Ishqbaaz- Ishkara OS- The Last Meeting

Hello Ishqies,This is Luna with yet another OS. As from today, Ishqbaaz spinoff DBO will start, and we’ll get to see the love story of Om and Gauri. But unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the love story of Ishkara. I was really looking forward to their story and I was very disappointed when Vrushy left the show, and Ishana’s track was ended abruptly. Ishkara became a popular couple despite getting a very less screenspace which proves that Kunal and Vrushy’s pairing was magical and they could have became an iconic onscreen couple. But sadly it didn’t happened. Okay, enough of my talk. This OS is written on the memory of my favorite onscreen couple Ishkara and this is especially for Ishkara fans, but I hope others also like it.

The story of this OS is based on the present track of Ishqbaaz. Om is going to Bareilly for the business project.
Scene : Om is on his way to Bareilly. He’s travelling by car, with the driver. Om is talking to Shivaye on phone.
Om(to Shivaye on phone): yeah Shivaye…I’m very close… just about to reach Bareilly…
Shivaye(to Om): okay Om…take care and call me once u reach there.
Om(to Shivaye): yeah, okay…bye.
Shivaye(to Om): Bye Om.
Om cuts the call. Om closes his eyes to take a nap. When he closes his eyes, he gets the vision of Jhanvi burning herself in front of him. Om gets scared and opens his eyes. Suddenly the car stops.
Om(to the driver): What happened???
Driver(to Om): I don’t know sir.
Both come out of the car and see that the tire has got punctured.
Om: Shit…what will we do now???
Driver: sir… we don’t even have an extra tire with us.
Om: you should have kept an extra one….now, what we gonna do….we are in middle of a forest. Getting help here is next to impossible.
Driver: Sir…u wait here only….I’ll go ahead to find some help.
Om: Okay, we don’t have any other option.
The driver leaves from the spot to get some help. Om goes back and sits in the car. One hour passes, and the driver doesn’t returns. Om gets tensed and gets out of the car. He tries to call the driver but there was no network available.
Om: Now, what should I do????

Om sees a bench placed in the side of the road. He goes there and sits on it. He starts thinking about his mom and he again gets the vision of Jhanvi burning herself in front of him and his family. Om gets scared and takes adeep breath. All of a sudden he sees Ishana standing in front of him with a vacant expression. Om looks at her and gets shocked. Ishana gives a smile looking at Om. Om is still shocked seeing Ishana, and wonders what she’s doing here.
Ishana(smiling): Hi Om!!!!!
Om(shocked): Ish..Ishana!!!! u???? here????
Ishana(smiling): Shocked to see me here na…..don’t worry I’m not here to con u, neither steal anything from u(Ishana sits down on the bench besides Om. Om is still in a shocked state). Because I only con people who are rich, not poor…and u??? u are no more rich.
Om(angry): what are u saying??? And what are u doing here??? Just leave…I don’t want to see your face.
Ishana(grinning): Why are u being angry on me???? I’m just talking to u and I’ve no bad intentions. I told u na, when time will come, u will also become like your dad. Now…Where is your so-called idealism ???? A person who always used to walk on the path of honesty and truth, is now lying to his family. Yeah…you are lying….Hiding the truth means lying only Om.
Om(suspiciously): How do u know all this????
Ishana(grinning): The news channels don’t let your family matters remain personal. I know everything, what’s going in your family. How your dad, was going to marry some other girl. Your mom tried to commit suicide. And then u got engaged with your dad’s mistress. And how much I know about u, it’s clear that u r doing this to save your mom-dad’s failed marriage???? Right????
Om(taking a pause with a straight face): yeah….It’s true.
Ishana(smirking): And now u r going to Bareilly to crack a deal of 500 crores, and give 100 crores to Svetlana, to remove her from your family’s life???? True??
Om(sighing): yeah.
Ishana(smirking): So….Now where are your lectures about truth and honesty???? Now Why are u lying to your family Om??? U only said to me na, that truth is a choice, not a luxury??? U only said na, that u will always chose truth over family. Then why did u chose family over truth??? U know what Om??? U r a hypocrite. U can’t say truth to yourself, how will u say the truth to the world???? I’ll tell the truth to u….there’s no difference between u and the rest of the world. U think that the world is black and white, but the reality is, that this world is grey just like u.
Om(in an emotionally choked voice): yeah… u said right….I’m a hypocrite. I chose family over truth. And u were right…when u are in need of money, idealism takes the backburner. When there is no food to eat, water to drink then people are ready to do anything to fulfill their desires. I realized, that there is no existence of my own without Oberoi surname…..I realized that, how this world can be so mean…so bad to u. U were right Ishana, U were right.
Ishana(thinking for a seconds and then saying): No Om…..I was wrong.
Om(shocked): what?? What are u saying???
Ishana(giving a smile): yeah Om… I was wrong…u know what??? U were not wrong in your thoughts…it’s just that…. u were not right either….and neither I was….Yeah, but I was right that u can’t live in this world with idealistic views, because this world isn’t idealistic.
Om: I agree, u can’t live in this world with idealism. This world is too bad for good people. There are beasts out there who are ready to pounce on u and eat u alive. This life is a game of the survival of the fittest. And only one thing can buy happiness, money. Money can buy each and everything.
Ishana: u r so much changed Omkara…..u have became like Shivaye.
Om: yeah, …Shivaye was right…money can buy each and everything in this world….just the price should be right….people like Svetlana are ready to get sold.
Ishana: and people like u???? will people like u will also get sell????
Om becomes silent…he was wondering what to answer.
Om: People like me…uh…I…

