Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 30

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Quick recap
Anika gets attacked .. Siddharth saves her.. dadi pacifies her.. ishkara and roumya plan fails.. sahil’s concern..

At night..
Shivaaye is lying on his bed and he closes his eyes.. a flash of anika’s red eyes comes in his mind and he jerks off and gets up and sits..
The whole incident goes through in his mind..
Suddenly he feels some water an his palm he looks at it.. it was his tears..
Just then he realised he was crying…yep the great shivaaye Singh oberoi .. the business tycoon was crying…
But wait crying.. no.. no.. shivaaye crying.. he has no emotions .. you are the one who live in the real world.. his mind said..

But his eyes were silently shedding tears.. heart gave a smile and asked then why are you crying..
Shivaaye sighed because for any girl being in that situation is so .. soo difficult I pity her that’s it..Vaise bhi mujhe koi farkh nahi padtha..
His heart was somewhat convinced.. yes yes no pyaar vyaar it’s only you feel on humatanrian grounds.. haa.. yeh hi sahi ha.. you feel her pain because she is a girl and if there was any other girl in that place also you would have felt the same.. and stretched his legs on the bed to sleep..
But something inside him was wanting to see anika .. Siddharth was true after all .. he quickly threw the blanket and got off from his bed..
Shivaaye went to her room and saw sahil sleeping.. anika there.. he quickly rushed to the swimming pool area and saw anika .. he felt a sense of relief.. he went near her.. she was still crying .. anika sensed shivaaye and turned towards him..

Shivaaye lifted her face..Her cheeks clearly showed the path that her tears traveled.. her eyes were so red.. and her body was still shivering..
Shivaaye just rubbed his fingers over her cheek and wiped those flowing tears .. he said.. I trust you..I completely trust you..
Anika heard that word.. she felt so relieved.. tears that were just coming down her eyes started overflowing.. as if a dam broke .. there was so much tears in her eyes..
She sprang onto him.. and hugged him tight..
Shivaaye too reciprocated he was stroking the hair.. suddenly he broke the hug lifted her face and slightly pecked on her forehead a slight kiss ..and tucked her hair behind her ears.. anika saw at him with so much of love.. passion.. the eyes.. kanji kanji .. had tears for her.. she felt so blessed at that moment.. her husband .. sso .. was so understanding.. when world was against her he was always with her.. supporting her.. cuddling her…
Anika lost herself totally to shivaaye in his Arms.. she felt so secured for the first time in her entire life..
Suddenly a thought of the contract thing comes out… In her mind and and she jerks off and breaks the hug.. shivaaye was not able to understand why anika suddenly broke the hug.. before both the eyes could meet anika ran away from the pool to her room without looking back at shivaaye..
Shivaaye stood there interpreting what was going on anika’s mind..

Here at s room..
Om smiled and said .. ishana I do no y I forgave you.. but one thing I know is you look so beautiful.. ye hair.. ye earrings.. ye aakhen.. which from the first time I saw it I am not able to take it out my memory.. aap bahooth kubsrath hai.. he hugged her.. and said.. I do no what àm I feeling but haa.. I want to say you.. thud!!! He fell off from his bed.. he woke up and found himself down and hugging a pillow.. om sat at the floor.. and closed ishana s eyes.. came in his mind..
He sighed and got up ..and went in his balcony and Looked at the sky and smiled at his thoughts.. for the first time a girl was wandering in his thoughts.
On other hand ishana was holding to the bar of the window.. and was determined to get ridhima samples.. and save om..

It was morning..
Anika slowly woke up and saw sahil sleeping comfortably..she smiled at him and got up..
She went to her get freshen up.. she splashed some water on her face..
Her hug.. the words which he said I trust you that too completely…the slight kiss on her forehead.. And she touches the place where he had pecked..
As usual her mind and heart started to fight.. but this time the mind had concluded that it was on humatanrian grounds.. nothing else.. she wiped her tears and scolded herself how many times I have said it’s only a contract.. agli baar aisa socha na bhi math.. she wipes her tears and decides to talk to shivaaye about Dna sample and moves towards his room.
Her shivaaye was busy with his phone.. he saw anika.. and shifted his glance to somewhere.. he could not face. He started vo.. vo.. kal..
Anika said in one go yea I know for any other girl in that place also you would have done the same.. I understand she said..
Shivaaye saw anika and said Haa.. haa you are right..
Now the irony was this is what both of them said to themselves but they said the same thing infront of each other it hurt them..
She adjusted her voice and she rec’d a call.. ishan..
Ishana had called to discuss imp about Dna sample..
Shivaaye turned to leave but he heard anika speaking .. haa.. ishaan.. bolo..
He turns and sees anika with a jerk..

Anika not knowing what shivaaye’s reaction was continued speaking..
Ishana: aap teek hai na Di..??
Anika smiled and said haa.. baba teek hoon mai.. bathao baath kya hai..
Shivaaye was just fuming inside.. what the back baba .. and all that how could she speak so comfortable???
Ishana: I have a plan Di to get ridhima samples..
Anika was happy and said.. wooow ishan tum to genius yaar Matlab.. vaah.. you know what I was worried for this thing and now I am going to speak this to sso..
Ishana understood that shivaaye was near started her acting..
Anika: ok mein phir se call karungi..and was about to cut the call..
Ishana was not in the mood of letting go par Di.. I wanted to ask you one thing..
Anika: par…
Ishana cut her and said but Di plz I am already feeling low..

