Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 40


Hi all my dear readers!!
Yippee .. I feel like jumping .. 40 epi’s omg I am on cloud nine.. thanks ton for supporting me and showing so much love.. love you all..
Be regular and make it lengthy.. that was the major comments ..
Will try my maximum.. hope you like the way ishana proposed om.. and now the way om reacts…
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Ishana turns and sees om.. she gets shocked..she wipes her tears.. and barely takes her step forward.. and goes near om and looks at his eye and says haa.. om I love you I love you so much.. and runs from the restaurant without looking back..
Om turned and saw the way ishana went.. from no where a tear escapes from his eye..
Om wipes his tears he sees the droplet of tear and was confused.. anika pats him at his back..
Om comes from his thoughts..
Anika: I know vo tumse pyaar karthi hai..that’s why I called you too..patha hai.. vo ridhima ko na sautan bolathi thi..I hope you will take a good decision.. chalo ghar chalthe.. and she drives om to mansion..
Meanwhile at the mansion..
Shivaaye was sitting on his couch and checking his mobile.. sahil came and stood before him with his heads down..
Shivaaye at first doesn’t notice it.. then when he hears a weeping sound looks up and sees sahil..
Shivaaye: kya huva..?? Ro kyon Rahe ho??
Sahil wipes his tears with those tiny fingers .. and goes near shivaaye..
Shivaaye too gets up from his couch and kneels down.. and sees his face.. those little eyes where so red.. eyes had lost its naughtiness that it always used to carry.. his chin was wet..
Before shivaaye could open his mouth sahil started..aap Hume ghar se bhar Bej lenge kya??will you throw us out of this house??
Shivaaye was stunned by this question..

Sahil continued crying.. mere liye nahi mere Di ke liye.. she cannot leave this house plz..Dont ask us to go..
Shivaaye wanted to say something..only air came out of his mouth .. he could sense what was going on anika’s mind..
Sahil came near and hugged him and said plz.. meine aapko kabhi jiju nahi bolaya.. kabhi sso..kabhi bagad billa.. but now I am calling jiju plz don’t ask us to leave.. Di will get mad if she leaves this house.. plz..
By this time shivaaye also had tears in his eyes he wiped .. and gently stroke his hair saw his face.. and said you nd ur didi are not leaving .. this house I promise.. Suddenly a smile appears on sahil’s face and he hugs shivaaye back.. shivaaye too reciprocated the hug he gently patted on his shoulder and said vaise yeh tumara style nahi hai..
Sahil breaks the hug and raises his eyebrow and asks mera?? Style??
Shivaaye cupped his mouth and slightly moved it right and left like cuddling him and said.. mera sahil hotha tho.. he will speak like this…
Mr.sso don’t think you can make my Di leave.. mein Chota hoon..phir b mere Di ke liye kuch bhi karungi..
And sahil laughs with all his innocence.. shivaaye too smiles at the little child that had so much emotions and maturity..
Sahil: tks jiju and runs off as if he had won the world war..

Om reaches his room ..
He sits on his bed..and closes his eyes .. ishana telling him I love you om lingers..he opens his eyes .. he feels restless and gets off from his bed..and his mind and heart war starts..
Heart: tum kya usse pyaar karthe ho.. do u love her??
Mind: I am not sure about the feelings I have for her..
Heart rewinds from first incident where he met her .. her eyes.. that were so beautiful.. the day on which he gave the bangle everything.. till she proposed he saw it again in the heart as a movie..
Mind: so what are you trying to say??
Heart: why did y forgive her the first moment??
Mind: er…bcoz..vo..
Heart : it’s love…
Mind: love what nonsense does it mean that mein Mr. Tej oberoi ko love nahi karthi I care for him..but still I didn’t forgive..
Heart: may be .. you care but what I say is u love ishana more than ur father .. more than anything else..
Mind was not willing to accept it’s defeat.. aise nahi hai.. I love ly my brothers..
Heart smiled at the bargaining thought of his mind and said.. then you would have not let shivaaye marriage happen either with or anika..yes u love them … you are not that possessive with ur relation..
But with ishana think what you did … the thought of she having a boy friend brought in you so much thoughts..
It’s love pure love.. I can give more examples.. the dream…remember anika’s words you can see pain in eyes of ly some people and they are precious.. yes om ishana your ishu she is precious…
Finally his heart and his mind coincided and he uttered yes ishu I love you ..

At ishana’s house..
She enters her house and runs to her room and closes the door with a bang..
Ishana was still crying she fell on her cot..
Her hands holding her forehead she uttered..what have I done?? How could I even say that to om?? Cha?? How could I think of marriage ?? I am not worth … no…
Then ishanas mind slams her.. with this thought.. worth?? The question of worth does not arise.. do u think he will love you.. haa.. vo oberoi hai.. oberoi.. so as said and done.. om’s chapter is once and for all closed..
Just then her phone beeps.. om.. om calling.. her heart wanted to attend it but her mind was just holding it back..

Precap: soumya returns pa ..sorry couldn’t cover here time constraints..somehow wanted to post today bcoz u all asked so…
Soumya returns.. anika’s idea to expose Tia.. and may be ishkara meet..

Thanks ton for supporting dears and plz do continue..

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