Ishana(grinning): Om…u r so confused…listen Om, money can’t buy each and everything…u r wrong…Shivaye is wrong…u know why I said earlier that u r poor???? Because it’s believed that only money can give happiness, but just look at u….u r a son of a multi-millionaire, but are you happy???
Om: what u want to say, I just don’t understand…..didn’t u said that money is important to survive in this world???? That for money, people can stoop to any level…if money can’t buy each and everything…then why??? Why people want so much money???
Ishana(taking a pause, looking in Om’s eyes): because people are idiots….yeah, that’s true…even I was an idiot….I thought the same thing, and u r also thinking the same thing…u r doing a mistake.
Om(furiously): No…I’m not doing any mistake…u r wrong.
Ishana: Om, u have changed, but that doesn’t means u have became a better person…..u r really doing a mistake, stop now, otherwise, It’ll be too late.
Om(furiously): what are u saying??? I’m not understanding anything.
Ishana(puts her hand on Om’s hand and says):Om…it’s true that I said that money is important to live, but it isn’t necessary that money will give u happiness…In this world, people still don’t know, that what can bring happiness…neither money can give happiness nor idealism.
Om: Then what gives us happiness???? u tell me.
Ishana(giving a smile): love…yeah,love gives us happiness…when u love someone, care for someone, sacrifice for someone…a person with whom u can spend you entire life…the joy that u feel in, nothing can give u more happiness than that.
Om(furiously): Love doesn’t gives us any happiness…. Love is just a deal, where u give your heart and buy the pain….it only gives us heartbreaks and sufferings…..I know it because I’ve seen it.
Ishana(smiling): So u think….love only gives us pain???.
Om(emotionally): Yes, love only gives us pain and sufferings….I don’t know why people fall in love…..It’s better being alone than being with someone, who doesn’t even cares for u….There’s nothing called unconditional love, wild love. Love is no fairy tale, where we always have a happy ending. All these things are just bullshit, fiction created by poets and authors, just to amuse us. And fools like me believe all this nonsense.
Ishana: May be u r right…love gives us pain…a lot of pain, a lot of sufferings, but isn’t this world filled with pain and sufferings???? And does love only gives us pain??? I don’t think so… is beautiful Om but it also has a darker side…but it doesn’t means that there is no lighter side…Love is no bed of roses, but love isn’t a bed of thorns either…love gives us sadness but it also gives us happiness. Just like two sides of a coin…love also has two sides…it’ll give u pain, sufferings, heartbreaks but it’ll also give u joy and happiness…and that type of happiness we can’t describe…u will only feel it, when u fall in love.
Om: u r talking as if u have fell in love with someone
Ishana(giving a weak smile): yes…I have….I have fell in love, but I can’t be with that guy…that guy doesn’t even knows that….I’m in love with him…he actually hates me.
Om: who is he????
Ishana(getting emotional): someone….u don’t know him…u don’t know me, how will u know him??? I fell in love with him….but he wasn’t approved of my conning, and that’s why I never told him that I love him…actually…(tears start falling from Ishana’s eyes)….I…never got time to tell him that I love him…I myself realized it so late, that I love him…..and when I realized…it was too late…he was gone.
