Ishqbaaz-Love Blossoms – CHAPTER 8


Meanwhile gauri finished singing her song….
The most awaited last performance of the night is mallika and sid’s dance performance..
and they danced for the song dekha hazaro…

Everyone present there were enjoying their performance!!
Sangeet got over …

The next morning…
Gauri was searching here and there when Om clashed into her…
What happened Gauri?? Why are you looking tensed??
G:Om.. Anika di is not seen anywhere… I’m searching for her from that time…
O:why didn’t you tell me!! Ok fine we will search together.. U go that side and me this side..
They started searching again when Om met shivaay..
S: what happened om..??
O: shivaay anu is not in her room… Me and gauri are searching for her…
what?? Said shivaay a bit worried…
Come on even I will help you..!! BTW did you call her??
O: yeah she is not picking up my call!!

Shivaay went to the ground area..
He saw some people practicing sword fighting…
He then noticed a girl with a white scarf on her face…n he felt her eyes were familiar to him… She was twisting the sword in a very professional manner!!
Suddenly her scarf fell off from her face!!..
N she was none other than anika herself..
Shivaay was shocked but relieved that he found her!! He called om and informed him.. By the time… Om and gauri came there…

Anika saw them and went towards them…
Shivaay was a bit angry.. He dragged her while Om and gauri were running behind.. him..
He pinned her against the wall and asked at a stretch…
How irresponsible you are!! Don’t you know that you have to inform us and go?? You know how scared I was!! How many times did we call you..
If something happens to you then what will I do??
A:leave me billuji you are hurting me!!
He realised what he said and left her free…

Om ran to her..
Anu!! You could have told us na?? that u r going..
A:no om I wanted to tell you guys but gauri was sleeping so I didn’t want to disturb her.. U guys were also sleeping.. So that’s why I went!! I thought I will go for a walk come back soon…
but then I saw people practising sword fight!! So I too joined them..
O: but next time tell us and go!! Ok?
ok.. N I m sorry said anika feeling bad for all the mess she created..
Gauri just ran and hugged her.. di you are so dumb at times.. At least you could have written a note!!
A: I m so sorry gauri!! And she makes a puppy face…
Ok now don’t show that face di.. U know I get melted seeing that face…
Anika just smiled at her..
Anu you know sword fighting!! I didn’t know that.. Pouted om..
Om how can you forget!! I told u that once when I went to my aunt’s house during summer vacation when she used to live in rajasthan…that time I learnt sword fighting…
O: oh yeah anu!! I forgot .. Sorry..
A: now let’s go I feel so damn hungry!! We’ll go eat something..??
O: Ha… Ha.. Chalo! let’s go..

Finishing their breakfast.. All of them assembled down for the mehendi function…
Anika was still wondering ..
Those words… “If something happens to u what will I do?? ” were running in her mind!!
What happened to him?? Why did he tell that!!
She was brought back to the real world by our Rudy!!
R: anika didi..will you not put mehendi in your hands??
A: I will put rudra.. Function started??
Rudra just nodded..
A: ok then..

While shivaay was a bit upset with himself… And scolds himself
Why the hell did I tell like that?? Is she affecting you shivaay!! That’s not possible..

Om just then came into his room…
O: shivaay!! Tu teek hai?? Why are scolding yourself and about whom are you talking??
Tell me one thing shivaay.. Do you like anika?? I mean to say even I heard what you said a while before..
S: no om nothing of that sort.. She was just our responsibility.. That’s why..!!
N BTW shivaay Singh oberoi doesn’t believe in the concept of love!!
but shivaay I didn’t even talk about love here!! Then why?? Said om smirking..
S: Om tu na!! Just started acting like rudra..!!

O: but mark my words shivaay!! One day you will come running to me and say that you are madly in love with someone
O: but mark my words shivaay!! One day you will come running to me and say that you are madly in love with someone..she will cry but tears will fall from your eyes.. She will get hurt but you will feel the pain… That day no power ,no money, no name will stop you from loving her!! (I love these words guys!! So I thought of repeating…?)
S: ok ok Om we will see that day!! Now where is rudra??
O: he has already gone for the function..with ranveer.. Come we will also go..

They reached the hall where all women are busy putting mehendi in their hands!!
Shivaay saw someone putting mehendi on anika’s hands!!
Her hair strands came out and she was trying to tuck it behind but was not able to.. All her attempts failed..!!
Shivaay just went to her… tucked her hair strands behind her ears!!

She saw him and to her surprise he was just smiling… n she smiled back too.. As she didn’t understand how to react !!
Thanks was the word heard from her..

Anika then said to the woman.. pls put the letter “s” at the edge of my little finger !!
Shivaay was thinking who was “s”..
Is that me?? she just told in front of me or is she having some one else in her life??
Thinking shivaay became a bit tensed!!

Meanwhile the rest were also staring at their girls…
Gauri came towards om and asked him..
G: how is it om??
beautiful!! Just like you… said Om lost in her eyes but then realized what he said..
Gauri just smiled back at him saying thanks and went off!!
Om (in mind)
What did I tell her.. I just acted like a duffer..!! But she also smiled back at me… Does this mean she has feelings for me!!??

Rudra was sitting next to saumya when she told the woman..
Will you pls put the letter “R” in the middle of my palm??
Woman: sure ma’am
Rudra as soon as he heard the letter “R” wondered if it was him!!But just then ranveer came!!
Bhaiyya how is my mehendi?see!! your first letter on my palm!!told somu..
mind blowing.. Somu!! Love you loads.. said ranveer side hugging her…


Mystery “S”

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