Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 35)



In the Oberoi mansion..
Tej: so everything is fixed..
Shakthi: ha bhai sab.. Now next om is in the line to get married..
As soon as om heard this.. He started thinking about gauri..

Meanwhile in tia’s room..
She was very angry and helpless that she was not able to do anything…
Tia(thinking to herself and was crying) :
How can you do this to me Shivaay baby?? How… ??I love you more than myself.. I just came for you into this mansion.. Only for you..!! I told simply that my father forced me into a marriage.. But that actually never happened… I did this only for you!!
And I understood that you had feelings for anika…. so I created misunderstandings between you both.. And I was successful too.. But now what happened.. Again that anika came back into your life..

Shivaay baby.. You should only be mine… just mine!!
And for that I will do anything… !! and till any extent..!!
If you are not there… Shivaay baby would have married me.. I will not spare you anika for what you have done to me.. !!

On the other side..
Tej: what happened to my beta?? Where are you lost om??
O: woh nothing dad…
R(smirking): papa.. O is lost in someone’s thoughts.. Know O??
Om shot daggers at him..
J: Om.. Do you have someone in your life??
O: mom..actually..

R: tell na O..about your love..
J: rudra wait let him tell us..
All the elders were eagerly waiting for his answer..
O: ok !!..woh i love Gauri..anu’s sister!!she also loves me..
All of them shocked..
J: so you are in a relationship om..?
We didn’t even know about that..

Pinky: O My Mata Om!! Why didn’t you tell us..huh?
Dadi(happily) : Gauri is such a sweet girl.. I have no problem with this relationship.. !!
Om was very happy.. And he went and hugged dadi..
Thank you so much dadi.. said om happily..
Tejvi and shinky were sitting there silently..
Om went to them sitting on his knees.. Said
Mom.. Dad.. Chotepapa and chotima..

I know I should have told this before but I m sorry I didn’t tell you all..
I feel Gauri is just perfect for me..
Tej interrupted and spoke in a serious tone…
So Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi wants to marry Ms. Gauri Choudhary huh??
Om(got scared for a second) :dad..
Tej(smiling at him) : I happy for you om..I have no problem with this relation.. We just need your happiness..
Saying he hugged him..

Om was surprised but hugged him back..
Dad… Thank you so much..!!
Jhanvi and pinky held his ears playfully..
So our son is going to get married soon..!! Along with Shivaay..
Two bahus..are going to come..
There was a huge hug…
R(fake crying) : you left me and shivaay bhaiyya!!

S: arrey rudra..!! Stop your action…
Pinky: come join.. Rudra!! How do you act like this?? You should get an Oscar!!
R: thankyou chotima.. You are the only one who understood my acting talents… ??

Shakthi: bhaiyya sab.. I think we should talk about this to Harish…
Tej: yeah we are going today to their house .. For discussing about shivaay’s marriage.. We will talk about om and Gauri too..

Later the Oberois went to meet the Choudharys..
In the Choudhary mansion..
All were sitting in the hall..
Tej: Harish we wanted to ask you something!

H: what happened tej?? Everything fine right??
Om and gauri were very tensed..(om called and told gauri everything that happened) while anika was assuring gauri..
Dadi : Harish puttar.. Om and Gauri love each other.. So we wanted to ask your gauri for our om!!

The Choudharys were happy to know this..
Anvri(anand and vrindha): gauri beta..We have no problem.. We just need your happiness..
Gauri goes and hugs her parents… Thank you mama… Papa…
G: bade papa..badi ma.. ??
And they nod in positive..
She goes and hugs them also.. Thank you so much..
H: anything for you jaan..

Dadi: so shall I consider it as a yes puttar??
H: sure ma… We are happy and lucky that my daughters will be together always..
Tejvi and shinky: let us get them married along with Shivaay and anika.. Then!!
And the rest too accepted for this…

All the youngsters went into the lawn.. While the elders were speaking about the arrangements..
Meanwhile someone was making plan to kill her again..
Person(in mind)
I need to kill that anika at any cost.. She can’t enjoy her life like this leaving me in this darkness.. !!I will not let her live happily.. NEVER!!
She is getting married huh!!
Smiling evilly…
I will END YOU soon ANIKA!! I swear on God!!

in the garden…
Anika and gauri hug each other..
A: gauri.. I m so happy today..
G: me too di..
Rudra joining their hug..
Me too bhabhis… I love you both so much..

Shivom together.. Teasing…
I think Rudra is left to become parayadhan..
R: bhaiyya… O.. I will never leave you guys!! Prinku I wish even you are with us in the Oberoi mansion..
Prinku(hugging them): bhaiyya.. !!

Ranveer and Somu went towards anuri.. And hugged them..
RV:I m so happy for you both..
Shivaay.. Om.. My sisters are very precious.. Never harm them..!!
Shivom said in unison..
We will take care like a princess!!
R: then bhabhi both of you should take care of my bhaiyya and O too..
Anuri laughing..
Definitely Rudra!!

Om and Gauri hugged each other while.. Rudra took anika’s hand and started to rotate..
A: rudra.. Pls.. Pls.. I feel dizzy!!
R: arrey bhabhi.. Now only I started na…
R: ok bhabhi… Saying he left her hands..
She was about to fall but shivaay caught her..
S(worried): anika.. Are you fine..?
A(composing herself) : ha billuji…
This rudra na!!
Saying she started chasing him..

Rudra.. Rukho(stop)…
R(running here and there) : sorry bhabhi…
All started laughing at them..
Scene freezes..

Four days pass off very quickly… Just three days left for Shivika and omri engagement…
All of them were very busy in their works…
The Choudharys and oberois were so happy beyond limits..
That day..
Om on a call…
Yeah I know we have to make a plan.. There is just two weeks left ..we need to do something…
Yeah ok then meet you in the café at around 5.00 in the evening..
Scene freezes…


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