Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 29

Hi all my dears
First of all a Big apology for posting it soooo late. So as usual as a punishment it’s a lengthy one I promise…..
So after soo many days.. here I am.. with so much of pending ff on my list to read and of course to write…
And one more thing.. I just went through my prev ff omg the response I got s so low.. if it’s boring please let me know..
Ok enough with my blabberings.. now with epi..

A quick recap..

Ishkara and roumya make a plan to know whether shivaaye is in love or not..
Ishana meets anika and asks her to call ishan.. she tells her about DNA test..
Anika reaches home and searches shivaaye to talk about DNA matter and get his sample..
Now with the current part…
Anika reaches the mansion and searches for shivaaye.. omru sees it and smiles at each other.. om picks his mobile and calls ishana..
Om : it’s time to execute our plan…
Ishana smiles and says OK…

Here anika found shivaaye .. she somehow wanted to discuss about DNA matter asap.. Shivaaye was in a call.. he saw anika and cut the call..
And raised his eyebrows guestering her as to what was she going to say..
Anika opened her mouth.. her phone rang.. ishaan.. calling..(it was ishana)
She held phone and read out the name to herself..
First her eyes moved to and fro in confusion and then she understood that it was ishana..
Shivaaye read it..
Shivaaye found her thinking and cleared his throat…
She came to senses..

She attended the call..She just wanted to finish it as soon as possible.. as she wanted to discuss a very important matter with shivaaye..
On the other side ishana was waiting for her to attend.. she was so well kid who prepared for a test and just waitimg for the teacher to pinpoint and ask her.. she was just damn curious and eager to answer that call..
Anika said at one go.. I am busy .. will talk to you later ishan.. and disconnected..
Ishana was hell sad.. she thought she could atleast help om but.. all plans were just a clean flop..
And more sad faces were seen in oberoi mansion.. omru soumya and dadi.. who were just awaiting an superb entertainment..were sad and made pout faces..
They saw at each other and went their own ways out of disappointment..
Here back at shivaayes room

Anika disconnects the call and starts to speak..
Again her phone rings..
Shivaaye gets irritated and says.. first attend all your ishan pashan…
Then we will talk and moves out of the room..
Anika tries to speak but shivaaye just leaves the room..And then anika sighs and attends the call
Caller: mam.. aap anika ho..?!?
Anika: ji…
Caller: haan.. vo.. we need your catering services.. can we have a word now..and gives his address…
Anika’s pov: wAaah!!! Kya timing tha!! Uff!! They want to meet me now and it’s urgent!! wAaah!!! Patha nahi.. why is this happening to me alone.. and goes to her room to take bag..
She sees sahil doing his project work she gently strokes his hair.. and pecks on his forehead and says.. plz eat and sleep it will take another half an hour for me..
Sahil smiles and says OK didi and continues his work..
Anika leaves..
Actually it was tia’s plan..

Here at shivaaye was standing at the swimming pool area…
His brain had only flashes of anika’s phone.. showing ishan ..
Shivaaye heart felt heavy..though it knew no reason.. it was so heavy…
Every now and then her phone visual will come on and off his mind..
Shivayss mind was so disturbed it wanted a solid reason..
But his heart Was not able to answer it..
Every situation he had faced till now his mind had an clear answer.. even in the last when he helped anika by supporting , his heart had answer..
But now.. he was confused..
Both his mind and heart were just googling his emotions as to why was he feeling uncomfortable while someone by name ishaan called her..

Here at the place..
Anika had arrived at the hotel where the imposter had asked her to..
She entered the room and the room was dark…
She started breathing heavily .. she just took two steps forward… and found in no time someone had locked the door.. she heard the sound..

She started to breathe even more hard..
She began to sense what was he upto..
She immediately took her slippers.. and said if you come near me.. only my slippers will talk.. she said.. not knowing where to point and whom to point at such a dark room..
Suddenly she was slapped and she and her slippers fell apart..
Her only defense till now was her slippers but now.. it was also gone..
She started to shout..
And in no time a hand came and covered her the touch she could sense it was a man..and she could sense one more thing that someone was approaching her.. anika protested but the man was way to strong for her..
She was just shivering.. the man was just a cms apart and touched her shoulder and tore her cloth at her shoulder and went near her to proceed..

