Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 8)

Hii guy’s i m back and sorry yar always i m late but what to do my exams r starting from next month and my taekwondo classes and this month my sisters birthday next month my
exams and my birthday and i’ll become 23 uff 23 and i m suffering from fever and cold leave let’s start……

@Anishkara school
Bell rang
students rushes out
anika is waiting for ishana and om see anika
om: ani come let’s go
ani: where
om: oberio mansion
ani: u go i’ll come
om: no u will come will be
ani: ok wait i want to say by to ishana so wait
om: ok
ishana enter
isha: waiting for me
ani: yes
isha: i know and listen give me ur house key
ani: y
isha: yesterday sahil call me and request me to come so i m going to ur house now give
ani: ok
isha: ok by…
ani: by….
They three leave
@Oberio Mansion
Anika enter and saw shivaay talking on phone
dadi see anika
dadi: anika puttar u came
shivaay listen and disconnect the call and saw anika
ani: yes dadi where is pinky aunty
dadi: oh pinky she is not at home today
ani: ok dadi then i’ll come tomorrow
anika is about to leave
dadi: anika puttar wait
ani: what happen dadi everything is ok
dadi: ya i want to talk with u and shivaay
Shivaay listen and said
shiv: what happened dadi u want to talk with me
dadi: ya
omru enter
ani: what happen dadi say na
dadi: i want that u both will friends
omru giggle
Shivika: what
dadi: what what
om: dadi u know what ur saying
dadi: i know
Rudy: dadi u listen that pakistan and india become friends
dadi: no
Rudy: same dadi anika didi is pakistan and shivaay bhaiyya is india they also can’t become friends
om: ya dadi first time rudra said correct
Rudra look at om angrily and om laugh
shiv: yes dadi we can’t become
ani: sorry dadi but we can’t become friends sorry
dadi: ok as ur wish
ani: thanks dadi now i’ll leave by…everyone
omru and dadi: by….
anika leave and shivomru and dadi go to there respective rooms
After sometime

@Oberio Mansion
Shivomru is sitting near pool side
Rudy: i m very sad today
Om: y ur sad
RUdy: bcoz i call rumi today and she said she is busy
Om: what she said busy and ur sad ur really a duffer
Rudy: no o she said busy and when i saw she is with that ajay
Om: so ur sad leave it rudra ur really a duffer
Rudy make puppy face
Shiv: i want to kill someone
Omru: what
Shiv: yes i want to kill that anika
Rudy: y bhaiyya anika di is so sweet
Shiv: she is sweet for u but she is chudail for me
Rudy: no she is not chudail
Shiv: she is how dare she call me that…..
Om: what that
Shiv: that only
Rudy: what that bhaiyya
Shiv: b…i….ll..u
Omru: oh
They said and laugh
Shiv: u both stop laughing
om: ok rudra stop laughing
Rudy: Ok O
Om: guy’s riddima become possessive girlfriend
Shiv: y
Om: yesterday ishana is about to fall i save her and she…..
Rudy: and she think u love isha di
Om: ya
Rudy: hmmm actually Riddhima is jealous
om: i know
Shiv: i m happy that i m single not like u both
Omru: hmmm good
Rudy: bhaiyya i m feeling sleepy good night
Shivom: we m also feeling sleepy good night

They three goes to there respective rooms
@Anika’s House
ishil is playing
Then anika enter
ani: hii
ishil: Hi didi/ani
ani: what’s going on
isha: nothing u say y u came so early today
ani: woh pinky aunty is not at home so i came early
isha: ok
ani: i want to make dinner i’ll go and make
ishil look at each othe and smile
anika goes in kitchen and she saw everything is prepare rice,daal,chicken fry.
she turn and saw ishil smiling at her
ani: who make this
sahi: didi ur ghost
ani: han
sahi: offcourse ishu didi
anika look at ishana and both smile
ani: thanks ishu
isha: ur always welcome
ishani hug eo
sahi: aww u forget me
ishani: how can we forget u
They three hug eo

Precap: Ishkara meet in bus…………..Rudra Jealous………….and………….Shivaay angry.

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Sorry for grammatical mistakes
Love u guy’s
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