Ishqbaaz-Love Blossoms – CHAPTER 2



Recap: unexpected meet
Let’s continue….

Dadi I m Dr. Anika.. Mr. Dev(Dean) told me that you wanted to meet me …!! Said Anika cutting off shivaay..

Ha puttar yeah I remember.. Come inside dear..
While shivaay was just staring at her when she was walking away as he was both irked and shocked after she cut him off… N soon he left!
(But hell angry that she ignored him)

Anika wondering (in mind) how nice and kind dadi is but this kanji aankhon waala baagad billa is so rude!! tadibaaz!!….

She took blessings from dadi n sat down comfortably with dadi..
Then dadi spoke up…
Puttar I cannot just thank you for what you have done for this hospital..
This hospital is my life n I m so happy to get u..
It’s my duty dadi n please don’t thank me ..!!
Rudra saw anika n dadi … went towards them n forwarded his hand
Hi didi I m rudra Singh Oberoi… U can call me Rudy!! Said rudra excitedly..
Hi Rudy said anika smiling n introduced herself..
They spoke for some more time n then anika left the mansion..

Meanwhile shivaay was still in her thoughts n the incident was running in his mind continuously..
Anika on the other side also couldn’t forget the incident.. She was somewhat upset with the way he spoke but found his eyes attracting..

In the night time… The three brothers were sitting near the pool when shivaay told about the incident that happened to them.
O: what?? Is this true shivaay I mean I can’t believe it …. A girl speaking to u like this.. OMG!!
Rudra started laughing hilariously n then told yeah I met anika didi today… She is such a sweet girl bhaiyya..
S: rudra just shut up ..don’t praise that girl in front of me n now I don’t even want to talk about that girl ..who ever she is..!!
Rudra like a small child obeyed n told OK bhaiyya..

The next day..
All of them had their routine work as usual that day…
In the evening around 4.00 , anika went to om’s studio..
‘Hi om’ anika shouted.. Om who was shocked at first but then when he saw her got relaxed.. Hi anu.. !!What a pleasant surprise how come u came here in your busy schedule..
A : Oh come on om u know I love painting n I can’t live without it.. Saying she started to help om in finishing a painting…..n spent some time together…

The next morning…
In the temple…
Om entered into the temple when he heard a voice n got mesmerized by it… Such a sweet voice said om.. The temple was crowded with many devotees… He was desperate to see the girl with that beautiful voice but at last ended up seeing her long and beautiful hair…n om was slightly disappointed with this.. He badly wanted to see that girl..

Meanwhile in the oberoi mansion…
Having breakfast…
Shivaay asked dadi where is om?? why didn’t he come down?? Is he OK??
Dadi replied…relax puttar he is absolutely fine ..he has gone to the temple to meet the authorities as he has got an order to do some idols…
Oh OK dadi said shivaay feeling relaxed…
After finishing their breakfast dadi asked Billu will you do me a favour pls take me to the hospital puttar I wanted to have a visit!!
Yes of course.. Dadi …but remember one thing u only have the right to order not to request said shivaay hugging dadi..
Rudra came in between what about me.. No one cares about me said rudra fake crying..
Oh come on rudra don’t act now come join… Said shivaay n all the three hugged….

In the hospital…..
Shivaay was waiting for dadi when someone dashed into him….
FTW!! Can’t u see… But stopped when he saw her… the same girl whom he was irritated with yesterday …she walked off without even apologizing…
Shivaay (in mind) ..WTH!!.. what kind of a girl is she !!doesn’t even have manners … Just went off without even uttering sorry…!!BADTHAMEEZ ladki..
Anika walked off without even stopping as she had to attend an urgent case… After attending the patient she realised the incident which happened few minutes back.. n she went to check if that person was still there…

Excuse me.. Said anika who was surprised to see the same guy with whom she was upset but somehow was staring at his cold attracting eyes.. which were looking deep into her..
I m sorry billuji.. but quickly corrected I mean Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. what happened was…. Started explaining anika…
Hearing from her… shivaay was a bit surprised by her soft nature..!! N a lot more shocked hearing her call him Billu bcoz he allows only dadi to call him like that.. n felt somewhat nice to hear her call him like that..

Coming out of his mixed feelings…
Don’t u dare call me by that name!! Understand?? Said shivaay rudely…
Now anika feeling irritated replied back angrily!! Go to hell I will call you like that only billuji… Saying she left leaving surprised shivaay again… ?

On the way she met dadi..
Dadi aap?? Asked anika a bit surprised and worried at a stretch…. How r you dadi?? U r fine know!! Nothing to worry right..??
Dadi replied ..Ha anika puttar I m absolutely fine… thanks for your concern puttar… I was coming to meet you only…. Oh dadi I m so happy to meet you…. Said anika hugging her n dadi reciprocated the hug..

N later dadi left…. Back to the mansion after taking a promise from anika that she(anika) will come to meet her(dadi) regularly…



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