Anika: kyon kya huva??
Ishana smiled herself and started to act..
Ishana: vo.vo patha hai some people are saying that I am so ugly.. kya such mein uthi ugly hoon… ishana was in full form ..
Anika was little surprised by her question.. she saw Shivaaye who was staring at her as if he would swallow her in one gulp and said.. nahi .. nahi tum cute ho..
Shivaaye jealous grew to a new height.. so this ishaan is cute haa he said to himself..
Anika sensed something uncomfortable and hurriedly cut the call of ishana..
Ishana saw her mobile phone so disappointed.. it had happened for her for two times now..
She threw her phone on her bed and says to herself om mein apka wish poora karne rahunga.. and gets determined..

Ok dears that’s all for Tdy will update daily my net problem has been solved so..
And plz comment dears. .. I do no how to say.. plz comment your views it’s so important for me already I am drained plz motivate me dears..
And one more thing can you people bear me for one more ff shall I start another ff.. plz let me know..

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  1. Ayath

    awesome jara didi I was eagerly waiting for ur ff finlly u updated thanku somuch

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear can you give short summary of ur story till now

  2. Ishqkum

    Oo jara I waited for your episode .shivya jeaslous samma.plz update next episode ASAP

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear are you tamil?? Will update tom

      1. Ishqkum

        Hmm .my name is kavinnilla

    2. Jara

      Oh…okk dr

  3. Epi was just awesm??
    Carry on n plz dont stop writing
    N make shivaye more n more jealous??

    1. Jara

      Yes dear he will burn out of jealousy don’t worry and tks

  4. Sat

    Jara, Really loved it to the core. I am enjoying your ff very nicely, thank God you have updated after a long time, I missed your ff a lot.and ya, please introduce an other ff, we will surely enjoy it?????. And please update the next epi ASAP

    1. Agreed to sat dear welcome back dear
      And we will wait for both ff
      Missed u
      Ishan part was cute

      1. Jara

        Thanks a lot cutie pie will update asap

    2. Jara

      Tks dear and yea will update asap

  5. Ketaki19

    oh wow u updated great… ohh jallu singh oberoi 😀 i completely trust you… this is the best line of shivaay in this update… he felt her pain, he couldn’t see her in pain woww par sso uske andarke shivaayko rok raha hain 🙁 koi nahi dheere dheere sso ke upar shivaay ki jeet jarur hogi 🙂 lovely update

    1. Jara

      Haha yes shivaaye will understand her love don’t worry dear and tks for commenting

  6. Awesome episode Jara Di, Shivika is just so good

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot dear will update regularly

  7. Nida

    As usual great one… just tell me are you a writer or what ? But little bit upset for posting the update late

    1. Jara

      Now no more delays dear and I am no writer dear I wish I could take this as my profession .. let c and thanks a lot dear for such support

  8. Nice episode di…… I understand ur problem but try to upload daily…… will be waiting for next part……..

    1. Jara

      Tks dr yes will try to update daily

  9. Ur ff is my favourite moreover we can see ishkara’s love story atleast here ???

    1. Jara

      Haha thanks a lot for such a cute comment dear

  10. Haii guys I’m ur new friend and a fan of ishqbaaz. Jara ur epi is superb, sso jealous, om’s dream everything was so nice. And will u b my friend??

    1. Jara

      Welcome to this group ash… Glad that you like my ff and yea we are frndz from now on.. ok?? And keep supporting…

  11. Jara, and all the best for ur nxt ff.

  12. Awesome epi
    Pls pls pls pls continue

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  13. nice shivka scene pls updates daily or twice day pls come back soon do not long break pls

    1. Jara

      Ok dear hereafter will try my best to update daily and thanks a ton for supporting

  14. Jazz1

    After long time finally u came. It was good. Loved shovika scenes ??. Waiting for the next episode. Of course if u have time u can write another ff and if u do then I will wait for it

    1. Jara

      Tks dear yep got the idea do no when will I post but thought of getting it opinion about it and thanks a lot dear for commenting

  15. bahut accha episode di i am waiting for ur ff for a long time & u should start ur new ff

    1. Jara

      Tks dear yep will come up with next ff as soon as possible

  16. Awesome yaaaarrrr….cute pick on forehead….lovely bujji…good going jara….love thz part

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear.. will update asap

  17. Priya15

    Amazing di.. Luving ishkara love story… Jealous shivay..

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot dear

  18. Cuteprincess

    very nice episode……loved it.

    1. Jara

      Tks a ton dear

  19. kinza chuadhary

    nice episode

    1. Jara

      Tks a lot dear

  20. good episode shivka scene super ishkar think same that also super pls come back
    soon pls

    1. Jara

      Sure dr writing will post today

  21. Its good that both brothers have feelings for the girls but what about rudr

    1. Jara

      Coming up in next eli

  22. Tulasi

    Diiii…it was awesunmmm again……i luvd d way hw shivaay carressed her…i trust u…tht was magical….sry for d late comments

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