Ishqbaaz-Love Blossoms – CHAPTER 3



At around 12 in the midnight…
All the oberois went into om’s room and rudra started shouting…. O….
When Om suddenly got up with a jerk…
“Happy birthday Om ” wished everyone…
thank u so much… Said om happily..
The rest left while shivaay and rudra were still there in his room…

Om’s phone started ringing suddenly that both shivaay and rudra were slightly surprised…. N wondering who was calling this late..
Rudra asked smirking now who is this Anu O….??
Rudra still waiting for an answer while om picked up the call….
O: Hello anu..
A: Happy birthday om wish u all the success in life… I m sorry yaar if I disturbed u at this point of time…!!
Woh actually….. I just wanted to wish u… That’s why..!!
O: thank u so much anu.. It was so nice of u….
A:OK then we will catch up later… Good night.. Sweet dreams..!! Bye..
O: yeah OK anu bye…!!

Come on Om answer to the question rudra asked you.. Said shivaay…
Om replied… U guys na..!!u just think a lot.. Anu is my best friend.. I mean her name is anika!!

Hearing the name shivaay starts thinking about the girl who had disturbed his heart unknowingly…

Shivaay what happened to u ??where are you lost?? asked om..
Nothing important om sleep now… We will talk in the morning..

In the morning….
All the oberois were sitting in the living room..
dadi we are having a party tonight for om!! Said rudra excitedly…
‘What?? ‘ said om somewhat shocked n surprised…
Ha bhaiyya we r having a Party for you n we r going to invite our friends too.. For your party… It will be so enjoying!! Said rudra jumping…
Rudra!! U will never change.. Is it necessary to have a party n all ?? Said om… it’s OK om chill …I have no problem and moreover he is too excited for this party.. Let it happen.. Said shivaay who was smiling at his little brother’s antics..
OK then …said om
After a while…
Everyone were busy calling their friends…
O : Anu today I have a party so we shall meet up in my house.. Please come OK?? I will message u the address..

A: OK Om but can I bring my cousin also she will feel very bored otherwise..
O : OK not a problem!! From when have you become so formal ha??
A: OK baba… I m not formal.. Bye..!!
O: bye..
While priyanka called her friend saumya… (Her bestie) n rudra was calling all his friends….
Chubby yaar we have a party tonight at my house.. So bring all of them n we r gonna rock the party…
On the other side shivaay called his best friend mallika singhania… ( a new character guys… She is shivaay’s childhood friend and an independent girl who loves her own self n has her own business…)

At around 6 in the evening in oberoi mansion…
Priyanka was waiting outside the gate when soumya got down from the car… She ran and hugged her friend..
P: Somu.. long since I met you… I m so happy you came for this party..
S: Prinku I missed u so much yaar..

prinku was about to fall when a strong pair of hands caught hold of her from falling.. She was still closing her eyes when she heard a voice… Are you OK?? Asked ranveer.. (Soumya’s brother) ..they were still looking into each other when they heard a cough..
Bhaiyya.. Called saumya..!! Then both of them adjusted themselves … feeling a bit embarrassed….
Saumya bid bye to her bhaiyya n both of them went inside…
Prinku who still felt a stare from behind had a nice feeling about ranveer… n ranveer too had the same feeling..

Then came anika with gauri in her car..
A:Gauri you go inside I will park the car and come..
G:OK then come fast… I will wait outside..
Anika nodded (thinking in mind) OMG I have to go n meet that same person again? I don’t know but om will feel bad if I don’t go.. It’s his birthday n i can’t disappoint him…n I didn’t even know he is an oberoi!! Even after so many years of friendship… I wish I don’t meet that Billu..!!

Hi anu said om… When she wished him back..
A: om u din tell me u r an oberoi!! Why??
O: u know about me anu I wanted to make an identity on my own that’s why I hid my real identity n I was just om to u all.. To which anika nodded understandingly …
A: OK om this is Gauri my cousin n she is a Singer… n this is om gauri…
O: hi Gauri.. Nice to meet you
hi Om!! …. The same here… Said Gauri
Om wondered I heard this voice somewhere… But i don’t remember where…
While he was still thinking…. oh birthday baby where are you lost ?? In ur dream world ??.. with whom?? Asked anika joking…
Arre yaar anu..!! just speaking like my bros!! Come on now I will introduce them.. Said Om…
OK said anika hesitantly… But she knew what will the consequences be like…
Rudy just came
Hi anika didi.. How are you?? Here suddenly..??.. Asked rudra ..
Om: rudra u know anika?? Asked a bit surprised..
Yeah I know O!! She came here that day na!! Said rudra now cut off by anika..
Rudy …how r you?? I m fine yaar..!! BTW this is Gauri.. N Gauri this is rudra!!
R: hi didi!! Omg such a long hair u have gauri di…so beautiful..!! How come u manage it??
When om heard this… He remembered the girl and her hair and her voice whom he saw in the temple…
But came out of his thought when he heard ….Oho Om went back into his dream world… Said anika!! Now rudra also supported.. ha anika didi what happened to u O!! Om comes out of his dream world
O: shut up rudra!!
Shivaay just then came from office when he spoke up….!!
What is happening here guys?? And everyone turned back towards him…


Precap : unbelievable..!!

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