Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 30)



The rest went to the others who were standing on the opposite side of the shop…
Shivaay just glared at Rudra..
bhaiyya why are you not taking your eyes off me!! Did you miss me so much in just a short while?? I just LOVE YOU BHAIYYA!! said Rudra hugging him…
Shivom gave ‘ you are impossible ‘ wala look…
O: OK… Where is your Ice gola Rudra??
woh anika bhabhi told she will bring… O!! said Rudra excitedly…

While crossing the road anika got a call from an unknown number..
A: hello…Hello.. is anyone there??
Anikaaa…!!shouted Shivaay… And he was coming running towards her..
Anika didn’t understand but then she heard a sound of a huge truck coming towards her…

Just in time Shivaay pushed anika and they both fell on the ground…
The others came running towards them..
O: anu.. Shivaay are you both fine??
ha om!! said Shivika getting up..
And Shivaay hugged anika to which anika reciprocated..
S: you are fine know anika??!!
A(still in a shock): ha billuji… !!I…I… am fine…
thank you billuji.. !!

They broke their hug..
And anika saw shivaay’s head bleeding..
Billuji.. You are fine know!! Your head is bleeding… Rudra get the first aid box.. Fast!!
Soon Shivaay’s hurt was cleaned by om… and neatly bandaged by anika…
Prinku (hugging Shivaay and crying): bhaiyya !!
G: di.. Your hand is bleeding… Just show it!!
And so she cleaned her hurt….
Ranveer(on phone) : officer… Report to me as soon as you find that truck driver… I don’t want you to miss him at any chance!!

A: guys we are going back to Choudhary mansion as it is nearby…
Prinku you are also coming with us..
And I don’t want any arguments about this…!!
And the rest including Shivaay just nodded their heads like small kids..

OK come on let’s go.. said rumya..
And they were about to go when…
A: aaah..
Anika couldn’t walk as she got sprain !!
S: anika what happened??
A: billuji.. Woh… I think I got a sprain in my leg!! I’m not able to walk.. It’s hurting!!
Shivaay just lifted her ..
A: billuji… Leave me.. I will manage!! You are hurt…
S: anika you are hurt too… !!
And so he carefully made her sit in the car..
O: Shivaay you take rest… I will drive!!
To which Shivaay just nodded..
Shivaay and anika slept off on each other’s shoulder through out the rest of the journey..

Person : is the work done??
Driver(goon) :sorry boss it was just a miss..
Person: what the hell.. !! why can’t you do your work properly… You are all just useless.. !! making my plan fail…

It became evening by the time..
They all went inside the Choudhary mansion..
The Choudharys were shocked seeing Shivaay in that condition..
H: Shivaay beta.. What happened??
S(looking at anika): woh papa.. I.. I.. actually fell down from the staircase..
So I got a hurt..
Anika felt thankful bcoz Shivaay didn’t tell them the truth..

D:you should have been more careful beta!! It’s not so painful right??..
S: no ma.. I’m fine!
A: ma..all of them are staying back here today..
And ma papa… this is Prinku.. The princess of Oberoi mansion.. Wife of ranveer bhaiyya…
Prinku took blessings from them..
And devaki and vrindha hugged her warmly…

RV(pouting) : Ma!! So you forgot me huh??
D: how will I forget my own son!!
Saying she hugs ranveer and saumya..
D: how is my Somu??
Somu: I m fine ma…
H: all of you go and take rest.. Tomrw we have a function right..

A little later..
Anika took dinner and went to the room where shivaay was sleeping..
Anika(thinking about all the incidents that took place that day)
Billuji!! Why are you doing all this.. You are caring for me at the same time hurting me..
What should I understand!!

Meanwhile shivaay woke up..
S: anika…
A: billuji.. I brought your food here..
S: oh.. OK anika I have a doubt!! Why did you stand in the middle of the road…
A: woh I got a call from an unknown number.. I picked it up but no one spoke..
By that time… that truck almost hit me but yo..

S: its not an accident… It was a plan to kill you.. !!
A(shocked): what?!
S: you got a call ..that was to divert you… And the truck driver didn’t even honk too so he came that fast knowingly.. It means someone is trying to kill you.. Anika!! And this is the second attack on you…
But I promise you anika.. I will not let anything happen to you..
A(a bit worried): thank you billuji… But I don’t want you to risk your life.. for my sake..

S: anika..I wanted to tell …
Meanwhile the rest came into the room..
O: how are you Shivaay..??I just now informed dadi that we are staying back in anu’s house..
But I didn’t tell her about what happened today..
S: I’m fine om.. Good that you didn’t tell her..

A: thank you billuji for not telling ma and papa what happened!! Bcoz they will get tensed knowing all this..
S: anika there is no need to say thanks…I just didn’t want them to know..
R(sad): sorry bhabhi.. This was all bcoz of me.. If I didn’t ask for ice gola then all this have wouldn’t happened..
A: no rudra this was not your fault at all.. You didn’t do anything!!so my dear Rudy …pls smile now for your bhabhi..
Rudra smiled weakly..

S: this was a plan to kill anika..
Others were shocked…
RV: shivaay I just got a call team arrested the driver.. And they are interrogating him..
S: oh!!we need to find out who is behind all this.. We can’t let anika’s life into risk…
And the others agreed to this..

The next morning..
The Oberois reached the Choudhary mansion.. for the adoption ceremony..
Saahil came along with some of the organisation incharge..
Anika ran towards him and hugged him.. Saahil… !!
Saahil: anika didi!! How are you??
A: I’m fine Saahil..
Saying she took him inside..
The others were overwhelmed seeing their bond..

The ceremony was a grand success…
A little later…
they had a press meet..
H: I’m happy to announce that Saahil.. is officially Saahil Choudhary from now on..
Reporter: but sir you already have a daughter then why did you adopt a boy.. Is that because she is a girl..and she can’t be the heir of the Choudhary empire??
A: excuse me… I would like you all to have my attention please…
Mr. Harish Choudhary has done this for his daughter’s happiness!! That is for me..
And pls …how can you tell a girl can’t be a heir? A woman is no less than a man..
(To the reporter)
And remember you too are born from a mother’s womb who is a woman!!
Saying she went and hugged her father..
to which Harish too reciprocated and said…
all of them applauded….


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