Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 31

Hi all my lovely readers..
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Ok now with the current part..
Anika hurriedly cut the call sensing something so uncomfortable..
Shivaaye was just staring at her .. somewhere he felt jealous for calling ishan cute..
Anika : vo..vo..Dna ke bare mein..

Shivaaye : kyon .. Teri ishaan toh genius hai na..
Anika was confused Ishan.. ?!? Billu ji mujhe aapka sample chahiye..
Shivaaye : billu ji!??? many times.. But wait mera sample kyon..?!?
Anika briefed him everything.. from what dadi said about roop to what she had decided to do..
Shivaaye listened to her patiently.. like we will always have a student in class who will ask questions and disturb the teacher.. shivaaye asked question..who will get ridhima’s sample..

Anika smiled and said ishan..
Shivaaye: ishan.. ishan.. who the hell is this ishaan?!?
Anika opened her mouth to say came in between and said.. shivaaye tu EthNa tension kyon Letha hai..?!?
Shivaaye searched for words he understood what was he saying he said vo.. vo.. nothing.. and fled the place as soon as possible..
Anika hoped that om had not heard their conversation and gave a unwilling smile and left the place..
Om sighed ishana .. why she called anika now?? And takes his phone out and calls to Ishana..
Om: ishu.. tumne anika ko call kiya??

She was more surprised not by the question but by the word ishu..
She asked in surprise asked ishu??
Om brought his tongue out just then he realised what he had just said..
Om started blabbering..vo.. vo..
Here at other end..
Ishana felt like jumping up and down.. dancing… om had called her ishu.. she had smile all over her face she controlled her emotions and said it’s ok!!
Om was scratching his beard with his index finger and said.. vo.. vo.. tumne anika ko call ki??
Ishana was surprised ..

Ishana: vo vo.. apne bola tha na ..isle..
She uttered a lie.. she said lie to many people , many times.. but this time when she said that, her eyes were wet.. but she had to..
Om: yaar we missed the entertainment.. can’t you tell me before you call…
Ishana: don’t worry will make a call again..
And cuts the call..
Om looks at the phone.. kaat Diya…

Om begins to think kya huva vo ethni Jaldi mein thi.. kya vo .. is she.. again cheating on me..
The thought of ishana cheating him ..made his eyes so wet.. tears rolled on his cheeks so unintentionally..
Immediately his heart said no no.. om what are you thinking.. she can’t cheat you.. and you know the truth..

His mind accepted and wiped his tears.. and said haa.. vo mujhe dokha nahi de sakthi ..
And he heard Dadi shouting..Kya??
He rushed to the hall .. infact everyone rushed to the hall..
Dadi kept the phone receiver and looked at soumya with tear eyed.. and said..
Ur aayi is not well puttar you have to go..
Soumya’s eyes shed silent tears she ran in a haste and packed her things.. still crying..

She was just throwing her dresses insider her suitcase.
Omru and shivika follow her to the room..
Om: chill somu tumare aayi ko kuch nahi hoga..
But soumya was not in the mood of hearing anything she was just busy putting her things into her bag..
Rudy held her hand and said stop it somu..
Somu sighed and shouted back at rudra without looking at him.. leave me rudra.. I have to mein tumari jaise .. chotu nahi hoon.. I have to go and pay the bills to get her treatment done so just stay away.

Om quickly leaves the room .. rudra sees it and follow om..
Om walks in haste rudra walks behind and calls out his ne to stop him..
Mein kuch bhi sunene ke liye thyaar nahi hoon rudra I am going with her..
Rudy tells with a innocent face I just wanted to accompany you bhaiiya.. and went to his room and packed his things up..
Omru and soumya came up with all things packed..

Dadi shivika who were in hall was surprised seeing Rudy coming up with his bags..
They looked at each other..
Shivaaye went and blocked rudra and said koi picnic nahi hai.. ye..
I know bhaiiya .. I am grown up now so let me go up with somu..
Om : rudra understand she already crying Rudy interrupts bhaiiya plz..
Soumya says plz bhaiya chalne!!
Omru and soumya leaves the mansion..

Precap: soumya cries on Rudy’s shoulder.. ishana ridhima meet..
That’s all for today dears plz let me know..


  1. Ash

    Haii jara, it was rocking, sso jealous, rumya sadness but also include some shivika and ishkara moments. So update the nxt one asap😄

  2. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Very nice jara, when sso felt jealous😂😂😂 really enjoyed that scene.
    And Om calling ishana ishu, 😊😊😊that was cool and Rudy with sumo😎😎😎, overall it was lovely😍😍😍. Please update the next epi ASAP

  3. Ishqkum


    |Registered Member

    Fantastic jara Rudy is crying for sumo.,shivya become jealous and om called ishu was nice .I loved it.plz update next episode ASAP

  4. zain shireen

    can u write a summary . I jst strted reading it nw . I am not able to know the whole story . can u write? plssss a shrt smmry

  5. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    It’s awesome like always
    …besT-part-Om calling Ishana as Ishu ♥️♥️♥️. ..
    ..and shivaye getting a lil jealous 😁👍🏻…
    waiting for the next one eagerly
    …pls post it ASAP….

  6. TJ27

    actually I read all ff of ishqbaaz….but when I read your ff- episode 30,I read all previous episodes of it & love it…superb….I have no words to describe how much I love it

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