Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 34

Hi all my Lovely readers…
Anyhow thought to write this ff..

Ok there were confusions about shivaaye and anika being sisters and brothers.. no they are not .. here is the concept..
In India after a girl marries.. she goes to the other family.. to build her life.. so she is considered to be member of that family she is getting into.. and her son or daughter will obviously have her father’s surname.. so she the new born daughter is of another family.. so their marriage can be done with her maternal uncles son .. as they are a of different families hope this is clear..

Ok now with current part.
Ishana runs to her room and closes the door and turns and just slides down crying..
Tears were just flowing..
Om saying don’t show your face again.. was just lingering in her heart..
However her mind was constantly telling her she deserved it.. for her such cheap acts she really deserved it..
Infact it made such a clear statement to her heart..
You cheated once don’t forget his was watching over you and this is what you deserved …
Her heart knew it had no point to support those tears.. it knew mind had a point. Infact a strong point..
She wiped her tears and said to herself..
Haa.. ishana you also helped to get samples of ridhima.. that’s it om will be saved for sure..
You have no place in his life.. first you cheat him.. then you expect him to give you utmost importance..waah.. waah.. how selfish.. tu na .. kabhi nahi sudregi.. and gets determined that she won’t think about om.. never..
At the hospital..
Doctor informs roumya that her aaye is fine but she has to be kept for observation..
Soumya: rudra tum Ghar chalo.. I will take care here on wards..
Rudra: kya kya?? Oh I will be here only..
Vaise bhi.. if I leave you alone.. I do no what u will you do.. you need me sumo accept it.. and I cannot leave you in this situation..
Soumya jerks off hearing Rudy saying I won’t leave you she saw him.. with so much of passion..
Rudy realised what he said and changed his sentence.. vo.. vo.. actually om ne kaha na.. I have to be with you so..
Soumya nods ..
Here at oberoi mansion..
Om reaches the mansion.

He just rushed to his room..
Tears flowing …
He wiped his tears and said to himself..
No.. om why are you crying.. what is she to you??
Just another stranger..
Hi heart gave a weak smile and said stranger?? Then why are you crying for a stranger..
He wiped his tears and said that’s what I am also saying why to cry for a stranger..
I forgave her one time.. but now realised vo.vo .. mafhi ki kayak hi nahi hai..
And I am not going to think about her again .. kabhi bhi nahi.. yea and gets determined..
Here at ranas house..
Siddharth introduced anika to all the family members..
Just then a man of mid 50s comes in suit and tie and greets Siddharth..
Siddharth smiles and says hi uncle.. he was Vikram rana’s elder brother..
Siddharth introduced anika to him also..
Anika smiled.. he smiled and said.. have ever met..??.
Anika nods no.. he smiles and says your face is so familiar.. and walks off..
Shivaaye calls anika..
Shivaaye: where are you?? Kab se tumhe doing raha hoon..
Anika: vo.. siddhu ki Ghar..
Shivaaye raised his eyebrows hearing that name.. siddhu??
And uttered these words without his knowledge..kabhi ishan kabhi you even have time for me??
Anika was surprised by the questions..
Shivaaye realized what her blurred out and adjusted his voice and said.. Dna results came come home and cuts the call in rush..

Precap: ridhimas truth out.. om learns the truth..

I do no why am I writing this.

I know this is sooo selfish but I deliberately need this..never felt so low..
Yesterday.. a dear Frnd of mine read my ff and she was Like what’s the crap.. nothing hurts more when a dear Frnd of urs puts you down…
I couldn’t take it..
She stuffed in my mind all kinds of negative stuffs like how boring..bla.. bla.. and brought me to a point where I started to think I should stop I worth writing and stuffs like that..
Then I said these to shama .. she is the one who suggested to have vote Poll …

So here it is..
Please… do use this forum and let me know.. on a scale of 10 how would you rate me?? And why and what should I improve?? Not that I can prove her wrong and make myself feel good.. but to evaluate myself.. my writing skills..
plz dears. Need your help for this..

