Ishqbaaz: Is this love……??? (Episode 5)

Hii guy’s i m back and i m late sorry for that actually day before yesterday 2nd december it’s my elder brother birthday and i forget then my sister call me and she said it my
brother birthday then i remember that today is my brother birthday then i think what to do next to my house one aunt is there she is like my mom i say her it’s bhaiyya birthday
then she make custard and chiken chilli i give that to bhaiyya he like that then he make cake and cake burned and yesterday my nephew call me and said massi come and i can’t say
no to my nephew i said yes i came back home at 9:00 and sorry no double triple…..sorry coz this is short episode coz i m feeling sleepy at morning my taekwondo students came
early so i can’t sleep properly and now i m feeling sleepy so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry next will be pakka long one i talk to much let’s start………

Next morning
@Oberio mansion
everyone is having breakfast
Pinky: shivaye i want something
shiv: not again mom
pinky:(with question mark look) what not again mom
shiv: i don’t want to marry now i said u so many…..
pinky: oh ho it’s not about ur marriage it’s about me
shiv: what u want mom
pinky: i want to learn english speakings
shiv: so……..
pinky: i want teacher who can teach me
shiv: y u want to learn english speaking
pinky: simply y u want any reason to learn engling speaking y u learn english speaking
janvi: ya shivaay i think pinky is r8 she also have right to speak in english
shiv: mom leave it i will find good teacher for u ok ok
pinky: thank u u r my heera beta ok my stomach is full now
janvi: i m also done
shatej(shakti+tej): ya we r also done
all leave from there
shivaay is about to go when om call her from behind
shiv: what happend om every thing is ok
om: ya everything is good just i want to say that i know one english teacher who can teach choti maa
rudy: o u r saying about anika didi r8 (rudra know anika he met her)
om: ya
rudy: bhaiyya she is very beautiful and nice she is good for choti maa
shiv: ok call her tomorrow let’s see i m getting late by…..
omru: by…….
they three leave to there respective works

@anishkara school
anika is waiting for om
om enter om see her and wave her hand
ani: hiii
om: hii (he see here and there)
ani: what happend whom ur looking for riddhima ??
om: no no one
ani: hmm ok y ur late today
om: oh actually traffic
ani: ok sir didn’t see u or…..
om: or leave i know accha where is ishana
ani: oh ishana she came early today everyone is shock especially sir
om: ok now where is she ??
ani: y ur asking about her u should ask about riddhima she is girl…….(om interrupted)
om: she is my friend so i m asking about her nothing else
ani: ishana is in…….(she saw ishana behind the pillar hiding herself)
om: she is in ??
ani: pillar
om: pillar ?? he is about to turn
ani: arrey she is in………(she take long pause) i don’t know where is she
om: u na leave it i want to say u something
ani: ya say
om: actually my choti ma want to learn english speaking
ani: and u want me to teach her am i r8 ???
om: yes ur r8 please don’t say no
ani: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
om: yes or no
ani: noyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyes
om: what
ani: yes
om: thank u thank u thank very much
he hug her she reciprocate
ani: don’t say thank and sorry to me u didn’t listen that in friendship no sorry no thank u
om: ok sorry
ani: ha
om: oops ok no sorry no thank u come to my home tomorrow
ani: ok i’ll come
om: i m getting late for my class by….
ani: by…..

anika goes near pillar and said
ani: ishu now come out
isha: u can’t keep quite
ani: ok baba sor….
isha: don’t say sorry he ask about me
ani: ya he asked about
isha: what he asked about me
ani: he said where r u
isha: and u said pillar
anika laugh
isha: stop laughing
ani: ok i m getting late for my class and u to go and by
isha: by….

Precap: anika in oberio mansion and new entry

Thanks for reading
Sorry for short update and no couple scenes
next one will be longgggggg one
pakka promise
one more thing
Is it boring ???bcoz i m not gettimg much comments if it is like that then i’ll stop this so please comment
love u all
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  1. Qwertt

    Hey!! 2nd december is uae national day ….. i must say ur bro is lucky …… everyone is was celebriting ur bro birthday ….😮

    Anyway the ff is awesome…..
    I m sorry for short comment about ur ff

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