Ishqbaaz: Our Incomplete love story………( Episode 2 ) By Muskan

Hii guy’s I m back with my next episode & sorry for short update actually my test is gonna start from Monday so I can’t write long but after my test I’ll write long

Scene 1:
Rumya collage
Soumya is late for her class so she is running suddenly she collide with one boy and both fall down
Boy: aaoch
Som: sorry(she didn’t see her face coz he is looking down)
Boy: can’t u see and walk(he look up)
Both: u
Boy: u somo
Somo: u crybaby oberio (u know who is he)
They both stand
Rudy: I m not crybaby

Som: so I m also not somo I m soumya
Rudy: u r somo momo I like momo’s
Som: but I don’t like protein shake
Rudy: haha nice
Som: I don’t wanna waste my time I m getting late for my class I m going
Rudy: go go I m not holding u
She goes from their
Rudra start flirting

Scene 2:
Oberio mansion
Anika is holding sahil photo and crying
Ani: sahil I really miss u where r u please come back please
Shivaay enter & saw anika crying he goes near her and hold her hand and said
Shiv: anika please don’t cry I can’t see u like this
Anika wipe her tears and said
Ani: leave my hand
Shivaay leave anika hand & she goes from there
Om see this & he is feeling sad for shivika
Om: I think I should find sahil bcoz I can’t see they both like this

Scene 3:
Outside sahil school
Ishana is waiting for sahil
He came
Ishana(angry tone): oh ho Prince u came I m waiting for u from half and hour and I came now
Sah: sorry didi I m talking to my frnd
Ishana: which frnd
Sah: didi ha woh na
Isha: what hana haina come to the point
Sah: didi piya

Ishana: who is piya
Sah: didi stop asking questions
Ishana: k I’ll not ask but say me who is piya
Sah: just frnd
Ishana: hmm ok sit
Sahil sit and they goes from there

Episode End

Sorry for grammatical mistakes and sorry for short episode but I promise after my test I’ll write long episode pinki promise
Love u guy’s
Don’t forget to comment
I’ll be back soon


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