Ishqbaaz: Love is what gives life meaning (Episode 2)

Recap: Small Intro of Oberoi family.

One week later, Mandir.

A girl is shown dancing with along with a kids, it’s seems as if she’s teaching the kids how to dance. She’s teaching them a step when a little kid comes to her.

Kid: Didi, ek aadmi aaya hai, usne line me cutting kiya. (A man came and cut the line)

The girl gets upset and goes to the line and sees a guy in a black suit and black sunglasses entering the mandir cutting the line.

Girl: excuse me, aap ho kaun? Pandit ji, yeh log kab se line mein khade hain, aur aap inko jane de rahe hai. (Who are you, These people have been standing in the queue and
you’re letting him go before them.)

Pandit: Annika beta jaane do nah. Ameer log hain. (Let it go, there’s rich)

Annika: Ameer hain to kya hua, yeh log dhoop mein line mein khade hain, aur yeh ameer log aah ke kuch paise dete hain aur unhe line cut karne de rahe hain. (just because he’s
rich, he doesn’t have to stand in line, all these rich have to do is give money and they think they can cut lines)

The guy gets angry and turn around to answer to Anikka. It’s none other than Shivaay.

SSO: Who are you to stop me? Do you hear anyone complaining, if they had a problem they would say something? But I don’t hear anything. So mind your own business. Aur waise
tum ho kaun, Annika right, Annika what? Tumhara kandan kaun hai, kise gharane ki ho tum? (Who are you, what family are you from)

Annika: Aap Se kya matlab hain. (What’s it to you?)

SSO: I’m guessing tum kise low middle class ki ladki ho, isle naam bata rahe ho. Tumhe bura laga, to yeh lo. (I’m guessing you’re from lower middle class, that’s why you’re not telling me your name and since you feel so bad, here)

Saying this he throws a bundle of money at Annika and leaves. Shivaay is about to go sit in his car when he sees Annika coming with a bad. She goes on the other side of the car
and breaks the windscreen of his car. And then proceeds to throw the bundle of notes on Shivaay’s face and leaves without saying anything. Shivaay gets angry and throws his
phone causing it to break.

There a little boy is recording this incident and laughing. He’s about to go when one of Shivaay’s bodyguard comes and asks him to give him the phone. The boy is Sahil, annika’s

Sahil: Kyun do mein, aapko mera phone. (Why should I give you my phone)

BG: Please beta, give it to me.

Sahil: NO.

BG: Please.

Sahil: Aapko yeh video chaiye, toh woh mein dunga, lekin phone nahi. (If you want I’ll give you the video, but not the phone)

BG: Okay. They exchange phone numbers and sahil sends him the video.

Shivaay reaches Oberoi mansion in anger and goes to his room and opens a drawer revealing at least 5 phones. He randomly chooses one of the phones.

S: How dare that low class challenge me? He fumes and leaves.

Annika’s house.

Annika: Sahil, tujhe pata hai aaje mein ek khadus se mile. Samajhta kya hai woh aapne aap ko, ameer hai to kya. (I meet a really rude person, who does he think he is, what’s the
big deal in being rich)

Sahil: Didi, aap ne uske gadi ka kach toda nah, dono equal equal. (You broke his car screen so it’s equal)

Annika: Dil ko bahut thandak mile. (I felt really good)

Sahil: Di, aap use chutiye or aap ke champa ko like jage. Aap ko woh puja mein khana puhca na hain nah. (Leave that, and take your champa (scooty), you have to cater the puja)

Annika: Mein bhi nah. Bhool gayi thi. Theek hai mein nikalti ho. Aaye. (I forgot, okay i’m leaving. I’ll be back.)

Oberoi Mansion.

OmRu are walking towards dadi when they hear the bodyguards laughing looking at something.

Ru: Khanna. what’s so funny? Even I want to laugh.

Khanna: Wo, kuch nahi, hum to aise hi. (It’s nothing, we were just laughing)

Ru: No, tum phone mein dekh kar has rahe the. Mujhe dekhna hai. (No, you were laughing while looking at the phone, Even I want to see.)

