Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 39

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Now with the current part..
”Jaise mein ridhima ko prove kiya vaise hi Tia ko bhi prove kar loongi and will move out of your life forever..” anika said it with so much hatred in her eyes..
Shivaaye woke up from the bed with a jerk.. he held his heart he was breathing hard..he closed his eyes to calm himself down.. anikas eyes spitting hatred appeared and he opened his eyes..again.. he was so restless his breathing was heavy.. he got up from the bed and walked towards his balcony.. he stood there and was just staring at the sky.. the dark night sky with glittering stars and the bright moon..and sighed..
Suddenly from no where shivaayes mind picked up a question.. why are you hurt??
Shivaaye’s heart sarcastically smiled and said hurt ?? Who is hurt?? I am not hurt!! I am jus.. just uncomfortable..
Shivaayes mind why??
Shivaayes heart: well.. um.. bcoz.. vo.. anika.. tia..then.. she will…
Mind: yeah that’s what the contract was.. but.. hey.. hey.. wait she has to leave right?? Why are you feeling for it??
Heart: feeling?? What the vaack.. shivaaye Singh oberoi doesn’t feel for anyone.. I was just.. I was just.. concerned..she had a
Mind: haa..haa. ly bcoz of that nothing lyk pyaar vyaar..
Heart unwillingly smiling haa.. pyaar shivaaye aur pyaar vo b anika ko.. what a .. and laid on his bed..

At anika’s room..
Anika was staring at the sky.. and was rubbing her hands to make herself warm.. sahil came near her pulled her kurta slightly..
She saw sahil.. and knelt down and gently stroke his hair..
Sahil: didi kya hogaya apko??
Anika smiled and swallowed her saliva and saw sahil.. her.. one and only brother he was so .. mature ..she smiled and said.. tumara vo project??
Sahil: arrey diddi om bhaiya hai na.. he helped me!!
Anika : oh!! And saw sahil’s face.. suddenly she remembers shivaaye saying tia..
Tears well up in her eyes.. she said sahil Dekho!! Om ko kyon pareshaan karahe ho.. mein kar lethi..
Sahil: par didi om draws better than you!!
Anuka : vo artist hai ! If om is not there what will you do..
Sahil: Matlab…

Anika just then what she had uttered.. what will she say sahil now.. that her marriage was a contract.. where she should
leave house after she proves tia wrong?? That too such a small kid who cares and fights the world for her.. a silent tear escaped her eye.. she wiped her tears got up turned and said.. bas.. yeh hi samaj lo ki hame iss Ghar se bahar b Jana padega..
She wanted to end the topic somehow.. coz thinking about leaving shivaaye her billu ji made her heart weak..
But sahil was small child he asked why?? Uss sso ne kuch kaha tumse??
Anika wiped her tears and knelt before him and said..nahi.. u know ur …ur Di s strong she won’t feel less if sso says something about yeh Sheblock bomes banna chodo aur so jao..
Sahil: bomb????!?
Anika: haa ..vahi..Jo..English movies mein..cases solve kartha hai..
Sahil smiles at his didis innocence and says didi vo Sherlock Holmes..hai..
Anika: haa..haa..vahi..vahi…
And makes sahil sleep..
And gets determined to prove tia wrong… and goes to sleep..

Next day morning..
Anika wakes up and comes to the corridor and finds om sad just then she remembers ishaan.. she decides to call ishan.. and goes back to her room.
Shivaaye crosses her room.. and something strikes.. he turns.. something inside him was urging him to clear the misunderstanding..until he heard anika’s voice..
Anika: ishaan..
Ishana: Di apne call kiya sab kuch tik hai na??
Anika: tik ?! Teek kaise ??
Ishana: Di.. aap kya bol Rahe ho??
Anika: drama mat karo Samji.. mujhe tumse baath karni hai vo.b jarroori..don’t act.. have meet you and talk something imp..
Shivaaye couldn’t take it.. jarroori baath?!?? Ishan se?!? Kya ho sakthi haa.. and why she wants to talk to ishan all the time not me??
His phone rings and he goes..
Anika finishes the call and turns and sees..
Anika’s pov: why do I feel billu ji was here??
But her mind slammed this many times..haa.. how many times.. you will expect .. he doesn’t feel for you and when will you get this into your stupid brain of yours…
Anika wipes her tears and gets ready and while she moves out.. she sees om..

At the restaurant..
Ishan: hi Di..
Anika doesn’t utter a word she sits..
Ishan: Di..vo..
Anika interrupts..kyon ki aisa.. patha hai om kitni gentleman hai.. agar koi Mafi magraha hai ..usse maaf karni chahiye..why did you do this om is a gentleman and if someone asks for forgiveness you should coz that’s courtesy..
Ishan: Di.. maafi om.. kya bol Rahe ho.. I didn’t tale anything is no question of forgiveness…
Anika: then.. why did you not accept his friendship..
Ishana roles her eye balls here and there..
Anika: ishan mein kuch pucha tumse..ishan I asked you something??!
Ishan: vo..vo..
Anika loses her temper and shouts.. will tell me now what stops you from getting such a good Frnd??
Ishana wipes her tears and shouts emotionally..haa..nahi chahiye dosthi ..kyon ki mein dosti nahi kar saktha.. I cannot b a friend and I don’t need his friendship..
Anuka: kyon?
Ishana with tears flowing and a shivering voice says kyon ki kyon ki mein.. pyaar karthi hoon.. I love him Di.. I really..
A voice interrupts pyaar..
Ishana turns and sees om.. she gets shocked..she wipes her tears.. and barely takes her step forward.. and goes near om and looks at his eye and says haa.. om I love you I love you so much.. and runs from the restaurant without looking back..

Precap: sahil and shivaaye convo.. soumya returns for sure in part.. and om’s reaction..

And big sorry for not commenting sat pri ayath cutie pie tulasi and all ff writers now ly reading your ffs and plz do let me know.. comment and express ur views
Will try to post next as soon as possible.. and yea will try to regular ??keep smiling stay blessed all..

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      Haha he will dear and one help could you just give a short summary of your ff plz

  3. you’re superb! Ishan confessions to om? such a beautiful idea!Waiting for shivaaya.please update soon asap.

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  4. After a long time.
    But it was nice.
    But do something so that shivaaye realise his love for anika

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  15. Omg now I will repeat a dialogue…
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