Ishqbaaz-Love Blossoms – CHAPTER 1

Hi guys this is MANYA
this is my first ff on ISHQBAAZ about three brothers n their love life… Hope u guys enjoy it !!….


Shivaay Singh Oberoi :
A business man who is very arrogant and rude but very loving towards his family especially his brothers n dadi !!
He does anything for them.. very protective about his family..eldest son of oberoi family..

Anika Choudhary:
A loving girl who is very kind in nature n helpful too…n a doctor by profession…..
An artist too(hobby)…best friend of om and saumya!! The princess of Choudhary empire …

Omkara Singh Oberoi :
A very nice person who always thinks with his heart… Very honest by nature n cannot tolerate anyone cheating him …
an artist by profession..

Gauri Choudhary:
A simple girl who is very kind n open minded ….
cousin of anika n a Singer by profession..!!

Rudra Singh oberoi :
A guy with his full on play mode as always but very caring n never hurts anyone by heart…..
n acts dumb sometimes (only with his bros.. Though)

Saumya rathod:
A bubbly girl who always makes others happy with her nature….
She runs a business on her own.. Friend of priyanka

Priyanka Singh oberoi:
A nice girl who is very confident about herself n is very friendly in nature..
The only princess of the oberoi family..

Ranveer rathod :
Simple guy who is an ACP by profession… Very sincere in his job n his sister saumya is his world..
( His parents died in an accident when they were young ?…)

Dadi(Kalyani Singh oberoi) :
A gentle old lady who loves her family a lot …
She has a golden heart n very caring towards her grand children..

Tej Singh oberoi:
A business man with his own principles but very nice n well behaved.. N cares a lot for his family..

Jhanvi Singh oberoi :
A business women who runs her own company and a women of self respect

Tej and jhanvi are parents of om, rudra n Priyanka​

Shakti Singh oberoi :
Brother of tej Singh oberoi n very spiritual.. A business man too..

Pinky Singh oberoi :
A women with pure heart n basically an extrovert..
She takes part actively in social service organisations..

Shivaay is the only son of shakti n pinky oberoi

Harish Choudhary:
The head of Choudhary empire n father of anika…!!
a well known business man.. Friend of Tej Singh Oberoi…

Devaki Choudhary :
Mother of anika n a woman of passion !! Runs her own business n a dearest friend of pinky n jhanvi oberoi…

Anika’s parents stay in London n anika came to India after completing her education… She stays with her cousin Gauri…


CHAPTER 1-Unexpected meet of……

Here goes the story….. Sry in case of typo errors..!!

In the Oberoi mansion…
‘Billu……’ Dadi called out when he got down the stairs with his brothers..
“Ha dadi…. me n om were ready only but this rudra was only not getting ready… Very lazy he is ..!!”shivaay said… When dadi held rudra’s ears playfully… “Sorry….. Dadi “said rudra..
The rest of the oberoi family were waiting for them to come ..

They reached the temple n the three brothers did the maha aarthi together n took blessings of their elders .. Then got back home..

A girl of mid 20’s got down from the car n walked towards the huge building( hospital in which she works.. She is a doctor BTW ? )in front of her where she was warmly wished by everyone around her..
Ma’am Dean is waiting for u..
Yeah OK I will come in a few minutes

In the dean’s room..
D: Miss Anika pls come inside.. Take a seat..!!
A: Thanku sir …
D: First of all I wanted to congratulate u for ur work n dedication towards this hospital.. I m happy for u as u have been promoted as the head of the psychiatry department.. Hope u will fulfill ur responsibilities like the same as u do always..
A: Thank you so much sir I will do my best..
D: OK then anika there is one more thing u have do.. go meet the owner of this hospital Mrs. Kalyani Singh Oberoi today .. its a request from her..
A :Definitely I will sir…

Meanwhile in the oberoi mansion…
Om has gone to his studio..
Shivaay who was searching for a file in his room.. Got a call..
“Yes khanna… Tell me what is it now “asked shivaay irritatedly ..
K: sir the clients are waiting for you!! did you find the file sir?? ”
S :no not yet… ?
K: but sir …they are……
S : then tell them to go to hell
Saying shivaay threw his phone….
Rudra entering shivaay’s room shouted 37 th phone bhaiyya!!
Y bhaiyya what happened that you had to break ur phone into pieces ah?? Asked rudra excitedly..
Nothing rudra leave it BTW u told u will go to meet your friends today right??
Yeah I will bhaiyya ….said rudra dreamily.. ( u can understand y he said that dreamily ri8 guys!! ?)

Meanwhile anika reached the oberoi mansion….
Entering the house she didn’t know where to go n was wandering here n there.. Just then shivaay came out of his room.. walking very angrily as he didn’t get the file collided with each other…
S: FTW don’t u have eyes n who the hell are you?? Roaming in my house!!
A: excuse me!! How dare you speak to me like that?? Don’t you have basic manners n don’t u know how to speak with others??
S: don’t you dare speak to me like this!! Do you know who I am… Shivaay Singh oberoi will not forgive you for this…
A: so what if you are shivaay Singh oberoi..?? I m anika n if u r SSO it doesn’t mean u have to speak like this…
Shivaay confused.. ( in mind what the hell is SSO now??)
By this time dadi came to the hall n saw both of them fighting..
Billu what happened?? Asked dadi n shivaay who was hell irritated with anika was about to say something but was cut off by anika…


Precap :
thinking unknowingly..

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