Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 25)



Later that evening…
Anika and gauri shifted back to choudhary mansion…
Ramu kaka!! How are you?? Greeted anika..

(New character guys.. Ramu kaka is a long known servant of choudhary family.. But they don’t consider him as a servant… )

Ramu kaka -RK

RK: I m fine beti..!! How are you and gauri beti where is she??
G: I m here ramu kaka… We are fine!!
RK: both of you go refresh and come.. I will serve the dinner..
To which anika and gauri nodded….

A little later..
In Oberoi mansion..
Dining hall..
Dadi: anika and gauri have become so close that now this house is so boring without them.. And meri prinku..
Pinky: ha ma!! That’s true.. Both of them were very lovely and charming.. Prinku I know we all miss her a lot..
Jhanvi was sad.. Bcoz she was missing prinku badly..
Dadi: now you three have to bring my bahus to this house…

Om was slightly smiling to himself.. Rudra wondering about Somu and Shivaay about anika..
Scene freezes

The next morning…
Choudhary mansion..
Anika and gauri sitting in the hall waiting for their parents..
Anu beta!! Called out a man in mid 50’s..
Hari…. jumped anika and hugged him..
How is my jaan?? Asked her father Harish Choudhary..
A: I m fine paapa..!! still hugging him..
G(pouting): bade papa… you forgot me..
Gauri beta!! How can I ?? saying he hugged her…
I love you bade papa.. Said gauri hugging back..
So you are forgetting us!! said the rest coming inside…
And so anika and gauri greeted their parents…

Anand choudhary and vrindha Choudhary are gauri’s parents to clarify guys…
They all live together.

Little later..
All were eating breakfast… made by anika and Gauri..
Harish-H, devaki-D, vrindha-V ,anand-AN
H: how is life going on for my jaans??
A: ekdhum kidkithod.. Papa!!
G: beautiful.. bade papa.. !!
AN: anu beta.. We are signing a deal with one of the famous business tycoon…
So they have a son .. We are planning to get you married.. to him if you are OK with it?

Anika just felt blank without having any reaction in her face…
D: anu beta we are not forcing you!! It totally depends on your wish…
V: if you have anyone in your heart pls tell anu.. We will definitely not object your choice… Bcoz we trust you..

Gauri was looking at her sister..
Anika thought of shivaay when her choti ma asked her…

A: no choti ma.. Nothing like that!! I m ok with it.. Ma.. Papa.. It’s all your wish… I will marry anyone you tell..
H: sure beta??
A(smiling) : ha hari..don’t you believe me??
H: I do.. More than myself jaan…
A: here take these medicines… Now!!
Harish (like a kid) nodded his head…

While the rest…
Anu… has not changed at all..

Meanwhile… In the Oberoi mansion!!
Tej: Shivaay beta… We are going to sign a deal with one of the famous businessman…
They have a daughter and we are planning to get you both married!! What do you say??
S(thinking about anika):bade papa… I… I… am ok with it!!
T: OK then we will go tomrw..
Omru.. just stared back at him

Later in Shivaay’s room…
O: Shivaay have you become mad?? You have someone in your heart and your marriage is going to happen with someone else…
S: om I don’t have anyone in my heart..
R: don’t lie bhaiyya… We know anika didi is there in your heart.. Why don’t you admit it??
Saying they left.
S: rudra!! Om!!..

Little later…
Tia in Shivaay’s room..
Shivaay baby.. I heard that you are going to get married ..
S: yes tia…
T: but Shivaay baby.. That’s not correct…marriage is not a deal..
S: tia pls… I don’t won’t anyone to point out my decision…
T: but…
S: ok enough tia!! Just don’t interfere..

Tia(in mind) :
Shivaay baby… Why don’t you understand me.. Till now that anika was there…and I created misunderstandings between you and her… So that she will hate you!!
And she left also.. I felt so happy… But now you are marrying someone else… I LOVE YOU shivaay baby..
Understand me..
I won’t let this happen at any cost..

In the evening…
Choudhary mansion..
In anika’s room…
G: di why did you accept for this kind of a marriage?? I know you have someone else in your heart… Then…
A: nothing like that gauri.. I don’t love anyone.. I’m happy if ma and papa are happy… Their decisions are always right…
G: di pls.. Don’t hide…!!

Devaki coming into anika’s room..
Gauri what is anu hiding…??
G: nothing badi ma!! Di took my bangles and she is hiding it from me..
D: really anu??
A(surprised ): no.. Ma!! I didn’t..
D: my gauri will never tell a lie..
A(even more surprised.. Pouting) : so you think I told a lie ma..
D: ok just leave it both of you..
Ok go sleep.. They are coming to see you tomrw anu…
A(a bit low) : ok maa..
D: what happened anu?? Any problem??
A: nothing ma.. Good night!!
Good night beta saying she left..
Scene freezes..

The next morning..
The mansion was decorated like a bride…
Anika was getting ready in her room…
Tears brimming in her eyes..
She was surprised to see herself in that state…
Anika(in mind)
What is wrong with you anika!! Why are you crying.. Why am I remembering him….!!stop it anika!!

Just then gauri came..
G: are you ready for this anika di?
A: yeah gauri… Why??
G: I m asking bcoz you are crying!!
A: no I’m not.. Gauri!!
G: Ok don’t spoil the beauty of your face di… You know I don’t like when you cry..
Anika went back thinking about shivaay whenever he told this to her…
G: di.. I know whom you are thinking about.. Shivaay bhaiyya right??

A: what!! Gauri.. Why will I think about billuji… Come on!! Ok did you speak to om..?
G: no di.. After they came that day.. I didn’t speak to him… But I should tell him that I’m Gauri Choudhary …not just Gauri..
A: yeah.. I never tell anyone that I m anika choudhary…all my friends know me as anika only… I don’t know how om will react when he knows this..!!
Only Somu, ranveer bhaiyya and mallika know we are from choudhary empire..
And whenever they tried to tell… I just used to stop them.. Bcoz I didn’t want more people to know…
Now I think om has the right to know now..
We have to tell him..

So they called om..
O: hello anu… How are you??
A: hi om.. I am fine..
Om me and gauri wanted to tell you something very important..
O: is everything ok?? Gauri??
G: I m fine om..
We will meet in the café at around 5 in the evening..
O: yeah ok guys.. bye..
A: bye..


Precap :
Oh really?!

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