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Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 27


Hi all my dear readers….
Thanks a ton for that lovely lovely words ….
If you have missed prev one here is the link..
Part 26

Ok now with my epi….
Soumya breaks the hug…
She adjusts herself and wipes her tears….
Rudra eyes were also about to shed tears…..though he knew her reason for her sadness…it seemed his mind had already understood her sorrow and was already feeling it….
Soumya was still wiping her eyes and nose like a small baby….
Soumya started with a tone that was so weak….and trembling…pathai hai….aaj….my father’s birthday…..we used to celebrate together…suddenly from nowhere…a gleam of happiness shines in her eyes….as she remembers her good days with her father….par…..ab….vo…..she couldn’t complete it…..her eyes completed it by shedding tears…..

Rudra cupped soumya’s face….wiped her tears….and said….somu patha hai….when something bad happens with us na u should not think about it only the good ones are the ones that should be cherished….so vo sab chod….and just relive only those happy moments that you had with your dad…haa?? He ends by wiping her tears and slightly stroking her cheek….
She nods…and says when did you start speaking so much sensible??
Rudra smiles and moves the hair and tuucked it behind her ears and said….every time you were sensible and I was a cry baby….now you became a cry baby then your post is vacant na so I became sensible …
Soumya smiles….and thanks him…
Rudra sprangs out of the bed and takes his mobile and types something…soumya gave him a confused look…
Rudra was still typing but answered her….areey tumne tks kaha na so updating it in fb…it’s a wonder …and it doesn’t happen daily na…. Soumya made faces and started to chase him rudra run behind the cot…and soumya was chasing him…they were just circling the room again and again….dadi came caught a running soumya and asked what’s the matter….
Rudra and soumya…unanimously said dadi it’s his\ her fault and pointed at each other….dadi hit her head with her hand and said….OK now I have to talk something imp with you guys can you come…
Roumya noded and followed dadi to her room….

Om had also arrived in the room…
Om:kya huva dadi apne bolaya???
Dadi: for the first time na I am not able to understand my billu….
All the three look at each other and is confused…
Dadi continues….when he did that contract with anika….I thought he was cheap and he had no heart…but….
Om continued when he supported anika without any reason you got confused….dadi nodded her head looking at om and gave a look this what I am also saying…..
Dadi : do no what is going on in his mind?? I also do no what is the way to find out….
Soumya: dadi I have an idea… what if anika didi gets someone who can come close to her…we can see how Shivaaye Bhai reacts….if he feels jealous he loves her if not…I think we will get a clear picture….
Rudra: oh shut up I will ask idea from my love angel haa…?!!!
And takes his phone….
Soumya murmurs she will also say same duffer oberoi try tho Mar ke dekh….om stops him…
Om: keep aside…your love sove angel I think soumya’s idea is good hai na dadi??
Dadi nods her head….par….do anika have any boy friends….
Rudra: I think no jahan thak mein janthi hoon nahi koyi nahi hai….
Dadi: ab kya karenge….

Soumya: bade bhaal Bhai…do you have any frndz who can help us..???
Om nodded in negative….
Rudra: arreyy kya hai bhaiiya….one girl thi na who also helped us in kidnapping she will help…
Om: boy friend for anika….ishana??!?!
Soumya : haa…I m sure she will have some boy friends we will ask her….
When om heard the word..ishana…boy friends…something disturbed him….
Om asked how can you be so sure??
Soumya; kithni handsome ha na vo so….
Om heart beat rose like anything ….yes she is beautiful. ..but….
Om heart at once wanted to meet her and ask about her boyfriend….
This thought made him think so much…what if there are many bf??what if someone is so close to her…?!?!what if????dadi shook him….
Dadi : then call her and meet her na??
Om called her number but it was busy….

