Ishqbaaz: Love is what gives life meaning (Episode 1)

New Year 2013,

Two cars stop in a parking lot, first car two girls exit, and the second car three boys exit. They are revealed to be the Oberoi’s.

Anaita: Bhaiya, Did we not tell you it’s impossible to stop us from winning. Especially racing.

Rudra: Anu, should I tell chachi how you drive?

Anaita: It’s Anaita, and should I tell chachu how you drive?

Omkara: Both of stop fighting, and as per the conditions, Rudra you lose this car as well.

Rudra: Anu, this is the fifth car I lost to you.

Priyanka: Than who told you to make these unnecessary bets, obviously you had to lose.

Rudra: This is not fair, why does everyone always take her side.

Anaita: Cause I’m the youngest and also because Shivaay Bhaiya always takes your side.

Shivaay: That’s not true, I choose who I feel is more correct, and this time I’m with Rudra, Anaita you already have so many cars, this is one of Rudy’s favorite car you should be

Anaita: Dekha OP, Shivaay bhaiya, i’ll let it go the last time, next time then rudra bhaiya has to watch his mouth before making a bet.

S: Guys, did you come here to fight or party? Forget all this and let’s go inside.

They enter the venue, and it’s filled with people, there’s loud music playing in the background and people are drinking and dancing crazily, there’s not even a lot of room to move
around. Suddenly one girls comes and hugs Shivaay and the others.

Mallika: Shivaay, you’re soo late, i’ve been waiting for almost 2 hours, what took you so long?

S: Ask my siblings, they were having a race.

M: What guys, even today?

A: Sorry Di, but what to do? I wanted to see Rudra Bhaiya lose once again.

M: Ruddy, you lost today as well.

R: Mallika Di, I lost on purpose, I didn’t want my Anu to feel bad.

O: You lost on purpose or she really defeated you, Don’t lie.

P: Rudra, she clearly defeated you don’t lie.

R: Sorry, Priyanku sorry, O. My mistake, Anu you really defeated me, Okay.

S: Guys, if all this is done can we party please?

R: Of course bhaiya, that’s what we came to do anyways.

While partying,

R: Guys, you I’ve heard that if you kiss someone at exactly 12 AM on a New Year, you will always stay together. So Shivaay Bhaiya and Mallika Di understand right.

S: Rudra.

R: Oh look at her, bye see you guys later. Don’t forget Bhaiya.

The countdown begins and exactly 10 seconds before the lights turn off and Shivaay kisses someone. They barely kiss for one second and the girl slaps him and she’s about to say
something, but she’s pulled away and Shivaay looks for Mallika, who’s crying and running away.

S: Mallika, stop. It was a mistake. The lights were off and I couldn’t see anything. I’m sorry.

M: Shivaay, We’ve been dating for almost 2 years now. Please don’t tell me that you couldn’t recognize that wasn’t me.

S: I’m Sorry, but I really couldn’t.

M: You know, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I thought that you would change, but you’re not at all interested in this relationship. I’m tired, I’m tired of being in a one-sided relationship. It’s over.

S: Oh, Come on Mallika, Don’t be stubborn. It was just one kiss.

M: And there it is, the famous Shivaay Singh Oberoi attitude, you know i’m done trying to get you to understand. This time Shivaay, it’s really over. Bye.

Shivaay goes inside and lies to his family saying Mallika left since, she wasn’t feeling good. They all start dancing, when Rudra comes back.

R: Bhaiya, you won’t believe what I just heard.

O: What did you hear.

R: You know this party is for everyone.

S: What do you mean everyone.

R: Everyone as in everyone, Rich, Poor, Middle class, all you have to do if follow the dress code and age limit. That’s it.

S: Fhat the Wuck!!!

O: Why are you soo shocked?

S: Nothing. (Inside he’s thinking that his midnight kiss could have been anyone, as in like someone lower class and he starts getting worried) Guys, let’s leave or else dadi will be

A: Bhaiya, we told them that we would be late, let’s just enjoy please.

O: it’s okay, Shivaay and I will leave you three come back safely, Priyanku take care of them and make sure they don’t get drunk. Hurry back okay.