Om(suspiciously): Ishana…what was the name of that guy???
Ishana(giving a weak smile in an emotionally choked voice): Om…(Om gets shocked hearing his name)….didn’t u wondered what I’m doing here???? Talking to u like this in the middle of this forest??? Didn’t u wondered how I know about the Bareilly project??? How I know about Svetlana??? How about I know about 100 crores??? And why u r talking to me??? To a con girl, who tried to con u??? u r sharing your emotions with that girl????
Om gets shocked hearing that….I was wondering, why on earth he was talking to Ishana.
Om(shocked): who R u???
Ishana puts his hand on Om’s chest. Om gets shocked to see that Ishana’s hand was going through Om’s chest. I went completely shocked and his mouth got sealed in disbelief, but he was still sitting on the bench with Ishana.
Ishana(emotionally): yeah Om….I’m not in this world anymore…dead.
Om(shocked): Oh My God!!!! I can’t believe it…how’s it possible????
Ishana: Ever wondered why I wanted to con u??? why I wanted money from u??? my father took a debt of 6 crores from some goons…I wanted to con u to pay the debt…but when I failed to do it…the goons first killed my sister, then my father in front of me and finally me….In my last days, I realized, that I fell in love with u Om…those last days give me pain that I can’t tell u how much I love u, but it also give me a happiness, and I can’t describe that happiness….that happiness which I got was very internal…I felt like…I’ve became complete…That…that feeling is hard to describe, but….It…just gave me joy…..even when the goons shot me, in my last breaths… I was thinking about u….I was feeling less pain.
Om gets teary eyed hearing Ishana’s story.
Om(getting emotional): Ishana….I’m also somewhere responsible for your death….I’m really sorry, really sorry(Om starts crying)
Ishana(caresses Om’s cheeks): No Om, I know u never loved me….but I don’t want u to lose your faith in love…love doesn’t only gives us pain, it gives us joy too…I only want u to understand this.
Om(getting emotional): How can I understand this Ishana???? Whole life, I saw my mom giving everything to save her relationship and what she got is only pain in return
Ishana: U r not understanding now, but u will soon understand this. And u will also understand that money can’t buy each and everything.
Om: What do u mean??? How will I understand???
Ishana(giving a weak smile) : Bye Om…Now it’s time for me to go….and I promise, that u will again become that Om…who used to believe in love.
Om: what??? What are u saying????
Ishana: bye Om (Ishana disappears from Om’s sight)
Om: Ishana…Ishana!!!! Where have u gone???(Om gets up from the bench and looks for Ishana here and there, but finds no one).
Om takes a deep breath.
Om: was she really Ishana, or was it a dream??? How’s it possible??? Ishana!!!!! Ishana!!!!
Om goes near his car and was still wondering of what happened just now…..The driver still didn’t returned…it was getting dark….Om was standing outside his car waiting for the driver. Suddenly, someone bumps into Om from behind. Om gets afraid and turns back…He sees that there’s a girl in a bridal attire standing in front of him.
The Girl(to Om): Plz save me, some goons are after me.
Om(to the girl): who are u????
Girl: My name is Gauri, and your’s????