Just then he felt a strong grip .. he turned and saw man who was dressed up in a coat but his face was not so clear..
In next five mins he beated them black and blue..
All the while anika was just adjusting her torn cloth with tears just flowing from her he switched the lights on..
All the goons had got beaten..and anika was standing there with her hand trying it’s maximum to somehow reset her torn cloth and her whole body was shivering..
The man came near her removed his overcoat and gave it to anika..
Anika was still shivering without lifting her face she got the jacket with trembling hands..

And covered herself..
The man: aap Mrs. Shivaaye singh oberoi hai na??
Anika noded with tears flowing down her eyes..
The man: ok come I will drop you home..
They start leaving in the car…
Here back at the mansion…
Shivaayes eyes were just searching for one thing.. anika anika
Shivaayes mind was immediately rose a question.. why the hell you are searching for her..
His heart had a ready answer .. she wanted to say something.. so.. his mind was in no mood of letting it go.. why is it so important?? Before his heart could interpret an answer he heard dadi saying.. Siddharth Vikram Rana.. shivaaye came out of his thoughts and leaves his room..

Yes it was Siddharth who had saved anika…
Dadi saw anika in such a poor state and tears just fell from her eyes..
Anika was just terrified..she could barely take her step forward she was shivering..
Her leg slipped and and she was about to fall and shivaaye rushes and holds her…
He held her by her hand and he could sense a immense pain in her face.. her hairs were all messed up.. her eyes had become so red..and the tears were just flowing from her eyes and rolled on her cheeks..the glow that was in her face had vanished ..
He could feel her body shivers..and the amount of panic she has went through..

Shivaaye saw her in her eyes.. there was so much pain.. and it was so terribly…
A unintentional tear escapes from shivaayes eyes ..and falls on anika’s palm..
A nika who still was crying felt the tear and saw with those red eyes that were just shedding pain..
Shivaaye came to senses and made her sit in the sofa..

Anika embraced dadi and cried vigorously…
Shivaaye saw anika crying and turned by force and saw Siddharth.. Siddharth could sense it..and he started to narrate the whole story..
Shivaaye hears this and somewhere inside him gets determined to find the culprit..and punish them and beat him blue and black ..and make anika punish him and saw anika who was just crying and crying…
Siddharth touched shivaayes shoulder and said shivaaye don’t think I am advising you.. but she needs you the most.. please go and support her.. may be some words.. but I assure your words will matter a lot to you.. shivaaye noded and a uttered thanks and Siddharth left the place…

Shivaaye turned and saw anika she had kept her head balancing on both her hand.. and still crying and shivering..pinky came nd saw all the drama..
Pinky opened her mouth to taunt her .. and shivaaye spoke please..
And came and sat next to anika …
He turned and saw her face.. And saw sahil coming out to the hall wiping his eyes from sleep..
Shivaaye said why are you crying it’s a simple thing..?!?

Anika was just startled by his question..
Simple thing??!??she wanted to hold him by his collar and slap him but she had already had enough..
She just lifted her face and saw Shivaaye..
Sahil: kya simple thing didi??
Anika understood she know how to react.. she was shocked how could she tell what had happened to a nine year old she suddenly wiped her tears..with her trembling hands and said.. .vo.. vo..
Shivaaye completed it ..didi ka kaam pora nahi huva na isleye. .
Sahil: kya.. didi.. aap isleye ro Rahe hai.??
Anika still shedding tears noded her head…

Sahil came to her and looked her at her eyes..
He wiped her tears with those cute little fingers and said.. I know Di you won’t cry for such little matters ..bathao na baath kya hai??
She was stunned by the question his little brother was so concerned about her..but why would she say..
She just sprang and embraced him tightly and said ku..kuch nahi hai sahil..and stroke his hairs and broke the hug.. still caressing his cheek she said whatever shivaaye said is right pathai hai the one who ordered vo kaisa danta tha. .
And she took sahil to the room Shivaaye saw the both sister and brother duo going.. while going anika turned and saw Shivaaye.. and uttered a thank you ..

Precap: shivaaye and anika’s pov.. ishkara and roumya try again..

Guts plz do tell me are you ok with track..plz let me know.. if I get good response for this ff I am thinking of starting another ff may sooner or later. .
All depends on you guys if you guys support me well.. I would for sure write another ff..
Once again a big sorry for making you all wait..

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