Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 34)



Saying Shivika and Omri went into the kitchen..
Shivaay and om were sitting while anika and gauri were cooking..
O: waise.. Both of you what is your favourite food??
G: anika di loves aloo puri.. especially what badi ma makes.. And she loves coffee..
And I love dal chaval.. chai!!
A: what do you guys like??
O: I love cheese lettuce pasta and chai…

shivaay loves kedgeree… with his espresso..
Anika n Gauri in unison: oh.. Nice taste..!!

And Gauri had her dinner.. While the rest were chatting …
Anika started sneezing…
G: di.. Why are you continuously sneezing??
O(smirking ) : oho Gauri I forgot to tell you.. Anika fell into the pool..and..
A: jatadhari.. Stop it I will tell!!

Nothing gauri I fell into pool.. I slipped by mistake..
O: gauri ask her what happened in the pool… Sh..
But om stopped as he got a glare from anika..

G: what happened didi..?
A: woh.. Woh.. Actually..
Shivaay interrupted her..
Waise om.. I m sorry for that day..!! We disturbed you when you proposed gauri that day.. And you were about to…
G(embarrassed): I think we must sleep.. Om come on… I will show your room..
Omri went off from there..
While Shivika were laughing..

A: thank you billuji..
S(smiling at her): do you think only you can cut off someone…
Anika smiled back at him and gave him a high five..
Then they realised what happened..
And withdrew their hands back..
S: I think we must sleep now.. It’s too late..

Meanwhile omri in gauri’s room…
Om told everything he saw..
G: oh!!
O: you know gauri.. Shivaay and anu love each other.. But they are not expressing their feelings..
G: yeah om even I noticed that..
We have to make a plan so that they confess their feelings..
To which om nodded..

G: waise.. That day I was hell embarrassed when di and Jiju came out suddenly out of nowhere..
O(smirking): are you disappointed gauri??
G(understanding what he meant): OM!! not like that..
O(still smirking) : then what is it like??
He pulled gauri closer to him.. And says..
Let’s continue it now gauri..
G: jatadhari.. Someone will come..!!
O: let them come.. I love you.. And..

Saying he comes more closer and was about to kiss her when..
Shivaay and anika enter the room..
O bete ki!! said anika closing her eyes..
And shivaay also closed his eyes saying..
I didn’t see anything.. !!
We are sorry!! said Shivika in unison..

Om was totally disappointed whereas Gauri was embarrassed..
O(groaned) : always in the wrong time..
Shivika open their eyes now..
S(naughtily) : OMG!! My brother is disappointed huh??
A(teasing) : Om… I didn’t know that you are so romantic..!!
And gauri.. You too..?? Great yaar..
But sorry gauri.. We disturbed your sweet moment.. !! you continue we will go..
G: DI..!! Then listen even I m sorry to spoil your romantic eye lock today.. I gave the idea to pour water on you both..
Shivika were embarrassed now..
O(laughing): yeah anu.. And I’m sorry for spoiling your romantic moment in the pool..

S: ok stop it guys.. We need to sleep!! See the time now..
O(looking at anika): why are you desperate to sleep shivaay.. Is it bcoz someone will come in your dreams to disturb you?
A(to avoid further conversation): ok om.. You and billuji will sleep here.. And gauri come sleep in my room..
To which the rest nodded and all felt thankful too…
Scene freezes..

Early morning in Choudhary mansion..
Anika was reading newspaper..
When Shivaay came down.. After he refreshed himself…
S: good morning.. Anika!!
A(surprised) : good morning billuji..
He also sat down and started reading “business times” newspaper…
Anika went to the kitchen and came back with her coffee and espresso for shivaay..
A: billuji.. Here is your espresso..
Shivaay took it from her and smiled back at her.. later Gauri and om also joined them.. with their chai..

A little later…
Anika and Gauri went to make breakfast while Shivaay and om were in the hall chatting… They told they will help but anuri didn’t allow them..

Shivaay and om sat down and anuri served the food..
Shivomru(surprised) :hey this is our favourite food…!!
They said in unison..
Anuri: yeah.. So only we made it..
Shivomru loved the food..
O: you know to make this anu/Gauri??
G: arrey om..we lived in London.. Few years back me n di shifted back to India.. These dishes come under Britain cuisine…so we know to make it..
Shivomru(shocked) : really??
A(smiling): ha guys!!

A: ramu kaka.. Where are you going?? Did you eat your food?
RK: no anika beti..I will have it after…
A: why do you like this..?? You know you have diabetes.. You should eat on time.. First eat and then only do any other work… Ok?
To which ramu kaka nodded like a small kid..
G: ramu kaka.. We made your favorite channa along with roti.. Pls go eat it!!
RK (smiling):ok gauri beti…
Shivaay and Om were seeing anika and Gauri in awe..

Shivom:I think we should leave now..
G: ok then take care..
Saying omri hug each other.. And then leave back to Oberoi mansion..

Later in the Oberoi mansion..
Shivom reached..
All were sitting in the hall..
Dadi(turning towards the youngsters):
Ok all of you listen to me..
Billu.. Your engagement is fixed in a week and marriage will take place in two weeks after your engagement..
All of them were happy except one..
Of course tia!! She was very sad.. She left from there!!

R(fake crying): bhaiyya you are going to become parayadhan after 3 weeks exactly..
Shivaay was lost when he heard 3 weeks..
Shivaay(in mind) :
Is this happening??I mean Just three weeks and anika and me together!!
What kind of a feeling do I have.. This marriage.. Do I have feelings for her?? Does she affect me..??
So many questions….But I’m just happy that we are going to be together..
And so he had a slight smile on his face thinking all this..

While om said..
Arrey duffer.. Why will Shivaay become paraya dhan..?
R: yeah bhaiyya won’t become.. Bcoz he is marrying anika bhabhi.. And She is the best!!

Meanwhile in Choudhary mansion..
Harish and the rest came back..
Everyone were sitting in the hall..
H: Yesterday we couldn’t tell you both.. As we went off suddenly due to urgent work..
And he tells what dadi tells..
Saahil(dancing): anika di.. I’m so excited for your marriage..
Everyone were so happy..

G(suddenly becoming sad): so bade papa.. In three weeks di is going to leave us and go??
Hearing this all were sad…
Saahil as he was a small kid.. He didn’t understand why anika will leave..
Saahil: didi.. Why will you leave us??
H: beta..if didi marries she has to go to her sasural (in law’s house) …

Seeing her father sad.. Anika goes to him..
A: papa..!! Why are you all getting sad.. If you are sad now.. Then I won’t marry at all.. So I need not leave you all and go!!
Harish hugs her..
I WILL MISS YOU TOO HARI…!! said anika hugging him back..
Scene freezes..


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