Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 22)



Anika was happy after hearing what shivaay told..
On the other side shivaay too was happy as anika called him billuji….

The engagement ceremony started…
Prinku came down with anika, gauri and saumya…
All the boys were mesmerized looking at their girls beauty… (Guys you know their pairs ?)
Prinku and ranveer exchanged rings… And they had fun… All together!!

Later in the night anika went to fetch water.. in the kitchen…
After filling she came out and was walking in the corridor… When she saw shivaay…
Shivaay also saw her… They were just into each others eyes…
They stopped as something stopped them from going further…
And when they turned back to look… it was anika’s chand bracelet stuck with Shivaay’s button..

A: I will take it billuji
A: I will take it billuji… Just a second..
But Shivaay also helped in taking it out…his fingers were touching hers…
They just had a cute short eye lock when rudra disturbed them…
R: bhaiyya what are you doing here?I asked you for hot chocolate na!!
Anika didi ??
S: woh rudra I was just going but..
R: but you started to roma….
But he stopped after seeing shivaay shooting daggers at him..
A: what rom.. rudra??
R: arrey anika didi leave it… can I get water..??
A:yeah take it.. What is there to ask permission??
R: thanks di… I want a bhabhi like you anika didi… Who understands me and cares for me.. Love you so much!!
Saying he hugs her…

Anika though felt weird when rudra told her like that ..especially in front of shivaay.. But smiled back and hugged him..
A: ok now it’s already late.. Good night..
And so she goes…

Shivaay hits rudra on head…
Duffer!! Why did you tell anika like that huh ?? Your hot chocolate is cancelled…
R(fake crying) : bhaiyya pls…. Pls… I want hot chocolate…
But you know one thing bhaiyya… I really want bhabhi like anika didi…
I mean I’m ok if it is her also… (Smirking)
S(thinking): oh….
What??!! (Surprised)
Rudra started running…
S:rudra come back…. And he too started chasing…
Scene freezes

The next morning…
In dadi’s room..
Anika was with dadi…
Shivaay comes ..
Dadi : billu… You are going to office na?? Just drop anika in the hospital..
S: ok dadi..

Anika before getting into the car..
A: I have a condition billuji…
S(surprised): what?? Condition??
A: yes…
you should do whatever I want bcoz I will definitely feel bored throughout the journey..
S(even more surprised as well as shocked) : FTW!! why will I do?? Dropping you itself is a big thing.. And I m doing it only bcoz of dadi..
A: ok then I will go by myself.. If dadi asks me anything.. Then I will tell her!!
S(irritated) : ok.. Just stop threatening me.. Then any other condition..??
A(with her tadi): let us see if you do this first!!

And he was just shocked…
The journey started…
A: billuji it’s boring…
S: so what should i do??
A: so I’m gonna on the radio and you are not going to off it ok…
Shivaay just nodded as he had no other choice…
For almost half an hour the music was playing.. And anika was enjoying all the songs…
The only thing shivaay couldn’t do was to catch his head though he wanted to.. as he was driving !!

S(rolling his eyes ): now what happened…??
PANI PURI!! squealed anika with happiness…
S: anika its unhygienic!! No you are not eating here!!
A: billuji you told you will do whatever I want.. And BTW thanks but no thanks for your advice.. I m a doctor ok!! Don’t tell me about hygiene!!
S: do whatever you want !!

While anika was eating …shivaay was secretly smiling at her antics…
A: bhaiyya!! One more…
Billuji do you also want??
S: no thanks Ms. Anika… You have!!
A: billuji have one you will really like it… And BTW someone told they will do whatever I want…
Saying she smirked…
A: so have it…

Shivaay just gave her ‘you are just impossible ‘ wala look..
S: ok wait let me prepare my self…
A(laughing ): this is not an exam to prepare yourself billuji.. !!?
Shivaay did not argue with her… But silently took one ..and was making faces to eat it!!.
Anika was controlling her laugh..

And at last shivaay had one..
A(eagerly) : how did u like it billuji??
S: not bad…
But in his mind..
Its actually nice.. So tasty!!
A: I know you will like it billuji!!

But suddenly Shivaay pushed anika a little bit and stopped the knife with his hand from reaching her..
There stood some goons.. On the road along with them…
Both anika and shivaay fought with them… And at last all the goons ran away from there..

S: anika are you ok??
A: I’m but you are not billuji… Your hand is bleeding..
And she immediately took a kerchief from her purse and carefully tied it around his hand..

Shivaay sat in the car to drive.. When anika spoke up..
Billuji get down..
S:why anika!?
A: I just told get down… Your hand is hurt… How can you drive??
He obeyed like a small kid listening to her serious tone but with concern!!

And so she drove the car to the hospital…
They reached..
Now get down billuji…
S:anika I have to go the office.. It’s already late..
A: will you get down or should I..??
Shivaay got down and then she took him to her room…

And so she carefully cleaned the wound and bandaged it…
But Shivaay got a call…
Hello khanna!! Yeah I’m coming in another half an hour..
Anika pulled the phone from him and spoke…
S(surprised by her sudden reaction): anika !!what are you doing??
A: Hello… Your boss will not come today!!
Khanna: but ma’am…
A: I told right!! That’s final..

S: anika I need to go.. Rudra is alone there in the office..
billuji.. Not a word more… What is the need to come in between and save me huh?? Asked anika as a tear rolled down her cheek..
S: anika… How many times did I tell you don’t look nice when you cry…
And I will bcoz you are my… …
But just tell me one thing.. Who were those goons??

A(a bit worried) : I really don’t know who they are and why they are trying to kill me… Billuji!!
S: it’s ok anika… don’t worry..
(In his mind)
I will not let anything happen to you..

Meanwhile a call to one of the goons..
Person: is the work done??
Goon: we are sorry boss!! We couldn’t complete the work…
Person(angry) : you are just useless.. Can’t do one work also properly..
Goon: but we did try kil..
Person: enough!! Now I will have to go for the second plan..
Scene freezes


Precap :
Khila dho!

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