Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 35 and 36

Hi all my lovely lovely readers…
Woow such of love.. this ff is the best thing that happened to me..
After such tremendous support and beautiful comments I realized how stupid I was to keep focusing on one negative comment I got when there was so much to rejoice..and cherish…
Ok the general suggestions that I rec’d was..
Make it lengthy..
Add shivika scenes.. add roumya scenes..
Don’t worry All are to be satisfied ..
This contains two parts 35 and 36..
Actually thought of posting three parts .. but time constraints..
Hope you are clear with the relationship thing…
A quick recap:
Dna results arrive.. siddhu introduces his family misunderstands ishana Rudy support soumya…
Now with the current part 35..??
Anika rushes to the oberoi mansion..
Sahil calls her.. but her mind was just lingering one thought.. Dna result so early..?!?
And she just rushed into shivaayes room…
Shivaaye was walking to and fro in tension..
Anika enters the room and they clash..
And anika slips..
And shivaaye holds her by her hip and anika wraps her arms around his neck for support..

They stand at a 45 degree incline.. and were lost in each others eyes..
Anika slowly made the angle straight.. shivaaye to stood straight without breaking the eye lock.. still holding anika..
A gentle wind blew.. and her hairs just went and smoothened shivaayes cheek..
He gently removed those hairs and tucked it behind her ear..and just looked at her with so much of love gleaming in his eyes.. the forehead that bore the sindoor on his name.. her wide eyes that always spoke so much of love and passion..
He gently stokes her soft cheek that had shed only tears so far.. . Sometimes because of him.. at times because of family members..but his mind was clearly stating that she was not in fault at any situation.

on the other hand anikas eyes were just spitting anger and frustration now what.. ??!? What wrong I have done now??
Anika broke the moment.. shivaaye too came to senses and for a moment unintentionally raises his eyebrow as if questioning her why she broke such a good moment..
Shivaaye adjusted himself and said vo.. vo.. Dna results aagayi..
Anika first nodded her head..
Then realised the physician saying her it may take 3 or 4 days..
She started par.. 4 or3 days..
Shivaaye interrupted and walked in front and stood with little arrongance and said.. shivaaye Singh oberoi ke liye kuch bhi impossible nahi hai.. it’s just a matter of little money and your work gets done..
Anika gave a weak smile and said in a low voice you cannot buy everything thing with money when will you understand it??
Shivaaye saw her he had heard what she said.. her eyes were just saying hatred.. first time seeing hatred in someones eye hurt shivaaye..
Shivaaye adjusted his voice he wanted to clear her thought about him.. he opened his mouth.. ridhima comes and says.. Bhai apne bolaya??
Shivaaye noded an yes..come and takes ridhima to hall ..
Everyone comes to the hall.. dadi tejvi.. sakthi and pinky dadi.. om..anika..
Ridhima sense something wrong.. and starts .. Bhai..
Shivaaye says don’t call me that.. first tell me what’s your mother’s name..
Ridhima was hell shocked..
She wasn’t prepared for the situation.. she didn’t know what to say her eyes kept wandering here and there..
Om broke the silence.. why shivaaye why suddenly..
Shivaaye sees ridhima who is still in shock and says say it ridhima or I have proof if who’s daughter you are..!!
Poor ridhima she was not a good player as tia was..
Tears just filled her eyes she ran and held shivaayes knees Bhai plz forgive me.. my mother said so only I did this with om.. don’t punish me.. plz..
Dadi and rest others looks at each other confused..
Dadi comes and makes a crying ridhima stand and asks who’s is ur mother??
Ridhima : vo.. vo.. roop..

