#Ishqbaaz #Ishqbaaz Prologue by NiSaTuPi

Hello peeps….🙋🙋🙋🙋 Before you all start shouting or throwing rotten tomatoes on me for keeping other FF on side starting yet another new one let me clarify you all this is 4S story in this we yeah you read right we (Me,Nandupie, Sanu baby and Tsunami) will write one part following by epilogue so below is prologue for it.


Anika and Shivay are fighting their fight like tom and jerry and reason is Shivay had made Sahil’s admission in one of costly school and that to without asking to Anika and soon that tom and jerry fight end up being a blame game where Anika blamed Shivay for always taking decision of others life without any thought and she even blamed for forcing her to get married to him and Shivay end up putting blame on her for spending a night with Daksh for 15 lakh and shocked Anika composing himself slapped him for thinking low for her and leave from him and stunned Shivay is yet pampering and caressing his cheek where his wife have landed her hand few minutes before and scenes from past where Daksh and Anika are in Daksh room are playing in mind and his mind is forcing him to trust that scenario but his heart is refusing to trust that and is achint with some unknown pain witnessing Anika broken hearing his blame and he is in dilemma of to trust whim his heart or mind but before he can come to decision someone patted his back and he turned and look at that person.

So above is prologue for new 4S so as usual all you have to do is share your view in form of comment whether to continue or not???? I am not only me but Nansshivika,Tulsi and Sanaya Mallik we are eager to know all your feedback.☺☺☺☺☺

Happy day ahead….☺☺☺☺☺


  1. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Oh y Mata sanu baby and lassy are back with you pies. Amazing yaar. Awesome prologue. Waiting for the 4S ( shivaay’s signature step )😂😍😘💋❤

  2. Rads

    Pri I am happy to know that you and Nans di are once again with collab work I don’t know much about other two writers but on thing is sure if you both are there this will be amazing and I am excited to read it further.

  3. Ishu

    Eager to read Tulsi and Sana’s work they are disappeared but reading they are writing this I am happy one plz update next shot soon. Tulsi and Sana I am silent reader of both of your FF and I missing them a lot so plz update them.

  4. Aviana

    Anything from your side I am up oread with excitement and I already have read your collab work with Nans and you both have created wonderful masterpiece 5S which I lobe to re-read again and again and now I am waiting for new collab eagerly.

  5. arti

    Ok first all of I am a silent reader but your previous collab work is so much good that I am excited to read this one soon so I am commenting to request you that plz update it soon

  6. Anah


    |Registered Member

    oh my god four in one….
    char pataka ek dum damaka.
    i am desperately waiting for urs collab work plz post next one asap…

  7. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Wow!! Gonna be the kidki thod colab work… I liked it alot and I have no words to say how I am feeling now…. I loved it like anything… keep going…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.