Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 27)



She was about to tell when she was pulled behind a pillar…
Shivaay held her tightly and closed her mouth with his hands..
S: anika just wait for five minutes.. Then you yourself will accept for this marriage…

Anika tried freeing herself but couldn’t …
Anika(in mind)
These many days I didn’t know what was there between us but now when I know I love him.. He is behaving like a monster.. !! I Hate him for his cheap thinking !!
How did I love this person… My billuji.. Is this him or someone else.. He is no less when compared to daksh.. At least daksh accepted he loved me… But just forcing me into this..

He left her after five minutes as he told…
She went into the hall to tell her parents but she was shocked when she saw her father signing the deal..

While Shivaay was smirking and enjoying his victory…
Omru and gauri also came back..
Harish saw anika and he asked…
Anu!! Are you ok with this relationship beta??
Anika was just blank…
Dadi: anika puttar….
A(reaction less) : I m ok with this marriage papa…
Omru and gauri were shocked..

Both the Oberois and the Choudharys were very happy hearing this…
Dadi: billu!! For you…
Shivaay was so happy…
Ha dadi… I m fine with it…

Omru along with gauri took anika to a room and asked her..
G: di you told you don’t want to marry shivaay bhaiyya.. Then what is all this??
Anika was silent…
O: tell me anu.. Did shivaay do anything?? How did you accept suddenly…!!
R: didi!! What’s wrong with you.?? Why are you silent huh??

A: om, rudra, Gauri…
Listen I don’t have any problem marrying billuji.. And I don’t want any discussions about this..
Shivaay came into the room now..
S: omru why are you asking her.. Ask me.. She is happy with this proposal..
Know anika??
Anika just stared at him with anger in her eyes….

Shivaay couldn’t see her like that but what else can he do when she is not ready to listen to him…
O: shivaay there is something you both are hiding from us.. And I m sure anu is not happy with this..
A: om not like that… No I m happy to marry billuji..

Anika(in mind)
Mr. Oberoi… You forced me into this marriage right!!I will not let you live in peace… Never!! This is anika Choudhary’s promise…

While on the other side..
P: I’m so happy today devaki that we soon are going to become relations from friends..
While tej and harish hug each other..
H: ma I’m so happy that my daughter is going to be a part of your family..
Dadi: no harish puttar we are lucky to have anika !! she is a lovely girl…

H:ma… We are adopting a boy named Saahil…so I would request you all to attend the adoption ceremony which is after two days…
Pinky: oh Saahil… He is such a good boy… Anika’s favourite in the orphanage..
Their bond is so pure..
H: ha Pinky ji we are doing this for anika’s happiness…
Dadi: definitely we will come puttar.. And that day we will finalize the marriage dates… Ok??
H: definitely ma…!!

Scene freezes…

Later in the evening…
Oberoi mansion..
Shivaay ‘s room
O: shivaay why did anika suddenly accept for this marriage when she told she cannot marry you..??
Shivaay was just thinking what all he did to anika that day.. And the way he behaved with her…
Omru: shivaay/ bhaiyya… Tell something na!!

S: om.. Rudra.. I convinced her… For this marriage…
O: do you think we will believe what you tell Shivaay..??
The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. doesn’t even know to apologize but you convinced anika!!
And anika is not a girl who easily gets convinced.. I know her ok!!

R: ha bhaiyya you only told anika didi is ziddi!!
S: OK now stop it both of you.. Don’t you believe your brother.. I told na.. Aren’t you happy for me??
O: not like that shivaay.. We always trust you more than us… But it is a bit shocking bcoz anika changed her decicion so quickly!!
Rudra just went and hugged shivaay…
R: bhaiyya never hurt anika didi.. Never!! She is the best thing that ever happened to us bhaiyya…

And shivaay pulled om also into the hug…
O:Shivaay I’m so happy anu is going to be my bhabhi…
Tia was hearing all this from outside… And she was irked with the fact that Shivaay is going to marry anika..

Meanwhile on the other side..
G: anu di.. You didn’t answer my question !!
A: Gauri I already told you right…
I m fine with this marriage..
Meanwhile Gauri got a call from om..
G: hello om..
O:hello sweetheart!!
G(embarrassed as she was talking in front anika that too on loud speaker): om!!
Anika started laughing seeing gauri…
Om understood anika was there..
O(to change the topic): anu?? How are you?…
A(laughing out even louder): arrey jatadhari!! You just saw me in the morning and you are asking how am I??

Om was happy that anika was as usual anika …
O: I m so happy anu.. You are going to be my bhabhi…
A: even I am happy to get my devar… Om!!
O(smirking) : bhabhiji..!! I just love your food.. I’m waiting when your marriage will happen!!
A: devarji.. Then I will never cook for you…!!
You gave the right name to om gauri.. Jatadhari…
Saying anika gives a high five to gauri..

O: ok both of you… What plans tomrw??
G: nothing actually… I m free tomrw!!
What shall we do…
Even I m free tomrw.. Why don’t you come to Oberoi mansion??
A(not interested bcoz Shivaay will be there..) : no om.. Why don’t we go for an outing… ??
O: sure…!! Let us all go to our farmhouse which is nearby only… Not too far!!
A: but Om……

R(fake crying) : where are you going O leaving me?? So bad of you O…!! Gauri didi.. Pls take me also…
G: arrey rudra how do you know om is talking to me??
A: rudra is very intelligent!! Hai na rudra??
R: yes anika didi.. I mean bhabhi..
You are the only one who understands me a lot… !!
O:I feel your horns are growing rudra!! And only bcoz of anika…
Everyone understood except Rudra..
R(innocently) : O.. Really I have horns huh?? Which I can’t see but you all can!!
O:arrey dumbbell Oberoi.. I told that bcoz anu told you are intelligent!!
R(doing his logic wala sign) : I’m as always… I know you are jealous O that anika bhabhi told me intelligent and not you!!
My bhabhi…. U r the best!!
So plan fixed!!


Perfect couple

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