Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 29)



a little later..
Everyone started sneezing….
But all of them started laughing at their condition…
O: anu.. This is all because of you!!
A(innocently) : what did I do jatadhari..??
R: waise it was fun anika bhabhi.. I will never forget this in.. in.. But sneezed again..
All of them bursted into laughter..

R: Shivaay bhaiyya… Pls give me some medicine for this na!!
A: Rudra… For small small problems you should not take medicines…
I have a natural remedy.. And it’s not like the one you did in mallika’s wedding… That egg whatever it was..!! I feel michmichi… thinking about it!!
She went into the kitchen … and Shivaay also slipped from the gang and went behind her..

In the kitchen…
Shivaay went towards anika…
S: anika.. Why did you lie in the garden?? Why didn’t you tell the truth that I…..
A: that you forced me into this marriage? What do you expect from me billuji?? Omru will hate you if I tell them that their bhaiyya did such a thing!! And I don’t want that to happen… Bcoz I can’t see yo.. them in pain!!
That’s why I lied else neither I have any in interest in hiding the truth..nor do I have in you!! So what I did was not definitely for you!!

Shivaay (in his SSO style) : anika stop showing your attitude!! Don’t forget you are talking to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. And I can do anything!
A(in her style):Oh hello Mr!! I really don’t bother if you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. Or some other random person.. So you stop showing your tadi!!

Anu…!! Called out om..
A:coming om.. Just a minute..
Saying she went out..
Shivaay(in his mind)
She is the only girl who speaks to me like this.. She is so different..!!

Anika went back and Shivaay too joined back…
They all ate their dinner and settled themselves in one of their rooms…
Somu: today all of us are not sleeping…!! We are going to see a movie…
R: wow!! I would love to do this!!
Anu and gauri: Somu you are the best… Let’s see!!

Shivom: no way we are all sleeping.. We need to go back tomrw.. So we will get tired if we don’t sleep!!
G(making puppy face): pls om..We have come to enjoy…
Priveer said: We are in!!
Shivom: fine ok!
R(excitedly) : which film are we going to see BTW??

R(getting scared): NOOO…..!! not a ghost movie..!! Pls pls Somu..
A: Rudra what happened?? you are shouting as though you have seen a ghost in real…
R(like a small kid):bhabhi.. Pls!! Help me..
Shivomru(smirking) : ok we are fine with it..
R:bhaiyya… O!!
Shivom: you were so excited na rudra.. Let’s see!!

Somu: rudra.. Don’t act like a small kid.. I never thought you are so scared of ghosts..
Rudra realised that Saumya saw him behaving that way..
R(covering up): no Somu.. I m not scared.. Woh bhaiyya and O are so scared that they will not leave me till the end of the movie… I m scared of their weird behavior..

Shivom(surprised): oh really Rudra!! Why late.. Come on start the movie..!!

And so they started watching the movie..
Priveer cuddled …rudra was sitting in between shivaay and om tightly holding their hands..
Anika, Gauri and somu were sitting together…
They were all enjoying watching the movie except Rudra.. Who was just closing his eyes every now and then for no reason.. He was literally shivering out of fear… ??

At the end of the movie.. All of them slept except Shivaay…
He got up and covered everyone with blankets…
But then he saw anika shivering…
He went towards her and touched her forehead..
S: oh god she has fever.. !!
And so he got some medicines..And made her have them..
Anika still in sleep but her cheeks were wet with tears…
Why did you do this billuji…!! I didn’t know that you will do this to me… I.. I.. Lo..
Shivaay was so upset hearing all this… And said to her caressing her face..
I.. I.. m so sorry anika.. I didn’t want to hurt you!! I was scared that I will loose you..
Saying he soon drifted off into sleep…

The next morning.. Shivaay was the first to get up… And he remembered the before night…
And he soon left to refresh…
All of them got up after a while and went to refresh themselves..

Later in the dining hall..
Shivaay prepared breakfast already.. And the rest came and joined him..
They all finished eating…
S: anika have that medicine..
A(surprised) : why should I have a medicine..??
S: it’s because you had fever…
Just have this tablet.. Now!!
A: I had fever ?? But how do you know billuji..??
S: bcoz yesterday you were shivering and I… But stopped himself from telling further…
Anika just have it otherwise I know how to make you have it!!

Anika remembered how Shivaay made her have her medicine once.. And shivers went down her spine..
She slightly had a smile on her face..
Which was noticed by omru..
R(smirking): what happened bhabhi..?? how did bhaiyya make you to have medicine huh??
A: Rudra..!!
Anika silently took the medicine avoiding further conversation…

Little later…
All of them started their journey.. Priveer and rumya in one car..
Shivika and omri in another car..

Rudra(like a kid):stop the car… I want to eat ice gola.. !!
RV: OK then..
Prinku: but bhaiyya Shivaay bhaiyya will not allow you to eat it… You know about his hygiene lessons na!!
R: arrey prinku!! Why worrying when rudra Singh Oberoi is here!!
Prinku: that is the only problem bhaiyya.. ?
R: prinku!!
Somu: bhabhi.. It’s OK Rudra wants have ice gola let him have.. Bhaiyya stop the car..
R: thank you so much Somu!!

He got down the car and went along with saumya to get ice gola…
Shivaay who noticed Priveer standing on the road stopped the car..
All of them got down..
S:ranveer why did you stop the car?? Where is Rudra and Somu??
Prinku(getting scared): woh bhaiyya… they went to get ice gola!!
S: what!!?
A: billuji you are reacting as though he is gone to get poison!!
S: but you could have stopped him na prinku.. You know it is not hygiene..
O: Shivaay it’s ok leave it..
S: but om…
A: even I m going to go buy.. Come on gauri.. Let’s go..
Saying she went with gauri…

R: arrey bhabhi… Aap??
You came to buy right!!…
A(giving him a high five): absolutely right rudra!!
They ordered..
You all go I will get them..
R: kk bhabhi… I m starving!!
Get it fast…
To which anika nodded..



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