Khanna: Theek hai, lekin please aap Shivaay sir ko math batana. (Okay, but please don’t show it to Shivaay Sir.)

He shows them the interaction b/w Shivika, who in turn are shocked/laughing.

Om: There’s something about this girl. Who is she?

Ru: Ha, Bhaiya ka I think phone number 43 hai na.

Om: Rudra starting over, new year, new count. 6th phone till now.

Ru: Khanna sent this to me. O let’s show this to Dadi.

They get the video and show it to dadi. She’s extremely shocked as well.

Dadi: Om, yeh ladki kaun hai? (who is this girl)

Om: Pata nahi dadi, lekin jo bhi hain, kamaal ki hain. (Don’t know, but whoever she is, she’s amazing)

Ru: Dadi, O, woh dekho. (Look there)

There Annika reaches the venue, which is revealed to be Oberoi Mansion, she starts walking inside, suddenly she starts feeling her sandals break and she slips and crashes into someone who catches her.( It’s one of the typical romantic poses.) The person is revealed to be Shivaay.

They stay like that for a minute before they compose themselves.

Shivaay: What are you doing here?

Annika: Khanna, decorations, meri company kar rahi hai. (Food, decorations, my company is in charge of that)

Shivaay: you’re joking right.

Annika: Mein kyun joke karogi. Aare aap kisi se bhi puhlije. Event humne plan kiya hai. ( Why would I joke, ask anyone, my company planned this.

Shivaay: What’s your company’s name?

Annika: AS Event Planners, Naamkaran si Puja taak, Roka se leke Reception taak, hum sab karte hain. (Naming ceremony to puja, roka to Reception, we organize everything.)

Shivaay: I have never heard about your company? Who gave you the contract for the first puja of the year?

Annika: Aapke Dadi. Unho ne hi to mujhe bulaya. (Your dadi, she’s the one who called us.)

Shivaay: I don’t trust you.

Annika: Woh, aapki choice. Agar aapke saval khatam ho gaye ho to, mein aapna kaan kar saketi ho kya. (If you’re done questioning, can I finish my work)

She leaves saying this and Shivaay is about to stop her but he gets a call and Dadi and OmRu the witnesses of this incident are left speechless since no one ever talks back to
SHivaay other than his family.

S: Are you serious? I asked you to make sure before I got there. Check the files again if there’s a single mistake, I’m going to fire you. He’s about to throw the phone, but Rudra
stops him.

R: bhaiya, why are you taking out your anger on this phone, come let’s go talk to dadi, your mood will be better.

S: Let’s go.

Shivaay goes and touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her.

S: Dadi, I went to the mandir and got what you wanted and I made sure to touch god’s feet.

D: good boy. Waise woh ladki kaun hai? (BTW, who’s that girl)

S: Kaun ladki. (who)

D: Arrey, woh usko toh pakad ke rakha tha? (the one who kept holding)

S: Pata nahi, dadi, kaun thi. (I don’t know who she was)

ORD: Accha. Okay.

S: Kyun, What happen?

R: Nothing, waise bhaiya what happen to your car?

S: Nothing, some ill-mannered person.

R: Who?

S: I don’t know, Can you drop it.

R: Sorry Bhaiya. Oh crap.

S: What happen?

R: bhaiyya, my ex-gf’s. What are all three of them doing here?

O: Rudra, should I call them here?

R: Bhaiya, sent them away don’t call them here. I’m going to hide. See you later.

S,O,Dadi, laughing watching Rudra’s antics.

The Puja starts and it’s time for the aarti. It’s said whoever does the first aarti among the Oberoi boys will end up becoming the heir, No one in the family is worried since they all know it’s going to be Shivaay, but the media un-necessarily exaggerates the issue. So, to insure that no one can create misunderstandings, Priyanka does the Aarti first and her brothers slowly join her and they four continue the aarti. As they are getting to the end a man comes and puts himself on fire.

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