Dadi removed her hold.. in shock.. her another grand daughter.. was just in front of her.. she was there roaming all along with om.. and no body noticed it..
She went near to ridhima with so much of love..
And backs off hearing a voice that was filled with most hatred..
It was shivaayes.. he said..
Matlab tu .. ne.. hamare saath …
Om interrupted.. ridhima ?? What you said now is true??
Anika says yes om .. and hands over the Dna report..
Om with trembling hands opened the report..
He read and looked at anika for an explanation..
Anika understood his looks and explained iss se prove hojatha hai ki .. ridhima is also a part of oberoi family..
Tej who was silently listening to the drama got the Dna papers from om and saw..
Dadi was still in shock and started interpreting who is tia then?? Are anika and Tia twins.. no.. no.. they don’t look like.. .
Before dadi could come out of her thoughts..
Tej held ridhima by her hand and pushed her out of the oberoi mansion..
Dadi was just looking at the entrance she had turned lifeless.. after they bitter truth..
Tej turned and came near shivaaye and said.. tks a lot shivaaye.. tum ho.. toh yeh Ghar safe hai..
Shivaaye noded his head half mindedly.. because he knew the credit goes ly to anika..
Oms face shows no expression due to shock..

Part 36..
Oms face showed no expression due to shock..
His mind was like Matlab.. I was traveling with danger all through.. not only me .. my whole family was in danger because of me.. the thought he had brought danger to his family.. made him drowsier and he fell down unconscious with a thud.. everyone rushed to om ..
Shivaaye laid him on the sofa and called the doctor..
Anika quickly poured a glass full of water on him.. and om slowly opened his eyes…
In no second shivaaye said to anika .. hey Panika.. don’t you dare..???
Anika couldn’t understand she raised her eyebrows and gave a confused look..
Shivaaye understood what she uttered and diverted his eyes …
Meanwhile om got consciousness and slowly he got from the sofa and sat..
He looked at shivaaye .. his eyes showed so much pain.. when his elder brother was wiling to give his life for the safety of the family.. he had been roaming and being in the real with the source itself..
His eyes were filed with guilt he tsaw Shivaaye and uttered sorry shivaaye…
Shivaaye hugged him and held him by his hand and took him to his room..
Shivaaye made him sit on his bed.. and asked him to rest ..
And turned to leave .. om held his hands ..
Shivaaye who was Leaving turned and saw om..
Om: shivaaye.. you proved it again .. you are a true oberoi.. brother!!
Something inside him was cursing him and was yelling at him.. do you deserve the credit??
Shivaaye gulped the saliva into his throat and said anika.. it was anika who did all this..
Om was shocked hearing anika’s name..
Anika? He asked again to make sure what he heard was true..
Shivaaye noded his head..
Om closed his eyes and thanked the soul that saved him from such a disaster..
Anika too enters oms room.. to find out if he is ok or not..
Om sees her and says anika with tears rolling down his eyes .. thank you anika..
Anika smiled and said thank you??
Thanks kisi paraiye ko kaha katha hai..
Vaise om .. another one also is involved ishan…
Hearing ishans name shivaaye rolled his eye balls ..his pov: why is she so concerned about giving credit to that stupid ishaan …
Om heard the name and lifted his face and saw anika and asked again ishan??
Anika noded and said haa.. patha hai agar vo nahi hothi tho..
Shivaaye interrupts and says haa.haa. patha hai we wouldn’t have got ridhima’s samples..
Anika looked at shivaayes wired reaction..
Om also couldn’t interpret shivaayes behavior..
Shivaaye sensed the situation and Left the room asking om to take rest.. anika too followed shivaaye and left om at his own space..
Om smiled at the way both went suddenly his smiles disappears..
He remembers how rude he was to ishana..
But for her he was in fact his whole family was in danger ..
He immediately took the phone and rang up to ishana..
At ishana place..
Ishana’s phone rang..
Ishana read the display and was jumping up and down with happiness she.. shouted like kid and went to attend the call..
Just then her mind remembered the statement that she made to herself..
He is no more part of his life.. she will not interfere…She withdrew her hand back..
On the other hand.. om was praying God that ishana should pick up the phone..
At the hospital..
Doctor says that she can discharged but she needs bed rest..
Soumya: rudra please tum jao na.!?
Rudy: kyon.?!?
Soumya: haa.. I will take after aayi her afterwards…
Everyone will b waiting for you at the mansion..
Rudy was not in mood to go ..
Soumya : Rudy please tum jao na !!
Rudy: but.. but.. u r not coming???
Soumya: don’t worry rudra will b back when aayi is fine..
And gets him in a taxi and bids bye..
Rudra also with so much heavy heart started from there..

Precap: shivika have a clash.. ishkara reconcile.. rudra mises soumya..
Do let me know drz..

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