Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 9)

Hii guy’s I m back let’s start……….

Next day
@anika home
Ani: ishu come fast
Isha: what do u want
Ani: y u don’t want to come
Isha: where ???
Ani: school
Isha: oh Han wait I m not ready yet
Ani: oh no i want to drop sahil what to do now
Isha: u drop sahil I’ll go by myself

Ani: ok
Sahil enter
Sah: anika didi I m ready let’s go
Ani: come
Sah: by ishu didi
he give peek on her cheek
Isha: by sahil
Anika and sahil leave from there

Ishana is sitting headphones in her ears
Om enter and saw Ishana
Om wave her hand but Ishana didn’t see her
Some people get down and he go near Ishana and pat her shoulder
Ishana remove her headphones
Isha: ooh hii om have a seat
He sit
Isha: when u came I didn’t saw u
Om: hmm bcoz ur listening songs I wave my hands but then also u didn’t look at me
Isha: oops! Sorry actually I m getting bore so
Om: it’s ok yar daily u come in this bus
Isha: yes
Om: ok from tomorrow I’ll also come In this bus
Ishana smile
Om: one minute y in bus I thought today u will come with anika
Isha: anika want to drop sahil so I said u drop sahil and I’ll go by myself
Om: ok
————————————————————[email protected] collage
Soumya is sitting alone Rudra saw he is about to go when Reyaan come
Rey: hii Soumya
Soum: hii Reyaan
Rey: how r u ??
Soum: I m fine
Rudra is watching them
Rey: I bought something for u
Soum: what ???
Rey: Close ur eyes
Soum: ok
She close her eyes
Rey: no cheating
Soum: ok

He remove tiffin from her bag
Rey: now open ur eyes
Soumya open her eyes
Soum: what’s in this
Rey: open it
Soum: paratha thank u
She hug her and Rudra is jealous
Rey: I’ll feed u by my hand
Soumya think and saw Rudra standing
Soum: ok
Reyaan feed Soumya and Rudra can’t take it anymore
Rudy: hii Reyaan
Reya (rehaan+soumya): hii Rudra
Rudy: what u both r doing
Soum: Reyaan is feeding me paratha
Reyaan take one bite and about to Feed soumya Rudra push her and paratha fall down
Rudy: oops! Sorry Reyaan
Rey: it’s ok by soumya I’ve my class
Soum: by…..
Reyaan leave
Rudy: what he Is doing
Soum: he us feeding me
Rudy: I can see that y he is feeding u ur not any small kid
Soum: u na shut up crybaby
She said and leave from there and Rudy make puppy face

Precap: shivaay and sahil meet……………. shivaay angry.

Thanks for reading
sorry for no Shivika scenes
And for short update
Love u guy’s


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