Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 26)



Meanwhile the bridegroom’s family came… They had a warm welcome by anika’s family…

Devaki went to anika’s room..
D: anu beta come down now.. Gauri.. Come along with her..
G: Ok badi ma !!

So gauri along with anika… Went down…
Now anika and gauri were just staring at each other and were trying to figure out if that was true or not..

On the other side the groom’s family were shocked…
(By now you can understand who the family is guys!! It is the Oberois..)
Pinky was the first to react…
O My Mata!! Anika… How come you are here??
D: pinky.. Anika is my daughter!! You know her before itself??
J: yeah devaki!! We know her.. She is om’s friend.. And she is a doctor in our hospital..
D: oh really??
Dadi: anika puttar….gauri puttar… Saying she hugged both of them..
They took the blessings from dadi..

Anika and gauri were still silent !!
And they were just looking at Shivomru.. Who were shocked..
While om was angry with both anika and gauri… Rudra was surprised and Shivaay was dumbstruck..

H: anu beta.. Gauri beta.. You take shivaay, omkara and rudra …outside and you guys talk.. I m happy you all know each other..

And so they took the three of them outside..
In the lawn..
Anika di… Gauri di… squealed rudra with happiness..
And he hugged them.. to which anika and gauri hugged back…
You never told us that you are from Choudhary empire didi…!! pouted rudra..
A: rudra it’s not like that.. We never got the right time to tell about this…
O: oh really anu!! You didn’t tell me about this… I considered you my sister.. !! and you gauri.. We both love each other na.. But still you didn’t tell me.. You guys know I hate people cheating me but you did that only… the ones whom I trusted the most after my family..
Saying this he angrily went off..
Rudra went behind him.. And anika was about to go when gauri told her to stay back…
I will handle it di!!

Shivaay and anika were just standing silently.. Anika was in the verge of crying as Om was hurt only bcoz of her… But the silence was broke off by shivaay…
Anika!! Why didn’t you tell me that you are anika choudhary…??
Why the hell should I tell billuji… Who am I to you!! Just a cheap middle class girl na…
S: anika it’s not like that…..
A: just stop it billuji… I know how you think and how important is name, blood and lineage for you…
Saying she left from there in search of om…
Shivaay just followed her…

At last she found om, Gauri and Rudra…
Gauri tried to convince him but failed miserably..
A: Om!! Look at me…
But om didn’t face her!!
Pls Om I’m sorry… It’s not that I wanted to hurt you…
O: anu… Just leave it!! I cannot tolerate this…
And he was about to leave when anika spoke…
A: Om if you leave from here now… Then you will never see me in your life again…

Om just stood there still..
A: om… I am a simple girl as you know!! And I wanted to create my own identity..!! So only om..
(Looking at Shivaay)
And moreover I feel name, blood and lineage should not be considered to identify a person but instead his/her talent and hard work should be considered…
Hearing this shivaay felt bad..

A:I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you..
But one thing om I was OK when you hid your identity…
and moreover pls don’t involve Gauri in this!! She has not done anything…. it’s only me who hid the truth from you all.. And we even called you a while before to tell you this truth only..

Om understood and said..
anu..I m sorry I didn’t understand you..
I agree even I hid my identity from my friends.. It’s only bcoz I wanted to make my identity..
I accept your sorry anu.. But from now on you should never hide any truth from me… If you did na I will kill you!!
Saying he hugged her..
Gauri was just standing still listening to her sister and om.. But she was angry with om that he didn’t even try listening to her….

Gauri had tears in her eyes…
This was noticed by anika.. And she pointed towards Gauri to Om…
Om went towards gauri but she turned away..
He pulled her towards him..
Gauri I m sorry..
G: om leave me.. You didn’t even try listening to me… What my sister did was not wrong at all… Just leave me.. You will never understand me!!
O: I m sorry gauri.. I will definitely listen to you however angry I m from next time.. Pls!! Pls!! ..
And so he kissed her on the cheek…

The rest just closed their eyes immediately while gauri was just shocked….
Rudra and anika together..
We didn’t see anything O/Om..
They both composed themselves..
gauri forgave om too..

O: anu… Rudra… Stop it!!
A: ok everything has got sorted now..
S: no anika.. Just listen to me once..
Omru and gauri.. Shocked..
O: you both fought again??
A: nothing like that om.. And billuji I don’t want to hear anything… Bcoz I already heard everything what you told..
(Heavy heartedly)
And billuji I don’t want to marry a person who has that kind of thinking.. I m really sorry.. We cannot marry..!!

S: what!! but anika listen to my side…
O: what kind of thinking anu??
R: what happened didi??
A: don’t you guys know what billuji thinks about your brother’s concept of name,blood and lineage.. ??

Rudra and om shooted daggers at shivaay..
Shivaay you will never change.. said om angrily..

Rudra and om left from there and Gauri went behind them…
Anika and Shivaay were left…
S(sternly): anika you will have to marry me!!
A: just now I told billuji.. To make it clear i’m not going to marry you!! And that’s final…
S(smirking): you will because your family is signing a deal with us and if I cancel the deal then your company will get destroyed…
A(felt disgusted): How cheap you are!! My family didn’t sign the deal yet ,so I will not… I never thought I lov…
But she just stopped there..
I’m going and telling my parents that I m not marrying you…Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!

So she went back to the mansion to tell..


Precap :
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