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  1. In south its is quite common yaar I know north and south traditions are some what different so just chill and jara are you south Indian ??? Any way episode rocked like always

    1. Jara

      Yes dear I am from my and tks a lot for supporting me.. as long as I know north india also this is followed..

  2. Safa

    your ff is awesome di.. it always bring a smile on me please please dont stop …….
    i rate 8 out of 10 di
    please please continue and make the episodes more long…..

    i was a silent reader but couldnt stop myself from writing this comment……

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear will make it lengthy and yea after the tremendous support I rec’d I dropped all those thoughts..

  3. Pls continue ur writing….It s really good..I will give u 9 for ur writing..Pls ignore negative always…

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot.. will continue the ff and tks for the lovely words

  4. Please keep writing, ur fanfacctiona is amazing and don’t stop to write ans please post everyday because i always wait because it’s just perfect and write more about shivika ♥

    1. Jara

      Shivika scenes on next part coming up especially for you.. and yea will continue

  5. And I hope those misunderstandings may bring om and ishana more close I missed shivika scenes and episode is some what short and jara dear don’t think like that u write very well and the way u express their inner emotions and their fight with inner ones is damn Cool from the starting part of ur ff. What some may not like every one has different point of views so just relax . and I completely rate u 10 coz I am not a writer to judge on professional basis . lol . ff is super yaar don’t stop anand plz continue dear

    1. Jara

      Haha tks dear yep will continue for sure..will not stop this ff

  6. Epi was just Awesome !!!! Carry on …n plz dont stop writing…

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot will post next one asap

  7. To spice the ff plz add more romantic scenes of shivika and more comedy scenes of shivomru,now plz make our shivika together it had been a very long time that you have kept them apart

    1. Jara

      Yep.. shivika part coming up on next Epi and tks for such a valuable suggestion will bring it up

  8. It’s a very nice fan fiction u should keep writing it its interesting funny plus u gave importance to each character equally which is the best part of your fan fiction which do I personally believe that is not happening in the show even, so keep writing ??????

    1. Jara

      Wow such a beautiful comment.. will continue to write dear

  9. Thanks dear for this voting poll and for sharing ur feelings with me like a sister that means a lot coming to your ff I will scale it 9 as a reader and a commenter I am giving this rate not as a friend if it comes to ur mindset and storyline I am bit confused why Rana Family have entered I guess to make shivaay jealous..
    Improvements needed…
    1 . have will to write more and more you know I am writing Anshi 7th episode fifth time as I am not satisfied I am trying to write with perfection..
    2. Focus on the character POV if possible I mean try to elaborate their feelings and reason why they are doing this.. If your schedule permit..
    Otherwise the ff is always a blockbuster and everyone have a different taste and mindset dear so refresh ur mind delete negative virus and continue…
    Someone said surround yourself with the people who give u the reason to move and lift you to the heights and always remember one thing akka .. Dosti woh Nahi hoti,jo jaan deti hai dosti woh Nahi hoti joh muskan deti hai asli dosti woh hoti hai joh pani me gira aansu bhi pehchaan leti hai….
    # what’s say friends gang ?? Am I right
    True talent doesn’t need a description

    1. Tulasi

      Ofc dii u r r88….n dii i luv u soo much….u know y d way u encourage evryone n be friendly wid evryone….n d way u give ur true comments n suggestions to evryone….i luv ur way a lott dii…n ofc ur dedication towards writng….till u get satisified….

      1. I completely agree with u tulasi the wat she comment itself waah !! I completely eye with you

      2. Thanks dear for such a heart touching words ????

    2. Jara

      Kya line mara tha yaar… And tks a lot for such a longg comment and yea will take time to write up epi’s and will try to bring more importance to povs and thanks a lot my cutie pie for such support and comments

    3. Shaza

      Completely agree to shama di here …

    4. Jara

      And you will get to know about rana’s in up coming epis

      1. Nandari akka rumbo santhosham ur are not stopping happy???

    5. Sat

      I always agree with you shama di and you give the best encouragement ever. And jara di don’t be disappointed we always love your storyline