To Be Continued…..
what happens next, to know that, watch Dil Bole Oberoi on 10:30 PM, just after Ishqbaaz on Star Plus and 6:00 PM on Hotstar.

PS: To all those folks, who are wondering, why I’m promoting DBO…well, Gul Khan is paying me for that…Okay Gul, I’m done…now give me my cheque!!!

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  1. Nita D

    Wow Luna….it was just awesome……I loved it…..when ishana suddenly came to om then for one second I thought that how can she be there in the middle of the forest. May be it will be his imagination on ishu’s soul. N then as ishu said her dialogues, I became more n more sure.

    N the way u connected it to DBO in the end was just too good. I loved the whole concept. I wish even the makers had shown something like this.

    1. Thanks Nita dear. Yeah, even I waish, that the makers have given atleast a proper ending to Ishana’s character.

  2. Diyaa

    It was beautifully written. Nice tribute to Ishana. I hadn’t liked the various antics they had made her do as a con girl. But I loved her serious moments, her moments of helplessness and pain. What a wonderful actress!! That last confrontation of Om and Ishana, I was thrilled that here starts a fabulous love story and then…?
    It was no more. But you have tied up that loose thread the best way it could have been tied.

    1. Thanks Diya….yeah, even I got goosebumps in the last confrontation scene of Ishkara. I still think that it’s the best scene of Ishqbaaz. I agree that makers never did justice to the couple. Ishkara story had a lot of potential but they never tried and gave us a pathetic Bela-Mala track.

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    I was a bit free today and I saw this ishkara one shot even I was excited for their track to start, but unfortunately things didn’t happen. But Gauri is not bad either, I hope they don’t spoil dbo (frankly speaking i found Omkara’s character turning to be like Shivaay’s one, in that case Gauri-Omkara story will be like another Shivika story) , I didn’t see ib for many many days but I will see dbo today.
    And ya this shot was very emotional ? Though Ishana died in this one shot at least gave an proper ending to her character and love the way u linked Om-gauri’s meeting with Ishkara’s meeting .
    Keep it up ?

    1. Thanks Fatarajo…..yes, I agree that Om-Gauri’s story looks similar to Shivika story but lets hope that we get something original and not the same copy-paste. As Gul said that DBO is not for TRP’s and it’s also not airing at prime time, so we can hope that CVs do some experiments.

  4. Wat a lovely update i just loved it very emotions yet interesting and DBO would be a treat to watch

    1. Thanks Shaya…yeah, lets hope so.

  5. Pari123

    It was just outstanding and awesome one. ..don’t have words to describe it. After ishana ‘ s exit i stopped watching the show and one of my friend ask me to read this os. And frankly it became my favourite one. Great tribute to ishkara really love it dear. .keep writing and keep smiling and take care

    1. Thanks Pari, and thanks a lot for the wishes. I wish the same to u.

  6. It was just fab….
    I was missing ISHKARA so much but by ur shot u really gave justice to the story of Ishkara.
    I loved it.
    Thanku so much Luna

    1. Thanks Pratha

  7. Fati

    Hope something like happens but ALAS!?
    But it is way too beautiful?

    1. Thanks Fati, even I wish that.

  8. Awesome amazing episode

    1. Thanks SSO

  9. It is so superb I almost cried ?

    1. Thanks Nana

  10. Beautiful update… loved it…. Great tribute to ishana… ishkara…

    1. Thanks Ankita

  11. Yashu

    It was lovely….i was just abt to cry…well done yaar…it was awesome….

    1. Thansk Yashu

  12. Aarti32

    Beautifulllllll!! It was jst so heavenly..Subtle..Magical..N mesmerizing..

    1. Thansk Aarti

  13. U almost made me cry. Whenever ishkara ends whether it be in d show or in ur os, its disheartening…..even now almost six months after ishkara was abruptly ended, their thought makes me sad..i feel like hitting Gul on her head. The much hiped creative team could not come up with a story for ishana n Om. From d promos of dbo I m not liking dis gauri…it looks like a repetition of Arnav n Khushi..old wine in new bottle…i don like shrenu Parikh too. Dat makes it more difficult for me to accept it. I would have gone for it it is helly shah or Sana Amin as dey reported earlier. Bt dis shrenu….i just cant bear her….sorry to all shrenu fans….anyways the os is nice…keep writing stories on ishkara..please don bid farewell to Dem like dis…..ishkara rules……

    1. Thanks Ghosha….yes, it’s disheartening for me too. At least they could have given a proper ending to her character. I still wonder why Gul ended Ishana’s character?? They could have brought her character back by so many ways.Gul just can’t show a different storyline After watching today’s episode of DBO it’s clear that it’s the same copy paste story of Gul. Really disappointed. Though I’ll watch DBO when Rumya joins it because atleast their story looks promising, until Gul ruins it too. And I’ll definitely write more FFs on Ishkara. This was just a tribute to this lovely couple.

