Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 2


Hi all,
So, here is the next one,
Anika gets back to work…
Dadi: puttar have decided about reception cards??
Anika: yes dadi…
Dadi: phir ek kaam karo show both cards to pinky, jhanvi and shivaaye also and get their opinion….
Anika thinks, pinky and jhanvi is OK I have go to that bakad billa again???
She visits pinky and jhanvi and now it’s turn meet shivaaye oberoi…
She stands near the door hesitantly, then makes up her mind and enters the room..
She searches for shivaaye but he is not found in the room….
So anika keeps the cards that is selected and the words that would appear on the cards, and goes…
Thank God I did not meet him… and makes faces and leaves…

In shivaay’s room,
Suddenly wind blows and the papers she kept falls down from the table where she kept, shivaaye who was in the bathroom came out and saw papers flying and took and read…
Anika: I am leaving…
Dadi: y puttar did shivaaye tell anything??
Anika: no, no dadi I am going to my house as today’s work is over….
I showed the cards to pinky and jhanvi aunty and they are OK with it..
Dadi: shivaaye kya ka??
Anika: actually I searched him….she then sees shivaaye and stops….
Shivaaye: you should leave…
Anika: yea, I am leaving my brother is alone at home so…she starts to leave but shivaaye holds her hand and says, I meant you should leave this job…
Dadi and anika look at each other confused…
Dadi: y billu??

Shivaaye: dadi plz don’t call me that!! OK dadi we had a condition that she will not irritate me.. But she didn’t follow…
Anika: aap ki dhimak karab hai kya mein aapo abhi dekh rahi hoon…. Shayyad apne na koyi sapna deka hoga….
Dadi: not again tum dono , she looks at shivaaye and tells bolo na kya huva tha??
Shivaaye gives paper to anika and asks her to read…
Anika reads it and get shocked…yeh toh….
Shivaaye: and this… you thought to put in my marriage card how dare ypu??
Dadi who was watching all this got the papers from anika and read
Sabka swahath,
Mein billu ki dadi aap sab logon ko meri potha billu, sakthi oberoi and pinky oberoi ka son billu, ki shaadi mein aakar usse apiki asirwaad dene ke liye vinnathi karthi hoon
Biilu ki dadi….
Note: replace billu with shivaaye Singh oberoi…
She read..
Anika: this is a rough copy I made , I had kept the fair copy…
She goes to the room and picks up the fair copy and shows him…
Anika: I wrote as said by dadi and then made a fair copy…
Dadi knew now mahabharat would start….
Shivaaye: kitni baar meine kaha hai ki only my dadi can call that…
Anika: HAA apki dadi ne hi toh bola and I have written that only, and I said it’s a rough copy na….
Dadi: are rehne dho na… she said it’s a rough copy… anika puttar u go home beta…will do other work tom
Dadi leaves…

Anika was about to leave she turns back and sees shivaaye and starts
Anika: kya hogaya Mr. Bill….she looks at shivaaye…
Shivaaye: don’t irritate me u know what, I am gonna keep cameras around the house so that I keep an eye on you…
Anika misunderstands it…
Anika: eye on me…. Aap ethni confused kyo ho…. First you tell me to go out of this mansion… aur ab your saying that you will see me always what’s ur problem???
Shivaaye blows air from his mouth out of frustration and says I meant I will supervise your work not you, do you think I have cheap tastes like you…he gets a call and leaves
Anika: camera fix karunga!!!pagal ho jaunga!!! Hmm…. And leaves the place…

At night….
In oberoi mansion,
Brothers are chilling out in the kitchen….
Om: how was your day shivaaye??
Shivaaye : don’t ask me that anika…
Om interrupts and says u said her name again….
Om: shivaaye ek baath bathao why do you get so affected I mean jab bi tumse pochun you are taking her name only….
Shivaaye: plz om not again… she is just impossible… and today she was too much she thought I have started to like her… shivaaye Singh oberoi and such a cheap girl..
Om and rudra looked at each other and understood it was no use to talk to him
At night anika and sahil are asleep anika suddenly wakes and says camera!!!
Anika wakes up and looks sahil who still asleep and walks out of her room…
Anika thinks about the chip incident….
She getting arrested….policeman giving her chip…she throwing it…and finding it again MATLAB kisine change kiya hai vo chip….
Camera SE yaad aaya…pplice station may be camera hoga na I have to tell this to shivaaye … haaa. …. No, no, wait not that bakad billa… she calls om…
Om: anika at this time all OK??
Anika: it’s urgent so only but sorry to disturb you at the moment… and tells the whole thing…

Precap : they see the CCTV footage and gets shocked….so who was this person helping gayatri….

Thanks a lot friends if I sound boring plz do let me know I will stop this ff do let ur views . …stqy blessed blessed guys….

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