Ishqbaaz – Love Blossoms (Chapter 17)



G(smirking): no I will not… R u jealous??
O: show gauri otherwise…
Pulling her more closer…
G: shameless you are om!! Ok see…
Om was more shocked to see… There was nothing!! Just blank…
O:you fooled me gauri??
G(laughing loudly): any doubht in that jatadhari??

And so she started running here and there… And om trying to catch hold of her…
Gauri was exhausted now and she sat down in one place…
Om came and sat next to her smiling…
O(smirking) : BTW gauri why did you try fooling me??
G:woh….bcoz… I…
G:just for fun!!
O(coming closer) : Really??
G:what are you doing om??
O: don’t you know what I m trying to do Ms. Gauri

Gauri just blushed…. Seeing that om said
I just came to take water!! It’s next to you can u pls help in taking it!!
Gauri shocked..

Om started laughing..
Gauri though feeling a bit embarrassed started laughing…
G:here take it jatadhari!!
O:don’t call me that gauri.. Pls
G:I will call you like that only…
You too sisters na!! Both of you are so unique.. Said om smiling… To which gauri smiled.. Back!!

The next day..
Anika got a call in the morning…
A:hello!! Who is this!!??
Unknown: baby!! Don’t you recognize me??
A:Daksh!! How did you get my number??
D:you are my girl!! I can get your no. easily !

Shivaay comes into anika’s room meanwhile….
D(a bit angry) :anika put the phone on speaker mode..
Anika just did as he told
D:hello Shivaay singh Oberoi..
S:FTW!! why the hell did you call… I will kill u daksh!!
D:cool down Shivaay!! …
Anika listen if I see you and shivaay together once more… I m gonna kill him for sure!! U remember what I did to rohan right??
A(becoming scared) :no no daksh don’t do anything… But how do you know he came now??
D:baby I m daksh khurana and I can do anything to win you…
Shivaay puts hand on anika’s shoulder to make her feel better…
D:Don’t you touch my to be wife shivaay…
S:just shut the hell up daksh… She is not going to be your wife… ?You will not get her..
D:see you baby in our marriage!! All the best shivaay… Try to stop me..

Anika wasn’t scared anymore…
Billuji go out !!I m going back to my house… don’t try to meet me ever again… !!
S:anika what are you saying!! Don’t be afraid of that Daksh…
A:no I’m not scared… I decided I will go with him!! I don’t want to risk your life… So no more discussions…
S:anika… You stay here!! I promise I won’t talk to you… Or meet you also…
Saying he went out…

One day passed off..
Shivaay didn’t meet anika and anika didn’t meet shivaay….
Shivaay felt so lonely… Without anika.. He had a weird feeling!!
What’s happening to me?? Thought Shivaay to himself…

He peeps into anika’s room to see her sitting down on the floor covering her face with her hands!!
He goes near her and sits next to her…
Billuji why did you come here?? asked anika sternly..
S:anika I’m sorry for breaking my promise but I cannot see you in pain..
Anika wasn’t able to speak anything… She was just staring into his eyes…

He pulled her into a hug.. And she too reciprocated….
I will never leave you anika!! Said Shivaay with a tear rolling down on his cheek…

Just then anika got a message..
They broke the hug and saw the message..
It was from daksh..
I told you not to touch her Shivaay… Do you want me to kill him anika??

Seeing this Shivaay whispered in her ear..
He is tracking you anika.. I guess there is a secret camera in this room come on let’s get out of here…

Billuji I really don’t won’t you to get in trouble said anika wiping her tears formed in her eyes..
Nothing will happen to this shivaay Singh Oberoi. Don’t worry!!
We will see his end…

Later that night…
All of them were sitting near the pool discussing about daksh..
When saumya and ranveer came to meet them..
RV:why didnt you tell me about this matter before anu??
A:bhaiyya woh i was so disturbed…i didnt know what to do..!!
RV: Its ok anu!!now your bhaiyya has come..i will solve all the problems!!
Thank you bhaiyya said anika hugging him…and he hugged her back..

Saumya and ranveer stayed back in oberoi mansion..that night!!
The next morning..
By today the week will get over which daksh was telling ..thought anika..
Anika was tensed but didnt show it out..

She went to the kitchen..she was surprised to see all the three brothers dancing and cooking breakfast…
Lafzonka ye rishta nahi…

She was just standing still when rudra noticed her…
R:arrey didi come inside na!!
A:you guys continue… I m sorry i disturbed you..
Shivaay went to her and held her by hand ..took her inside the kitchen..
Anika you can also join…this is your right!

Anika was first surprised by his act and words…
Even omru were surprised …and shivaay felt a bit he covered up saying..
I meant omru consider you as their sis so you have the right to join…

Arrey bhaiyya but you never include me in your kitchen… Pouted prinku…
S: prinku!! Did I ever say that you shouldn’t come… ?
P(making puppy face):you didn’t but rudra bhaiyya never allows me… And you don’t offend him!!
R: prinku don’t act like me.. Only I have the right to make puppy faces in front of Shivaay bhaiyya.. Come join now..

Saumya who came with Prinku was still standing there…
O:come somu!! You are also family..
Saumya smiled at him and joined too..

Gauri came pouting… Will you not join me om!!??
O:how can i forget you darling??
And then realised what he said…
Gauri said blushing thank you jatadhari…
R: O what is this… You never call anyone darling except ma..not even me.. Then??
Shivaay started laughing.. When he realised gauri called om jatadhari..
Anika looking at him said…
Billuji… You look nice when you laugh.. Always keep smiling..
S:you too..

While O was trying to explain..
Ranveer came and said I m joining too guys!!
P(excited): come in… You are always welcome my dear… But stopped when she looked at others who were staring at her…
I mean ranveer… said prinku covering up..

Ok guys..!! This is my kitchen one is going to make it dirty… Announced Shivaay…
All bursted out laughing looking at shivaay..
Only we are all left for breakfast.. So let’s start..

P: Bhaiyya always you guys do breakfast na!! This time all the girls will do.. What say girls??
Yeah ok!! Shouted the girls..
The boys nodded..
But keep my kitchen clean ordered shivaay…
All the girls nodded like kids and giggled for sometime..

The girls started cooking and they were simultaneously chatting with the boys..
They finished at last..

They served the dishes…
R:this much food?? It’s like having a feast!!
S(hitting him):arrey rudra!! We have done it with great difficulty now!!
Thank you saumya for making pasta for me!! said Rudra…
She smiled at him..
They all complete their breakfast…


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