Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 32

Hi all my dear readers…
This jara again ..
Here is the short summary of my ff who hasn’t read my prev parts..
Anika gets to know it was tia who gave the chip to Gayathri and leaked it.. after a attempt anika marries shivaaye and saves him from Tia.. shivaaye puts a one year contract marriage with anika.. and dadi informs anika about roop having two daughters..elder one priyal.. was decided to get married to shivaaye.. om patches up with ishana still not knowing the reason why he had forgiven her ..ishana learns tia and ridhima are sisters..anika decides to take up a Dna test of Shivaaye and ridhima to find out whether they are of same family .. meanwhile ishana pretends as ishaan on phone to actually know the feelings of Shivaaye..and omru and soumya leave the mansion to attend to her aayi..
Ok now with the current part..
Omru and soumya reach the hospital..
And soumya sees through the hole of ICU.. her aaye.. her family her everything..was lying down so lifeless..
Soumya just broke down and was about to fall.. in no time Rudy rushes to her and backs her up.. holds her by her shoulder and makes her stand..
Om also rushes to her.. the nurse comes there and asks about the bill payment so om goes out with nurse to clear the bills..
Rudra signs om to go .. and takes soumya to the near by chair and makes her sit..
Soumya’s tears were not in the mood to stop..
Rudy lifted her chin up and wiped those tears..
He saw her in her eyes.. there was so much pain.. he never knew he could see pain in eyes but now he saw. It was there in her eyes glittering with tears. .
Rudra was so emotional for the first time.. words were not coming out if his mouth..
He gulped the saliva ..and felt something was choking in his throat…
First time he was feeling like that .. all his life he had feelings ly for his brothers.. now .. for a girl that too his somu..
Soumya just leant on Rudy’s shoulder .. she never knew that she had a such a cute shoulder to cry on.. a support system that she could depend on..
Here ishana and ridhima meet..
Ridhima: kyon bolaya mujhe..
Ishana: umm.. with her head low I have realized my mistake shall we b friends?? And extended her hand..
Ishana’s pov: baath toh bada sautan!! I assure you this will b the best friendship that you have ever experienced..
Ridhima was little confused her criminal mind was just calculating what would b her mind set..
She asked are you planning to cheat me and om again??
Hearing om’s name from her mouth.. ishana felt something inside.. she wanted to kill ridhima for uttering such a good soul’s name out of her dirty mouth..
But she calmed herself down..she wanted to get the sample for Dna..
She brought a smile on her still extending her hand..
Ridhima’s mind could not comprehend her ..
Suddenly a clicks on ridhima and she shakes hands with ishana..
Ishana’s pov: ab toh tum gayi meri sautan.. just wait and watch..
Ishana broke the handshake and hugged her .. it was such a unexpected hug for ridhima she too hugged back..
Ishana finally broke the hug.. ok um.. her phone rang .. she saw the mobile and pretend to ridhima that it was an important call and left the place..
Ridhima understand her.. already her mind was confused by her offer of such the way she fled.. lead to even more conclusion.. however she had plan in mind she immediately took her phone.. and dialled om’s number..
Om who was in the hospital .. consoling soumya saw ridhima calling.. he was Not In a mood to pick up the call..
So ridhima messaged om.. om’s phone buzzed he opened up and it read…
Om.. tum believe nahi karoge.. vo .. mala hai na she meet me again her real name is ishana .. and she extended her hand for friendship too..
I do no om y this girl is after our relationship.. I thought it’s safe to inform you..
Om read it .. and read it again.. there was only one thought recurring to him again and again..

Why did ishu meet ridhima is she cheating him again??
The thought brought tears in his eyes.. he wiped his cheek and prayed that what he thought must not be true..
Here ishana messaged anika got samples..
She looks at the sample and smiles at her own tactics.. while hugging she had gently pulled a hair of hers.. and now there it was ridhima’s sample ..
Here back at mansion …
Anika goes to meet shivaaye and her phone buzzed it was ishana sorry sorry ishans msg.. she read and a big smile crept in her face..
Shivaaye saw this and got irritated.. now what did your ishan do that you are smiling so much??
Anika still smiling vo.. usne sample collect kar Di..
Shivaaye somewhere burning inside..Oh..ok and gives his soles to anika..
Back at the hospital..
Doctor comes and informs the she is out of danger and she can be shifted to normal ward..
Soumya’s eyes were just gleaming with happiness.. and she with so much of gratitude in her heart thanked the doctor..
After the doctor leaves soumya hugs om and bhaiiya tks a lot patha nahi .. aap nahi hothe tho kya hojatha..
Om wiped her tears.. and said om nahi bade bhaal wale bhaiiya..
Soumya smiled at the comment.. and saw Rudy facing the other side..
She went to Rudy turned him so that she could face him and said duffer oberoi thank you.. thank you so much..
Om smiled at Rudy’s childish behavior and just then a thought strikes his mind.. he needed to find why ishu lied to him by hook or crook..
He said rudra soumya tum yeh sab sabaloge na..
Rudy said haa bhaiiya..
Om : ok then I am leaving and patted at soumya’s cheek so affectionately..
Rudy felt soo happy something inside was wanting him to rejoice that moment.. he was with his somu ..and the thought brought a smile on his face..
At the oberoi mansion..
A man meets dadi.. and says madam here is the report you asked for..
Dadi thanks him and asks him to go before any one could see..
The man nods and leaves..
Dadi sighs and and opens the envelope with trembling hands ..
And sees it and gets shocked..
What did she read will there be a misunderstanding between om and ishana???

All in next Epi dears ..

And plz yar comment.. it is the best you can do to motivate me.. both positive and negative comments are welcome.. and sorry for not including more of shivika and ishkara scenes .. plz do let me know my frndz…
And plz ignore my typos ..and grammatical errors as you always do??..

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  1. Cuteprincess

    good one dear…

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot dear

  2. Nice 1 dear
    the suspense is killing me
    Plz post the next update very soon

    1. Jara

      Haha will update ASAP dear

  3. Shaza

    It was awesome…
    Roudra consoling sumo was the best part ??????
    Shivaye getting jealous and asking what ur Ishan did ?
    Hope there is no misunderstanding between ishkara ??
    Waiting for the next ep …pls post it ASAP….

    1. I really agree to shaza dear but only one request I wanna see jawala mukhi Singh oberoi with Ishana so sweet..
      As usual.. Cut copy paste my previous comments a total blockbuster

      1. Jara

        Awww tks a lot cutie pie rad ur ff it was awesome..

      2. Thanks akka it was cute comment

    2. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear will update the next asap

  4. Sat

    Very nice jara, shivaay is so cute when he is jealous and Om feeling about ishana and rumya moment was awesome. Just waiting for the precap. What might be there in the file?????please update the next epi ASAP

    1. Jara

      Tks a ton sat read ur ff but I am not able to comment on it so here it goes .. it was a fantastic part..

  5. Awesome ?

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    Awesome awesome awesome

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      Thanks a lot dear and big sorry for not commenting on ur ff

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    Nice episode jara.update next episode soon

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  8. Jara loved Rumya moments. Suspense is killing.plz update ASAP

    1. Jara

      Haha will update ASAP dear and tks a lot

  9. Tulasi

    Ishana is too intelligent…..n i luvd it diii…post dnext asap

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      Haha tks a lot dear will update asap

  10. Really awesome waiting for next part??

  11. thank u soo muuuchhhhh

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