P: But Bhaiya you can’t drive either, you drank. Only Shivaay Bhaiya and I can drive. And I don’t to drive with these two in the car, they’ll start their fights.

S: Fine we all will leave together after everyone wants to leave.

P: Thank You Shivaay Bhaiya, but Om bhaiya and I will leave now, I want to go, you bring those two. They’ll listen to you. See you Guys, drive safely.

The Oberoi’s share a hug and Priom leave.

New Year’s present time, Oberoi Mansion.

Tej: Can I get your attention please everyone, it’s almost time for the new year to begin and I would like to introduce everyone to my nephew Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Shivaay come
take the party forward.

S: Chachu, thank you for the warm welcome, (he hugs Tej and gets on the stage) Welcome to the first party of your year, hope you have the best time, Enjoy and drink responsibly.
Have a Blast!

As soon as Shivaay gets of the stage, a girl goes and hugs and kisses his cheek, the girl is revealed to be Tia. A reporter comes there and starts asking questions.

Reporter: Is it true that Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Ms. Tia Kapoor are going to get married by the end of this year?

S: Ma’am today is a party not a press conference please refrain from asking any questions.

Saying this he leaves along with Tia.

Tia: Shivaay Baby, I’m hungry can we please go get some food.

S: Of course let’s go.

OmRu who happened to see this try to signal Shivaay, but he doesn’t.

R: Dekha O, how he ignored us for that lady baba. Now watch what I do, I swear tonight I won’t let lady baba and bhaiya meet till after 12, that way they won’t be together this year.

O: Rudra, you and your stupid ideas.

There’s five minutes left for the new year and Rudra still can’t separate Shitia and quickly gets an idea.

Ru: Bhaiyya, dadi left her medicine in the kitchen, she still hasn’t taken her medicine, can you please go get it. Bye.

S: Rudra, Rudra stop. Fine.

He goes to the kitchen and lights turn off.

S: Where are the medicine. My god, Dadi nah.

He slowly searches when suddenly he hears a crying noise.

S: Hello, Is someone here? Excuse me, can you hear me?

He hits something more like someone’s leg and bends down and asks the person if they’re okay.

S: Ma’am are you fine? Do you need anything, what’s wrong?

Girl: Can you please turn on the lights, I I’m not, I don’t like the darkness, please. Please.

S: Sorry, but It’s almost midnight and it’s a small tradition our family has of turning of the lights for the last three minutes to take a moment of silence to remember our mistakes throughout the year, We can’t control which lights stay on.

He notices the girl is completely shaking and he can hear her crying, so to try to get her to stop shaking he holds her shoulder and picks her up.

G: Please can you not turn on the lights, please.

S: Did I just not tell you we can’t.

Fireworks explode outside signaling the beginning of the new year and the girl hugs shivaay, and he just stands there like a statue. The girl realizes her situation and let’s him go and
looks at him, and they have an eyelock, they can only see each other’s eye due to the moonlight, their faces are still dark and realizing the situation the girl runs away and as she’s running the lights turn on the Shivaay is only away to see her back.

Priyanka comes to the kitchen.

P: Bhaiya what are you doing here, everyone is searching for you.

S: Sorry, whoa, I came for dadi’s medicine. Here they are let’s go.

P: By the way, who was that bhaiya?

S: You don’t know her either.

P: I couldn’t see her face I just saw her leave.

S: Oh, I don’t know either. Leave it let’s go enjoy.

They come out and Shivaay gives the medicine to Dadi and wishes everyone a happy new year.

Dadi: It’s good to see our family happy. All we are missing is our Anaita.

Pinky: I miss her a lot.

S: Don’t worry Mom, she’ll come back one day.

R: Till she comes back, I’m going to enjoy being the youngest member of the family.

O: Rudra.

R: Sorry.

Dadi: Om, why are you yelling at him, he’s telling the truth only.

R: Love you Dadi, I knew you would support me.

The family laughs with a little sadness in their heart.

Hey guys I hope you like Episode 1. I will soon update with Episode 2. Every SINGLE comment counts guys. Let me know how I’m doing and let me know if you guys like it so far.

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