    6. Nithu

      Yes di…ua right….and i really love your support di..n the way you approach to your comments..are really.amazing…di…love you di??..jara di.u have an amazing story line…

  10. no it is nt at all boring dear i wil rate ur ff 8 plz continue ur writing it is wonderful i think u should take negative comments as ur trophy bcoz only friends can show us really wats is wrong and wat is right so plz dnt get disappointed ok and continue ur writing but ur ff are becoming short day by day plz make it lenghtier ok a humble request from ur fan and increase shivika scenes thank u take care dnt be disapointed keep similing

    1. Haha trophies sure dr!! And yea will make it lengthy and shivika in next part cmg up

    2. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear yup will make it lengthy and shivika will be on next part

  11. Diii crap…omg…never …..its awesum di….i ll really give 10 on 10 dii….i never thought its boring….dnt feel low di….believe me ur track is on right way…..continue it n dnt stop it diii….???dnt thnk as if i m supportng u to dnt make u feel low….i m really sayng d truth….if i evr feel boring ..i ll surely tell u diii…..n i thnk not only me all our frnds gang ll say dis…..

    1. Nithu

      Yes di…i also agree with tulasi….if we feel your track is not on track we ll surely tell you di….

    2. Jara

      Tks dr yep will continue and tks a lot for those lovely lovely words

  12. Wow it ‘s great
    Continue dr
    Don’t get discouraged

    1. Jara

      Tks dear yep will continue

  13. Wow it ‘s great
    Continue dr
    Don’t get discouraged

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lottttt

  14. Ur ff is my favorite plsssss continue I would rate it10 out of 10 I really love ur story nd appreciate ur hardwork plsssss don’t be influenced by negative cmnts

    1. Jara

      Omg! Tks a lot for such a great comments yup will continue

  15. Akshaya

    I will give you 9/10 because of your bakwaas talk regarding dropping the story I minus 1 mark. Don’t be discouraged. May be your dear friend said like that. But I’m your unknown friend , I feel it’s far better than my ff . If you say about dropping the story, I will give you thappad . Thappad= slap right ? Because I’m trying to learn Hindi for you guys

    1. Jara

      Omg! I am laughing !! My colleague are like wat has happened to her?? Minus 1 mark thank God only one mark you are so cute dr thappad.. omg!! And what in earth feels yours s not NYC?? Then the same thappad will be returned

  16. Nithu

    Di nli 10..if possible..ill give you 100 out of 10…you are amazing di…ua ff is lovely..i think your friend dont have any taste…im sry ..di if i had hurt you insulting your friend…they are many…lovers for your ff di…

    1. Jara

      Haha no srys dear after such support even I have decided the no wrys and yea tks a ton for those lovely words

  17. Do I love your ff plz continue writing… I would give you 9/10.. By the way episode was amazing….

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  18. Nida

    From part 1 i am reading your ff … it made me hooked to your ff … everyday i am eagerly awaiting for your ff …. just tell me who told you these kind of words ?…. i can just say you is this ‘some people in life will never want your success ‘ … and about rating your ff is like insulting you

    1. Correct…. agree with u Nida…… and di even I’m reading ur ff since episode 1…. why would I and others have been reading it if it’s not good?? It’s really very good and u r doing a fab job!!!!!!

    2. Jara

      I agree nida I completely agree and this is the best compliment I have ever rec’d and I promise I would utter never such words again

      1. I agree with nida akka you deserved it so ur getting it are you boosted now ….
        Thanks nida for such a compliment to akka and by the way thanks for PM dear …?

      2. If u get time akka just read my friends OS and tell me your valuable suggestions love you !!!!!

  19. 10 out of 10 ? ..Ur ff is just amazing with suspense and curiosity to read next episode?.Take negative comments as positive only as it will only improve you.So dear PLEASE CONTINUE IT?And KEEP ROCKING ?

