sah: Nahi, mood nahi. (Nope, not in mood)

Ani: Kyun?

Sah: Bas mood nahi.

Ani: School mein kisi ne kuch kaha tumse. (Did someone say anything to you in school)

Sah: Nahi, Didi, Waise aapko kya hua. (No, but what happened to you?)

Ani: Such nahi, kaam karte same chut lag gayi. (Nothing, I just got hurt working)

Sah: Dard nahi ho raha nah. (it’s not hurting right.)

Ani; Ha, meri baap, such nahi hai. Aab toh so ja

Oberoi Mansion:

Shivaay is getting restless in his room and is pacing back and forth thinking about whether or not Annika got back home safely, when Priyanka comes.

Pri: Bhaiyya Annika, reached home safely.

Shi: Does it seem like I care?

Pri: Sorry, I thought you would want to know.

Shi: It’s okay, go to sleep it’s too late.

Pri: Goodnight Bhaiyya

Shi: Goodnight Priyanku.

He feels relived she’s home safely and is about to go to sleep when Rudra bursts into his room crying followed by Om who has a i-can’t-explain look on his face.

Shi: Ru, what happen why are you crying?

Ru: bhaiyya, today was my cheat day and you didn’t even cook anything for me? And Im really hungry, so please please can you cook something. Please.

Shi: What do you want to eat.

Ru: Surprise me.

Recap: Moments.

Hey guys, Sorry for the grammar errors and hindi mistakes, My hindi is really weak, so please try to forgive me, when you see the mistakes. Other than that. Enjoy Part 3.

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