Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 33)



Anika was still in Shivaay’s hands and they were totally lost … they didn’t even hear the others teasing them..

Just then om got a call..

G: hello om..
O: hi gauri.. Anu is here only don’t worry.. I don’t think so she is planning to go back home..
G: why is everything alright?
R: arrey gauri didi.. Bhabhi and bhaiyya are eye romancing again.. Totally lost in some other dream world..

Gauri started laughing and om was happy that everything is sorted between anika and gauri..
G: om.. Throw water on them.. Didi’s famous move.. Try it out!!
As guided by Gauri.. Omru threw water on both of them…
At last they both came out from their dream world and were totally embarrassed…
Shivika together : OM!! RUDRA!!
They both left the room while the others were laughing at them..

In shivaay’s room..
Anika and shivaay too started laughing…at their condition..

Shivaay went close to her.. And anika was surprised by his move..
S: anika thank you so much.. My omru and prinku forgave me only bcoz of you..
A(laughing ): O My Mata billuji!! Today something is going to happen!!
S(surprised): what happened anika..??
A: woh billuji… You told sorry and thank you on the same day..!! And Mr. Tadibaaz kanji aankhon wala baagad billa ji will never do both right??
Shivaay gave her ‘you are impossible’ wala look..
S: your language anika!!

Saying he started chasing her..
And anika started running inside the room.. And she went to the pool side..
Shivaay still chasing behind her..
But suddenly anika lost her balance and fell into the pool..
Shivaay was shocked.. ANIKA!!
but anika popped out.. And was just staring at him..
She was coming out when Shivaay held his hand..
She took his hand and pulled him into the pool..
He too fell into the pool…
He was shocked beyond limits.. Both were completely drenched in water..

A(laughing at him): billuji thanks for your help..
Shivaay went very close to her and held her in his arms…
they were so close that not even air could enter between them…
S: Panika….
A(slightly smiling to herself):
billuji.. What are you doing??
And my name is anika for your kind information.. Mr. SSO!!
S(smiling): then even my name is not billuji Ms. Anika!!
Tia was on the other side hiding and was irked seeing all this..!!
Saying he was about to kiss her when he heard some voices…

The rest of the gang came and were standing there closing their eyes with their hands…
Shivika were totally embarrassed now…
They came out of the pool holding each other for balance.. And they were totally wet…
R: I didn’t see anything bhaiyya..
And the rest replied… One by one..
Me too!!

Shivaay spoke up at last..
Woh actually anika fell inside the pool and I went to help her that’s all..
A(looking at Shivaay): ha..ha.. Billuji is absolutely correct.. And there was nothing else..
And they both nod looking at each other..
The rest were smirking at them..
All in unison: OOH….. REALLY??

S: OK stop it Guys… !! Let’s go eat.. I’m hungry..
Saying he went off.. The boys followed him..
Anika went with Prinku and saumya to change..

A little later..
She was having dinner with the Oberois..
Pinky was feeding anika… As anika was full and couldn’t eat anymore..
A: ma.. I’m full.. I will burst out if I eat more than this..
Pinky(complaining) : anika.. You didn’t eat anything.. And you are telling you are full.. !!
Shivaay smiled looking at their bond..

In the hall..
A: ok Dadi.. I will go now!! It’s already late..
Dadi: puttar.. But it is very late.. Just stay back !! you can go tomrw..
A: but dadi.. Saahil and Gauri are alone in the house… Papa and the rest went out of station suddenly in the evening as they had some urgent work…So now I can’t leave them alone.. I will go.. It’s ok dadi..!!
Dadi: ok then.. Someone will drop you.. You won’t go alone…!!
A: but dadi…
Dadi: at least accept for this na puttar..
To which anika nodded..

O: come anu.. I will drop you..!!
S: it’s OK om.. I will drop anika..
O(smirking) : ok then I don’t want to disturb you both….
Shivaay was embarrassed..
A: I have no problem if both of you come to drop me..
R(fake crying) : then what about me anika bhabhi…??
A(smirking): do you really want to come Rudra?? If you come with me you won’t be able to spend time with saumya right??

Rudra was totally embarrassed.. Actually saumya too..
The elders didn’t understand anything except the youngsters..
Dadi: OK then you both go to drop anika.. Stay back for this night… As no one is there in Choudhary mansion..
To which Shivom nodded..
Anika bid bye to everyone..
And they left in anika’s car..

Shivaay was driving and om was sitting beside him.. Anika at the back..
The journey was so silent as anika slept off..
Shivaay stole glances of her by seeing through the mirror..
They reached the Choudhary mansion..
Anika woke up… By now.. And all went inside..
Gauri was in saahil’s room.. Chatting with him as he was not sleeping..
G: saahil.. Pls sleep!!
Saahil(folding his hands): gauri didi.. I m not sleeping till anika didi comes..

Anika entering saahil’s room..
A: saahil.. See I have come!!
Saahil: didi!! Ok.. Now gauri didi.. Anika didi.. Both of you have to sing that song for me..
By now shivaay and om entered saahil’s room..
G: om.. !!
Om went and hugged her.. But soon left her as saahil was there…
Saahil was staring at shivaay as he was angry with him.. ?

A: saahil bachha.. Billuji..
S: anika wait.. Let me speak..
Champ!! I didn’t do all this wantedly.. I.. I..
Saahil(in a serious tone): it’s ok Mr.S…S…O.. I forgive you.. No need to explain me.. My didi forgave you.. Why can’t I!!
Shivaay smiled and hugged him…
Thank you saahil..
Shivaay (in mind)
You are no less than anika in showing tadi…

Saahil: BTW Should I call you SSO or jiju??
S: it’s your wish champ!!
Saahil: ok then let me think…
So he thought for a while.. And said with a khidkithod smile on his face…..
Ok I will call you JIJU !!

The rest smiled at his antics..
Saahil: didi.. I didn’t forget what I asked you!! Now come on sing for me.. You both promised me!!
Ok baba!! said both the sisters in unison..

They sang a lullaby… And made him sleep..!!
While om and shivaay was just listening.. And fell in love with their voices..

They left saahil’s room silently and went to anika’s room..
I didn’t know you also sing anu!! Your voice is just so sweet…
A:Thank you om..!! But not as good as gauri.. The SUPER SINGER!!
G: di..!ok did you guys eat your dinner??
A: yeah we ate.. Wait did you eat Gauri??
G: no didi.. I just fed saahil.. And I thought I will make him sleep and then eat but he did not sleep..

A: Gauri.. you should eat your food on time!! How many times did I tell you..??
G(making puppy face): sorry di..!!
A: chalo let’s make something..
scene freezes



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