Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 32)



The other was saahil..
He was crying very badly.. And went inside the room..
A: saahil.. Why are you crying bachha!!?
Saying she went towards him..
Saahil: I’m not a bachha (kid) didi..
SSO how can you do this to my brave anika didi..?

He goes to Shivaay and starts hitting him with his small tiny hands..
Saahil(crying): SSO!! why did you do this to my didi..??prinku didi told correctly.. I will not allow you to marry my didi..

Anika pulled saahil and hugged him.. Champ!! Pls don’t cry.. At least for your didi’s sake..
Saahil(wiping his tears): I’m not crying didi.. !!
A: now Saahil go like a good boy and take rest.. You have travelled know..!!
Saahil: but didi.. SSO..
A: champ!! Do you trust your anika didi??
Saahil: more than myself..
Saying he goes…
Shivaay who was looking at them and felt something piercing his heart when he remembered what his siblings told him..

Meanwhile in the hall..
The party was over…
And Shivika’s engagement and marriage date was fixed…
There were happy moments between Oberois and Choudharys..

The rest in another room..
Gauri was crying very badly.. Bcoz her sister suffered pain… And she didn’t even tell a word about it..
Prinku and Somu were also sad about all this…
Omru were very angry with their brother
While ranveer and saahil weren’t able to tolerate all this..
Scene freezes..

Later that evening..
In Oberoi mansion..
Omru were in their room along with Priveer and saumya..
(Priveer and saumya went to Oberoi mansion for staying back that night..)
While shivaay was in another room.. Just sitting and was lost in thoughts..

Here in Choudhary mansion..
In Gauri ‘s room..
Anika took gauri’s favourite chai.. and knocked her room..
But there was no answer..
She went into the room and found gauri sitting near the window..

A: gauri.. See what I brought for you.. Your favorite chai..!!
But still no response from Gauri..
Anika went towards gauri..
gauri was about to leave from there but stopped by anika…
A: Gauri one more step.. That’s it…!! stop.. I’m ordering as an elder sister..
no didi I’m not your sister.. If I’m you wouldn’t have hidden this from me.. said gauri not even looking into anika’s eyes..

A(sternly): GAURI!! you spoke a lot… Now it’s my turn…and you have to listen!!
I didn’t want you to get tensed Gauri.. If I had told you ….you wouldn’t have let me done this!!
G: do you think I will let you do this now!! No chance..I will never till I’m there with you…
A: Gauri I know.. But billuji didn’t do all this wantedly.. It was a big mess created by me..
G: di simply don’t put all the blame on yourself…
I know my sister wont do any mistake.. NEVER!!

Anika just went and hugged Gauri to which she also reciprocated..
A: trust me Gauri.. It was just a misunderstanding..
And she tells what all happened…
A: I didn’t tell you only bcoz of one reason… I didn’t want my younger sister to get hurt…
(Making puppy face and held her ears)
I’m sorry Gauri!
G(smiling ): di!! Don’t use that trick of yours.. You know I melt seeing your puppy face.. From now on… Never hide anything from me!!
Saying she hugged her..

A: Gauri.. I don’t know what is happening in Oberoi mansion…
I just have to go and check..
I can’t see billuji like that!!
Gauri smiled at her sister…and said
Even I will come anika didi..!!
A: no gauri.. I will check out.. You stay with saahil..!!
To which gauri nodded..

A little later at around 7.30..anika reached Oberoi mansion..
Dadi(surprised): anika puttar.. What happened? Is everything fine.. ?
A: ha Dadi.. No problem!! My phone got misplaced with prinku’s.. So I came to get it..
Pinky : anika woh… Prinku is in om’s room..
A: ok aunty..
Pinky(showing fake anger): anika.. Don’t call me aunty..!! Call me Ma..
A: sorry Ma!!
saying she hugged pinky.. To which pinky reciprocated..
Seeing this jhanvi said..
So you are forgetting me anika..
A: not at all badi ma!!
Saying they both hugged each other..

Then anika went to om’s room..
When she saw Om, rumya and Priveer sitting silently without talking a word…
A: om..
O(surprised): anu? How come you are here at this time?
A: om I came here to talk about billu..
O: sorry anu!! But we really don’t want to hear anything about him..
R: bhabhi.. We are sorry for what our bhaiyya did to you!!
A: Rudra.. I know what your bhaiyya did was wrong but why don’t you think that he must have done it for some reason..
R: for him marriage is just a business deal bhabhi..
A: Rudra.. Your bhaiyya has changed!! And when you heard about this also he was apologizing me!!
Omru and Prinku whenever you had problem did your bhaiyya back off ??… He stood in front of you and faced the problem..!! He never let anything happen to you..
He never left you… but what are you guys doing??

Omru and Prinku felt guilty… And they realised what they did…
A(tears rolling down her cheeks): You left him.. He is broken Omru… Prinku… Pls !! don’t do this to him.. You know he loves you a lot!!
And you promised me Omru.. That you will never leave his side whatever happens!! Did you forget?

Omru and Prinku hug anika.. And say
We didn’t.. We won’t leave him.. NEVER!! Sorry…
Saying they ran towards Shivaay’s room…
Om: Shivaay…
Rudra n Prinku: bhaiyya…
S: Omru… Prinku… Why are you all crying?
Rudra goes and hugs him..
Sorry bhaiyya… We didn’t want to hurt you.. But what you did was wrong!! We will never leave you… Never again..

Shivaay hugged him back saying..
I’m sorry Rudra.. I didn’t do this wantedly.. I was scared that I will loose anika..
Om and Prinku also go hug him…
We are sorry Shivaay/bhaiyya..
S(tears of happiness in his eyes) :
I’m sorry guys… But next time you do this.. I will die for sure…
Omru and Prinku(still hugging): Shivaay/bhaiyya!! (said in unison)

S: I cannot live without you guys.. Never leave me!! Pinky promise??
Prinku :pinky promise bhaiyya..
Omru were just smiling at him..
S(a bit shocked): Omru??
Omru : no we are not promising..
S(getting sad) :why?
Omru: because we already did pinky promise to anu /anika bhabhi…

Saying they started running..
And Shivaay was chasing them..
They went to the room where anika was waiting..
Rudra pushed anika from behind and Shivaay who was just entering the room caught hold of her..

They were lost in each other’s eyes…
While the rest were giggling..


Thoda sa….?

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