Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 28)



The next morning…
All started off to Oberoi ‘s farmhouse…
Anika was sitting in front with Shivaay… Om with Gauri and Rudra.. behind..
Anika didn’t even look at him .. But shivaay could sense the anger anika had towards him..
O: guys… Prinku and ranveer are also coming… I told them to come directly!!
G: that’s so nice.. We can all enjoy!!
R(sad): O only Prinku and ranveer are coming ??
O(smirking) : rudra… Aren’t you happy?? Do you miss someone??
R(dreaming): ha O!! I miss her very badly…
Who??!! Asked everyone at once…
R(still dreaming) : Somu!!..
I just lo..
Stopped suddenly as he realized what he was about to tell….
To cover up..
R: she is my friend na… You will all be busy with your own partners.. You both are couples and prinku is married to RV!! I m only single..

O: OK stop covering up!! We understand what you think about Somu…
Rudra was unable to speak.. When
A: om is Somu coming too??
O: ha anu!! She is also coming…
Rudra was so happy beyond limits.. But didn’t show out though!! And he thanked anika secretly for avoiding further conversation on that matter..

They reached the farmhouse..
Anika and Gauri were mesmerized by the beauty they sighted there…
They all went inside… And settled in the hall when Priveer and Somu came…
The three brothers went and hugged Prinku..

P: bhaiyya I missed you all so much…
S:Prinku pehelwan… We missed you so much too.. Without you it’s totally boring!!
Anika was just wondering..
I still don’t believe billuji forced me into this marriage… How can he do this!!
Prinku then went to anika…
I’m so happy for you bhabhi.. That you and Shivaay bhaiyya are getting married soon.. You are very lucky to have Shivaay bhaiyya!!
Anika just smiled at her..

O: no Prinku.. Shivaay is only lucky to have anu… She is the best!!
R: ha Prinku… O is absolutely correct.. Bhaiyya is lucky to have anika bhabhi…

So I am nothing for you guys right?? Only Prinku supports me.. pouted Shivaay…
Rudra and om go hug him..
O : You are the best Shivaay… There is no one like you… In the same way there is no one like anu… You both are a perfect couple..

Hearing this Shivaay and anika look at each other… And they were lost into each other…

But they were brought back into the real world by Rudra..
R: OK bhaiyya and bhabhi.. both of you enough of your eye romance… I’m hungry bhaiyya.. Pls kuch banadho na!! (Make something na!!)
Everyone started laughing except shivika..

Shivika together(feeling awkward): RUDRA!!…
O: ok now let’s make something… It’s already lunch time.. First go refresh all of you..
Saying all go to their respective rooms..

Little later..
Anika ,Gauri and saumya went to the kitchen…
There they saw the three brothers singing, dancing and cooking together…
Om noticed all the three ..
O: come inside…
A(seeing Shivaay so happy ,says to omru): never leave your brother… He is just happy when you are there with him..!! You are his strength!!
Shivaay was just so happy when anika had the concern for his happiness..

R(side hugging Shivaay): we will never leave our bhaiyya bhabhi…
A: pinky promise??
Shivru didn’t understand but omri and Somu knew what is pinky promise..
R: what is this pinky promise bhabhi??
A: arrey Rudy !!don’t you know pinky promise..??
Saying She does it.. And shows it to him..
A: this is only pinky promise!!
R: wow bhabhi.. This is so nice.. I loved it!!
Saying he does pinky promise with anika..
R: pinky promise.. Bhabhi!!

A little later..
All of them were in the garden..
While shivaay thinking(in mind)
I need to talk to anika before it’s too late.. She is just avoiding me whenever I try to talk..!! I think I have to go back to my SSO style!!

All the girls were walking around the garden..
Suddenly gauri noticed a guava tree..
G(childishly): anika di I want guava!!
A: anything for you jaan…
Somu: di… but how will we get it!!
Let’s ask the boys!!
A: No way!! Why should we ask them.. I will get guavas for you guys… Do you remember gauri.. When we were young.. We used to pluck mangoes by climbing trees in our farmhouse..
G: Ha di.. How will I forget those days…
A: So just chill Somu and watch me..

And so she climbed the tree..
She was plucking guavas and throwing it down such that others can catch guavas…
G: di enough.. We can all eat!! Just come down..
So anika was about to get down but her foot slipped and was about to fall when shivaay caught hold of her..
G: di…!!
Shivaay placed her down…
S: anika can’t you be careful?? If you wanted you could have asked us right??
A(seriously): billuji.. We didn’t want to ask you.. And why should we.. can’t we do all by ourselves??… Do you have any other concept like girls can’t do anything or something like that??
S: anika I didn’t mean that… I was just concerned..
A(with her tadi): thank you for your concern.. But no thanks.. I can take care of myself..
O: ok stop it guys.. What happened anu?? why are…
The others were also surprised by the way anika spoke to shivaay..

Anika realised that she was talking in front of others..
Nothing om.. Actually me and billuji had a bet that girls can do anything.. So only I was trying to prove that…..
Know billuji…??
Asked anika smiling at him…

Shivaay was totally shocked.. But didn’t show it out though…
Yeah om!! We just had a bet.. And you only won anika..
We just got scared hearing the way you both were talking… Said the others relieved!!

Shivaay was wondering…
Why did she tell a lie?? why did she hide the truth that I forced her for the marriage…?? WHY!! does she ….
They all sat down..

When anika saw the gardener watering the plants…
Anika went towards the gardener..
A:uncle ji… Can I water the plants pls…
Gardener: but madam ji..
A: don’t call me madam uncle ji.. Just call me anika.. I m younger to you na.. !!
Gardener(smiling): ok anika beti..but ….
A: pls!!??
And so she starts watering the plants…
Shivaay and the others were just watching her with awe…

Everyone went near her..
O(smiling): bhabhiji!! You are so sweet!!
A: oh really devarji..?? Then this will also be sweet for you..
Saying she turned the watering tube towards om and he was completely drenched in water..
O(shocked): ANU!!
Shivaay started laughing as he remembered how anika threw water on him.. and how he called her PANIKA!

Om saw this and he took it from anika and started pouring water on him..
S: OM!!
O: shivaay you were laughing at me know.. This is the punishment…!!
And all of them started playing with water…
At last all got tired as well as wet.. They all started shivering as it was so cold outside…
They went back into the farmhouse…


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