Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 6)

Hii guy’s i m back really guy’s i don’t know but i think my ff is boring… is ?? be frank it is boring or not if u think that it is boring say that only don’t think if u
will say it’ boring i’ll feel bad it’s not like that guy’s please be frank u want me to stop ??(answer my questions) and yeatersay i was busy so can’t post as i promise this is
long one let’s start………..

new entry is after some more episode it’s to early for new entry so…….

@Oberio mansion
It’s 4:00
om enter they saw all womens are discussing something
Om: mom choti mom dadi prinku somuya what u all r discussing anything serious
somo: no bhade baal wale bhaiyya nothing serious we r just talking y we can’t talk
om: no it’s not like that and choti maa i’ve one good new for u
pinky: what that say fast i can’t…..(om interrupted)
om: choti ma wait till shivaay come
pinky: i can’t
dadi: see shivaay came
(shivaay enter from back)
shiv: what’s happening
pinky: om now say
om: ya shivaay i said u about anika
everyone: anika ??
shiv: ya she is om friend so what she said
om: she said yes and she……
(shivaay phone ring and he goes from there)
(some from back)
some: i m here om
everyone turn back side
om: u came
ani: ya i came this is your house or maze
om: y
ani: i came here with u only
om: but i didn’t saw you
anika is following om
they both reach suddenly anika phone ring and she start talking
after she cut her phone she turn back and couldn’t find om
she enter in oberio mansion
anika: oh beta ki this is a house or maze can’t understand
first roam in full house atlast she saw om and others family member

om: ok where is shivaay now
shiv:(he didn’t saw anika)i m here and i was…….u
anika look at him and said u
ani: what r u doing here u……
dadi: billu u know her
ani: u billuji
all laugh
shiv: don’t call me that and what r u doing here this is…..(anika intrrupted)
ani: this is my friend house what r u doing here and i’ll call u billuji only u billuji
shiv(angrily): this is my house not ur friend house and(loudly)DON’T CALL ME THAT
ani: what this is ur house ?? om what he is saying
om: anika he is……
shiv: Shivaay singh oberio
ani: then who is billu
again all laugh
om: that is her nickname only dadi call her that
ani: y only dadi
shiv: om she is ur fried…. english teacher
om: ya
ani: and he is ur brother billu
om: ya
shiv: i don’t what this girl in this house what u said her name…..ah…anika…ya ur panika
ani: how dare u y ur spoiling my name billuji billuji billuji
shiv: u shut up panika
ani: billuji
shiv: panika
ani: billuji
shiv: panika
om: u both shut up
pinky: i want this girl as my english teacher
anika smile and make faces looking at shivaay
shiv: no mom
pinky: what no moms my decission is final
shiv: but mom…..
pinky: no but no pat
shiv: mom
pinky: no mom also
shiv: ok mom if u want this girl(pointing toward anika)as ur teacher and say her to maintain distance from me and don’t call me…..
ani: billuji
shiv: don’t call me that i m warning u or u don’t know what i can do
ani: what u can do
Om: guy’s don’t start again
shivika: ok
shivaay phone ring and he leave from there
om: anika she is my mother(pointing toward janvi)
ani: namaste aunty
janvi smile
om: she is my choti ma
ani: namste aunty
om: and she is soumya she is like my sister
ani: hii soumya
soum: hii anika didi
(rundra enter)
rudy: hii anika didi how r u
ani: hello rudra i m fine who r u
soum: di he is always fine right dumbell oberio
rudy: u….leave i don’t what to fight in front of anika didi
anika smile
om: she is prinkyanka my sister
ani: hii priyanka
prinku: hii anika di u can call me prinku
ani: ok prinku i’ll come at 4:30 tomorrow om i think i should go now it’s to late
om: ok i’ll drop u
ani: no no i bought by chameli with me
soum: chamali ??
ani: it’s my scooty name
soum: ok by
anika bit by to everyone and she leave from there
everyone leave from there except rumya
soumya is about to go
rudy: somo i want ur help
soum: u want my help
rudy: ya
soum: what help u want
rudy: actually i m going out with romi so….
soum: so what
rudy: i can’t understand what to wear can u help
soumya smile and said
soum: go and ask romi don’t ask me
soumya is about to go when rudra hold her hand
rudy: please……(making puppy face)
soumya turn and saw her puppy face she melt looking at her puupy face
soum: ok
They goes to rundra room and soumya select dress for her
after that they both leave
Next moring
@Anishkara school
ishana is standing alone
someone keep hand on ishana shoulder
she turn and said
isha: ani u came i………
she look it’s not anika
isha: om
om: hii
isha: hiii
om: where r u yesterday
isha: y
om: i want to talk with u
isha: anything important
om: no anika said u something
isha: no
om: anika is working in my house as my choti maa’s english teacher
isha: ok i’ll leave
she is about to leave
om: wait
she turn
om: Y u don’t want to talk to me
isha: no it’s not like that
om: say….
isha: what to say u stop me u say
om: how was ur day yesterday
isha: good and urs
om: good i miss u yesterday
ishana is shock
isha: han
om: i mean we both miss u
isha: we
om: me and anika
isha: oh we take anika name and she came
ani: hey guy’s what’s up
om: nothing u say
ani: isha where r u yesterday om ask me total 10 times
om: y ur counting
ani: no no more then 10 times uncountable times
ishana smile
ani: ishu yesterday and today sun rise from correct place na
om laugh after listening this
isha:(with big question mark look)y anika
anika is also start laughing
isha: y u both r laughing
ani: nothing
isha: please say me
om: bcoz yesterday and today u came early na so
isha: haww u r making fun of me don’t talk to me katti
ani: hawww baby is angry
isha: no responce
ani: baby cholly sorry she make a puppy face
ishana laugh seeing her
isha: it’s ok
ani: ok i m getting late by….love u guy’s see u at lunch time
ishkara: ok by…..
isha: pagal(mad) anika
om: ya she is totally mad
isha: ok i’ll also leave
om: ok by….
ishana is about to leave her leg twisted and she is about to fall she close her eyes tightly but when hero is there no fear om hold her she slowly open her eyes they share an
riddhima saw this from…….far and she gets angry
screen divided into to parts one side ishkara another side angry riddhima

Precap: Anika teach pinky…….shivika cute nok jhok……….rumya moment………..ridhkara fight……..o’bros moment………..and anishil moment.

Thanks for reading
Hope u like it
love u guy’s
🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Chetna

    Very nice . honestly I don’t think its boring this is a different concept and very good keep going. Love you

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