Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 36)



Scene opens in the café…
Om was waiting… when they came..
O:Hello guys!!
G:hi om…
Saying Gauri settled..
R: waise.. O..why should we meet like this secretly??
O: dumbell Oberoi…!! Bcoz anyone can hear us in the house!!
Somu: don’t waste time Rudra!! bhaiyya… You tell!! What should we do??
O: thank you Somu.. OK guys listen.. We should make such a plan that Shivaay and anu should confess their love..
R(excitedly): ok done.. Let’s do it !!

G: we just have little time left.. They both love each other but they don’t express their feelings..
O: yeah Gauri.. It’s true.. I have seen love, care and affection in both their eyes…
R: ha O!! And bhabhi and bhaiyya always keep eye romancing.. ?
The rest just gave him a ‘you are impossible’ wala look …

O: ok now let’s think about the plan..
They keep discussing and finalize their plan…
G: ok then done.. I wish this works out..!!
R: let’s execute it tomrw..
They were all so happy with their plan..

The next morning..
In Choudhary mansion..
Anika(in mind)
Why do I have a feeling that something is going to happen !! Something big…
OK now stop it anika… Don’t think so much.. It’s nothing!!

Gauri coming into anika’s room..
G: good morning di…
A(a bit dull) : good morning.. Gauri!!
G: what happened didi?? Why are you so dull?
A: woh actually… I have a feeling that something is going to happen.. I just don’t know..
G:it’s ok di.. Don’t worry..!! Just relaxed!! It’s just a feeling..

Anika just sighed ..
G(teasing): waise di…. I think you are missing someone very badly.. !! if you want we will go meet them!! What say??
A: I don’t think so.. I guess you are eager to meet someone special!!
You go Gauri.. I have some work in the hospital.. I will complete it and come..

She goes from there..
Gauri called om..
Thank God.. Om!! Anika di is not coming to the Oberoi mansion with me now…I just asked her by mistake..
But she is not in a good mood today.. Should we execute our plan today??
O: it’s OK relax.. Gauri!! We need to do it.. For their sake..!!
OK!! I’m coming now.. said Gauri hesitantly..

After their breakfast..
G: Anika di.. Pls drop me at Oberoi mansion on your way..
A: OK come on.. then let’s go..
Saying they left in anika’s car..

Om was standing outside the gate.. for gauri..
They reached.. Oberoi mansion..
Gauri got down and was surprised to see om there..
G: what are you doing here om?
O: I was here for you..
Hi anu..
Anika was still in the car.. She waved her hand.. And said in a teasing tone…
Hello jatadhari.. You have become so romantic.. I mean you are so desperate to meet Gauri huh!!?? BTW even gauri was desperate to meet you..

Omri look at each other… smiling!!
G(excitedly): di.. You told you have some work right!! Finish it and come fast.. You have to accept your fe..
But om held her hand..
A(confused): what should I accept Gauri?
G: di nothing… You want to meet jiju right?? So only..
A:OK.. OK.. Bye!! See you guys later!!

She left… But suddenly omri noticed something..
They shouted
but no use.. Anika already left..!!

They were shocked.. They didn’t know what to do!!
That went inside the mansion to get the car keys…
Gauri was having tears in her eyes..
Shivru saw omri running into the mansion..
S: om…Gauri…what happened..??
O: woh.. Shivaay.. Anu is in danger..
Shivru(shocked) : what?? Tell me what happened..
O : fuel is leaking from anika’s car.. By the time we realised.. She already left..
S: rudra.. You stay back!! Let’s go om..
Shivaay and the rest ran out.. to save her!!

Shivaay in one car..
Omri in the other car..
Gauri was calling anika but anika left her phone in the house..
They soon saw anika going in front of them..
Meanwhile anika was trying to apply brakes… But she understood that the brakes failed…
While shivaay and om were both driving next to her car opposite..!!

A: billuji.. Om.. !!brakes failed.. I’m not able to stop the car..
S: anika.. Don’t panic.. We are here na!!
Saying he overtook her car..
Now both the cars were opposite to each other..
Shivaay was trying to stop anika’s car by stoping her car with his…

Om and anika were shouting…
don’t do this Shivaay/billuji… Pls!!
But Shivaay didn’t listen..
At last he stopped the car…
Shivaay and the rest ran towards anika’s car..
S: anika.. Are you ok??
Saying he hugged her..
A:why did you save me billuji..?? If something happens to you?? You know how dangerous it was..
Shivaay just closed her mouth with his hands and said..
If something happens to you?? I don’t care how dangerous it is… If something happens to my family..

Anika and Shivaay shared a cute little eye lock…
a few minutes later
In om’s car..
Omri in the front and Shivika at the back..
A: how did you guys know that I..
G: di.. Me and om saw fuel leaking from your car..
S: how can you be so careless anika.. ??
A(confused): but billuji… I serviced my car just a day back..!! I had no problem yesterday..

Shivom: what!!?? Then how did all this happen..
A: I really have no idea..
G: You are safe.. And I just need that..
Thank you so much jiju..
S: don’t say that gauri..

Meanwhile anika called someone.. From Gauri’s mobile..
Dr.Harika.. Can you just manage my work today… I won’t be able to come..
Yeah OK then bye…
While Shivaay was on another call…
Khanna get the cc tv footage.. Yeah I need it urgently.. !!

A little later ranveer called shivaay..
RV: shivaay!! Is anika safe??
Just now rudra called me..
S: yeah ranveer she is fine…
And he told the whole story..
A: bhaiyya.. It’s ok chill..!! Don’t get tensed !!I’m fine..
RV: ok.. Then take care anu.. !!

Later in the Oberoi mansion
In shivaay’s room..
Khanna: sir.. This is the footage..
S: ok then.. Khanna see to that there is strict security in Choudhary mansion..
K: ok sir!!

Then all of them saw the cctv footage.. And were shocked to see someone near anika’s car.. But that person had a mask on his face..
Gauri: di we need to be more careful from now on.. And I think we must tell all this to bade papa..
A(getting worried): no.. Gauri!! You know about papa’s health condition.. He cannot handle much stress..
S: Gauri.. Don’t worry…!! No need to tell papa about this… I will take care of anika!! I promise..

Anika was again surprised with his words..



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