Yes as gussed she was talking with anika and they had decided to meet and discuss their plan…..
Om grew more restless…already there were many what if questions revolving around his head now one more gets added what if she was talking to her boy friend….
Om sighed and made a silent prayer and dialled her number again…it rang….om was super happy…..
Om: ishana can we meet today??
Ishana was just surprised with his question….
Om : umm….want to talk to you about anika….
Ishana spilled the bean Di se tho mil raha hoon…

Om: what you are meeting anika??
Ishana realises what she said and says…vo..vo…actually we met accidentally at mall na tho….
Om : oh ….OK shall we meet??
Ishana: yes sure and cuts the call….
Ishana was just jumping up and down in excitement….I am going to meet om….I am going to meet om…she said again and again….like child reciting a rhyme….just then something strike her …
Ishana’s pov: why the hell are you getting excited??? He is just a friend OK!!!! Nothing more….how could you even think….he is your friend….and there is just friendship between you and om….
Ishana noded to what her heart said and went to get ready
On the other hand om was getting ready in a haste manner he wanted to find out by hook or crook if ishana had a bf??

Precap ishkara meet……tia’s evil plan…

I may sound a bit selfish…but….I have one wish…..ummm….i want to how many of you really read my ff….so ummm…can you give your few minutes of time and comment on my page….plz!!!! And make this wish come true….

Do let me know dears…
And one more thing I do no when I will be able to post my next one may be Tuesday or Wednesday max and sorry for that dears as I am going out of station…..plz bear with me guys….————-

  1. Akshaya

    Awesome episode but small. And ishkara yippee. Happy journey dear . Is it a pilgrimage?

    1. Jara

      No dear just a family trip..and tks a lot…..

  2. Nithu

    Jara di it’s awsm I’ll really miss ua ff ….but di.u noticed that case of ishqbaaz are following u BCUZ in one of the spoilers I read that tiara is gayathri ‘so daughter and anika will stop shivaye and tia ‘s engagement showing her true colours. .in ua ff di tiara is roop’so daughter. ..that is only the difference

    1. Jara

      Wooow…..really???omg!!! Guess it’s time to get my copyright…. Lol….thanks a lot Dr will try to update asap


    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  4. Its absolutely amazing ff
    bring out the next episode.

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear will update asap

  5. Hey. I am a silent reader and I never reply to anyone’s ff cause I m really busy in my school life. Just to let u know that u r doing a great job and I love the jealousy track. Keep writing and sorry for not commenting. Just remember I will always read ur ff even if I m not commenting😉😘😍

    1. Jara

      Woow tks a lot nida dead yep I got it and tks for finding time to comment …..and thanks a lot dear…

  6. 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Hey nice track but please add shivika moments more … Post next episode asap

  8. Jazz1

    It’s really good and I read you ff so keep writing

  9. Shaza

    Absolutely awesome ff 👌🏻…as usual ….I usually get exited when i read the title ” as I could imagine 😄…pls continue and post the next one ASAP….waiting for ishkara meeting ….amd wow , I love jealousy tracks 😍😄

  10. It is really great plz continue😘

  11. Priya15

    Amazing di… Luv it..

  12. Again blockbuster but some what short for the first time dear and you know I loved your ff and if ur going to kovil so surely pray for my family too akka…
    And you know for the first time in the history in my ff the total comments additing my too .. The grand total was 40… For the first time🎊🎉👏👏 I was so happy with this that I decided if I get nice response than I will think to post or continue…. But the response should come and what request you did same too my readers to….
    You know ananya has wrote a sad poetry for stopping me so sweet and special we feel when our readers comment….

  13. Awsome d……..but plz post next asap…n yeah enjoy ur trip…

  14. Nice episode but too small.and I expected shivika moment more but episode was. Awesome .And I am a silent reader.Have a god speed jara.

  15. Didi episode was sooooo gd……waiting for d next soooo eagerly……by d way happieee journey di….have a nyc time

  16. Jara Didi , ur ff is awesome and I’ll really miss it. Have a safe trip.

  17. Sat

    Jara, I loved it Yar. I am sorry Yar for commenting plate as I am having exams. And really awesome . Update ASAP. Enjoy our trip ok

  18. Jara

    Thank you all my dears….my plan got postponed and I have posted the next one also….

  19. Priyanka.N

    Kya baat hi…..kya baat hi
    Lovely conversation between somu nd Rudy
    Om is jealous wooooowwww

  20. Please add shivika moments I am a diehard shivika fan so please add some more of there moments in your next update . Post ASAP

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