Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 7)

Hii guy’s i m back i m bit late sorry guy’s and i can’t be regular bcoz i m having exams from next month and thanks akshaya actually i m confused about her things actually i
didn’t watch ishqbaaz i just read written updates bcoz my schedule is tight 9:00 i’ll had my dinner at 9:30 i finish all my work till 10:00 i m in my dreamland so let’s start…..

Same day
@Oberio mansion
anika enter with om pinky is waiting for anika
when anika enter pinky come to her
pinky: oh u came
om: yes choti maa she came
ani: so let’s start our todays class
pinky: ya come to……oh my i forget
om: what happen choti maa everything is ok na
pinky: i want to clean my room it’s totally dirty
om: hmm choti maa shivaay is at home
pinky: no
om: han anika will teach in shivaay room
pinky: ya come
They both enter in shivaay room
pinky: sit na
anika smile and sit
ani: so we should start
pinky: yes yes y not’s
ani: aunty y not not y not’s ok
pinky: ok mam y not
ani: aunty please don’t call me mam call me anika
pinky: ok anika
Anika teach pinky
Rudra enter in room and said
rudy: choti maa dadi is calling u
pinky: ok i m coming anika sit here only i will be back in 2 minutes
ani: ok
pinky leave from there

anika is waiting for pinky just then shivaay enter and he look at anika
shiv: what r u doing in my room how dare u to come in my room u…..
ani: i don’t have interest to stay in ur room
shiv: so what r u doing in my room
ani: i came here to teach pinky aunty
shiv: so u only get my room to teach mom y u can’t teach in mom’s room
ani: aunty’s room is dirty so she said me to teach here in ur room
shiv: u can tecah in any other room this is not small house like urs(she raise her eyesbrow) this is very big house
ani: i know and i don’t to fight with u
shiv: same here
ani: then y u start fighting
shiv: u start not me
ani: u
shiv: u
ani: u
shiv: u
ani: me
shiv: me
ani: now u accepted that u start fighting
shiv: what
ani: ya u just said me
shiv: when i said me
ani: never leave it i don’t want to talk to u just leave it and by…….
she said and leave
ani(think): y i said by to him mr.saddu SSO stone singh oberio

@soumya’s room
Soumya is sitting
rudra enter and said
Rudy: Hii somo
soum: what u want
Rudy: y r u asking what u want
soum: bcoz if u have any work then only u will come to me so i m asking
Rudy: haww u mean i m selfish
soum: when i said u r selfish
Rudy: now
soumya stand
soum: i didn’t said u r selfish
Rudy: u said
soum: when
Rudy: now only u said if i have anywork then only i’ll come to u
soum: it doesn’t mean that u r selfish
Rudy: it short it’s selfish
soum: u know what ur selfish
Rudy: what
soum: yes ur selfish u dumbell
Rudy: u somo wrestle
soum: u i hate u
Rudy: i hate u too
They both r fighting and rudra is moving forward and soumya is moving back and behind soumya bed is there and rudra push soumya when they r fighting and soumya hold rudra’s
collar and they both fell on bed rudra is in top of soumya they both share an eyelock just then om enter and saw them
om: ah ah (he clear her throat)
They both break there eyelock and both get up
Rudy: o woh…..i want to call romi ok by…
he leave from there
soum: bhaiyya woh……reyaan call me for butterfly documentary ok by…
she also leave from there
om to himself: what i m doing i should also leave

Next Day
@Anishkara school
ishani(ishana+anika) is talking with each other om enter and her closes ishana’s eyes from back riddhima see that and she is like anyone call gire bridgade
isha: arrey anika y u close my eyes
ani: it’s not me
isha: i know om it’s u now remove ur hand
om: how u get to know
isha: i don’t know my heart says it’s om
om: and u said om
ani: she is jadue chidiya(magical bird) she get to know everything u can’t hide anything from ishana
isha: aww thank u ani
ani: welcome
om cough
ani: oh ho smelling very bad
isha: what is smelling
ani: duffer i mean something is burning
isha: ya u r r8
om: u both na….
ishani: shut up
They said and laugh
om: stop laughing or……
ishani: or u will not talk with us
om: yes
ishani: ok sorry
om: in friendship no sorry no thank u
ishani: yes yes now we should go we r having class ur having free period enjoy ur free period by….
om: ok by…..
They leave riddima cam and said
rid: Hii om
om: hii riddhima
rid: ur very happy today
om: ya they r mad especially ishana
rid: ya ishana she..
om: she is sweet cute and…..
rid: now a days ishana is becoming very special for u
om: what do u mean
rid: i think u start liking that ishana
om: no riddhima it’s not like that she is…..
rid: she is just ur friend r8
om: yes she is just my friend
rid: ya i know i saw u yesterday what r u doing with her
om: what i m doing
rid: i saw u yesterday while i m going
om: oh that she is about to fall and i just…..
rid: save her
om: ya
rid: om i m giving u warning keep distance from ishana or forget me
she said and leave from there
om to himself: riddhima gone mad ishana is just my friend and she….leave
om also leave from there

Precap: O’Bros Moment…….anishil moment…… meet ishana in bus……Shivika will became friends……Rudra jealous.

Thanks for reading
Love u guys
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