  14. Awesome one dear……. you made me cry….. Plz update soon

    1. Thanks Nikita, sorry dear….it’s an OS. It’ll not be continued.

  15. Renimarenju

    Luna…..Loved this os a lot……Well….u have conveyed both om and ishu’s perspectives in a sensible way overwhelmed with ao many emotions……And idealism…..yeah… can’t always be idealistic ……when it comes 2 reality,….one should be able 2 face it …..And that’s what ishu told…..2 omkara……”duniya mein jeene ke liye chehre pe chehra lagana padta hai….aur jiss din aapko yeh baat samajh mein aayegi….aap mujhe zarur yaad karenge mr.oso”……And as now omkara’s life is nothing just an unsolved puzzle….i think this is the right time cv’s should have brought back ishana’s character……As she is practical…..but she taught him to believe in heart …..also….But we will not get onscreen moments of ishkara…..And luna…u put complete justice 2 both om and ishu through this part…..And i loved the way u have connected this with dbo….. Any ways am looking forward 4 next part……Thanks 4 sending links.,,,,

    By the way do u really like dbo….I mean some scenes are just copy=paste of shivika only……But yesterday’s episode was really gud…….And om is misunderstanding her……all of a sudden is creating confusions 4 me……And now… will start hating gauri……only…….Just like shivaay hated anika @ beginning…….Really he thought gauri like that….yaar…..I think these oberois are really losing their common sense…..Shivaay misunderstood anika 4 so many situations…..And now…omkara also…started the same thing…….Its really hard 4 me 2 accept omkara like that…..but his anger, arrogance and changing behavior are justified….Still i like ishkara more than gaurikaara……And what do u feel after watching yesterday’s episode…….

    1. Thanks Renima, it’s sad that we didn’t got a proper ending for Ishana’s character but if u see the positive side, we can give it our own interpretation.
      about DBO. The first two episodes were disappointing for me. The makers just did a copy-paste of Shivika scenes and didn’t even tried to hide it. Gauri’s character is the same like Anika with extra loudness. About Om’s changing behavior, it was completely justified. After suffering so much, he can’t be the same. But in the third episode, we saw the old Omkara also when he was talking to Jhanvi. Om hasn’t changed much from inside but just he’s not showing it. He still believes in love, but considers it as a bad thing. I know it’s hard to accept Om like that and it’s because the change came all of a sudden. It was bad writing by CVs. Om throwing money on Gauri’s face and destroying her shop was not acceptable at all. We expect such things from Shivaye and not Om. But I’ll say that Om is trying to be like Shivaye. Old Om was against Shivaye’s beliefs that money can buy everything but now when he needs money to save his parents marriage, he thinks that Shivaye was right and wants to become like. Om is still Om. Even when Gauri was breaking Om’s car, there was guilt in Om’s face along with anger. Om knew that it was his fault there. what I’m enjoying is the inner fight between Om and OSO. Om is trying to be OSO who he’s not.
      About Om-Gauri misunderstanding, I think Om has a pretty good reason for MU with Gauri. SSO misunderstood Anika many times and most of time without any valid reason. But here if u see from Om’s POV, he has seen a similar situation of his parents. he’s seeing Thakurain as Jhanvi, Kali thakur as Tej so he’s seeing Gauri as Svetlana. Om knows nothing about Gauri so this MU makes sense. And I think the MU will be cleared soon, bcoz according to spoilers, Om breaks the wedding between Kali Thakur and Gauri and gets attacked by the goons. I think Om helps Gauri in running away for the wedding. The third episode of DBO has again raised my interest in Om’s love story but can’t say what will they in future. This track makes sense can work if executed properly. CVs should just stop showing repeat of Shivika scenes and I think it’ll work. Sorry for such a long comment.

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