    1. Jara

      Yes dear I will and continue to write

  20. dont think about stop writting the ff
    please and make it more longer

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear will make it lengthy

  21. I love your ff … i will give10/10 … pls continue…. dont stop…..

    1. Jara

      Haha thanks a lot Dr will continue

  22. Anmol

    U write really well !
    But the only thing i felt wrong was shivika realation but if everyone agree with the concept then i accept it too and yes dont stop it.

    1. Jara

      Thanks lot anmol for accepting it .. writing next part and will post asap

  23. Ur ff is really very nice di….. plz don’t even think to stop it….. okay?? I wait for ur ff so much….. plz don’t stop it!!!!!!! And about poll…… I’ll rate it 8.5 out of 10!!!!! Love ur ff and u too…. muahhh……

  24. I only want more and more and more Shivika scenes…… and a bit lengthier episode otherwise ur ff……. mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot Dr yep shivika scenes coming up on next ff.. and love you dear muuahh..

  25. Jara

    This is to all readers who are so lovely and supporting and reading my ff next will be a complete surprise for you guys I pro

  26. Oh wow Monday spoilers mein toh saj ki episode ki story aa gayi before telecast and shivay anika moment was cute shivay talks in drowsiness but anika was really there wow awesome. Did u guys also read Monday spoilers?

  27. And guys where are other ffs yaar oh jaana, bin tere , shama’s anshi ,royal love,and also an ff in which shivay has memory loss and tej made anika organiser sry I forgot name of tat series I read all ffs so little bit confused. Pls post ur episodes yaar and also new ffs tat recently started I loved those also. U guys all have so much talent and sry for my bakwaas its just my curiosity. Lol. I apologise

    1. Jara

      Haha same here dear while reading ffs I get confused ..

  28. Sat

    Jara di, k am very sorry for the late comment as I have a tight schedule
    And you asked us to vote right , I can give you 9/10 whole heartedly . Not because I am your friend, but because I really love it to the core, indeed it is very interesting.
    And we writers should never be disappointed with one comment, we have to move on as this the best way to express our feelings and views through this ff, . Hope you understand me di
    And di, please update the next part ASAP.
    Just can’t wait???

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear for that 9 and yep I learnt it now.. and will update ASAP thanks a ton for such lovely lovely words

  29. This is frm a silent reader
    Be positive yr,i think u should igonore all the negative things.then only u will get positivity.n seriously i m fan of ur writing skills.
    N i will give 9 out of 10
    I rqst u ppplllllllzzzzzzz???

    1. Jara

      Don’t worry dear dropped the thought of backing up next part in writing..will post asap

  30. Zara you have a big fan club. Please continue right and I’m one your silent reader. But today I thought of giving you a big thumbs up for your time and effort to entertain us.

    1. Jara

      Woow fan club!! Thanks a lot for comment dear..

  31. Vincy

    It’s nice episode Bt I luv more shivika n rumya scenes….. Keep writing never stop dear

    1. Jara

      Shivika and roumya scenes in next part dr and tks a ton for commenting

      1. Vincy

        Yup waiting for ur next post

  32. Lovely episode and specially about ishkara and sorry I can’t mark you I just can say u r fabulous.

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot dear glad that you liked and commented..

  33. Ayath

    hi jara didii u r great writer today epi was little short but its ok dii i know ur situation and epi was superb dont stop dear i always waited for ur ff …….in the first epi itself am reading ur ff may be sometimes i could not get but i will surely read ur ff and commented also so sis its my humble request pls dont stop ur ff ………

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot for those words dr will continue and make it lengthy..and I guess I am Missing out on your ff forgot the title too ..after Reading all ff’s..??so plz give ur link

  34. I rate your ff 9 out of 10. Although I find Om more attractive I don’t know why Iam more into Shivika scenes. But please don’t stop writing. I would like to share sthg. From personal experience. If some one gives you crap, say “thank you and same to you”. Never stop doing what you love cos some one said bad things about it. That was their opinion , their right. Pursuing your passion is your right. Looking forward to your next episode ?

    1. Jara

      Haha yes dear that was a new thing I learnt.. and tks a lot for that advice it really meant a lot.. writing vnext one will post asap

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