Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 18


Hi all my lovelies..
This is jara again…
Arrghhhh?!!!!!!! My network… was not able trying to post from yesterday…anyways here it is shivika’s first date…
Shivika are traveling in car…
Anika was still in shock…she couldn’t react … how could she?? She kept on staring at shivaaye time to time…her pov: you did a great mistake anika…. Vaah u saved a man in whose dictionary there is no love…vaah no coutesy….no manners…hats off….never expect anything in this relationship it’s purely ….hatred…hatred….and only hatred…
They reach the destination….
They sit at a table…shivaaye calls the waiter…
S: bring me one pasta …what would you like to have he said in grinning voice….
A: mujhe kuch nahi chahiye…and turns her face other side…
Shivaaye to the waiter then make it two pastas…
Anika stared at him as if she was going to swallow him….

Shivaaye: what!! you want to be with me right?? Here I am ….
Anika wanted to shout and yell at him for his cheap behavior… was a hotel…she calmed herself down….
When they waited for the food to be served they did not talk…shivaaye was asusal busy with his phone and she was looking at all sides except Shivaaye…
Their food was served…
Anika had no way she knew even if she try to move from that chair what would be bagad billa’s reaction….for she had no strength to fight him…atleast not today….she had already gone through many things…and was already broken….
They paid the bill and anika stood up to leave…
Shivaaye: ah…you wanted a dinner date right dinner is over cmmon let’s date…
Anika: date?!?!? Kounsi date aajka date…and searches for her phone …and remembers shivaaye broke it…you broke my phone I think it’s 8 she said innocently….
Shivaaye smirks just then a man comes and says your room is ready sir!!!
Shivaaye thanks him…

Anika at first was confused then she understood what he was planning….
She came out of her thoughts and found her standing in room decorated with red baloons and bed with red roses…
She thought too much that she didn’t know what was going on…
Actually shivaaye had brought her to the room…
And there she was standing like a statue…
Here Tia was getting suspicious of Shivaaye and went to his office to check …and obviously he wasn’t there…
She dialled anika no. And it said it was not reachable…she grew even more suspicious.. She called oberoi mansion…rudra attended it….
Tia: where is shivaaye ??
Rudra smiled to himself his pov…I wanted to irritate you since so long this a golden opportunity do think would I leave …he came out from thoughts and said actually actually ..bhai is on a date with bhabhi…
Tia: bhabhi??
Rudra: haan….anika unki wife hai so mere babhi…kya Tia this simple thing also your are not knowing …tum kitne duffer ho…
Tia: are you sure??
Rudra:all call bai’s wife is babi only I know it for sure!!

Tia gets irritated and ..cuts the call
Tia was burning in jealousy this time not iron if you put big aeroplane also it would have got burnt into ashes…
Tia threw her mobile and said anika you will have to pay for each and everything that you do…..
Here in hotel…
Shivaaye removed his overcoat..and comes near her…
To his surprise she didn’t take her chameli..slipper out and show it to him…she was just standing still…
Shivaaye went near her …u badly needed this na??hmm??…
Anika felt disgusted…such words from a man …vaack….tears trickle down her eyes…
Shivaaye lift her and put her in bed…before Shivaaye could reach her she rolls and goes to the the other side of the bed and stands up…and says…mr.Shivaaye Singh oberoi…you cannot do this with me…
Shivaaye: what?? You only wanted it right?? Or else I would have went with Tia??
Anika couldn’t take he was a real monster he had no feelings just hatred….he wanted to do things as per his wish …and as per his wish only….
She stammered I..I… said…not to go with…tia…you..only…came……
Shivaaye walked on the bed and reached her end…
He pinned her to the wall by holding her hands up and went near and told now do you understand the cost of being my wife…haa??’s easy to say bit you cannot be a wife mine …..and removed his grip …anika’s bracelet and his watch got struck and they collide…
Shivaaye was trying hard to take is watch from that bracelet…finally took with force…which made anika come very close to Shivaaye….

She adjusted her hair…shivaaye was jus seeing anika without blinking she was so close…the hair was again and again coming on anika’s face…shivaaye tucked her hair behind …both were so close that each other could feel their breath..
Anika’s mind wanted to protest but her heart gave up could she …she had loved him dearly…although she hadn’t uttered a word about it to anyone …something…inside her…was not letting her to protest…
Shivaaye kept his hand on her waist and pulled her close and brought the hair to one side…
He went near her neck and k*ssed her…..she too reciprocated by stroking his back like a tigress….
He then saw anika ‘s face and gently touched her cheeks..she was blushing hard ..he slightly titled his head to capture her sweet lips…there lips were just cms appart….
And just then…..

He got disturbed by his phone ring…and anika too jerked and came back to senses….
He went to attend the call….
Anika adjusted herself and tried her best to compose herself in front of Shivaaye…shivaaye came to the room and stood parallel to her not wanting to face her and says..I have an imp work I have to go to office now…so u leave ..and go home…
Anika just noded her head..and left…
When she was about to leave the room Shivaaye interrupted…vo..vo…paisa hai?!?!
She blushed again…a smile appeared on her face…and said I have and flew from the place as soon as she could…
She reached the oberoi mansion…
Dadi and omru and soumya was biting their nails out of tension and worry….actually omru followed shivaaye in their car…to make anika safe but…they missed Shivaaye’s car in traffic and returned home as they didn’t know where he was taking anika to..
Anika enters…

Everyone questioned her as to what happened…she remembered those moments and blushed hard…
Rudra waved his hands infront of her face…
Anika became normal…and adjusted her voice.. And said nothing much I am tired she said without meeting anyone’s eyes and rushed to her room where sahil was asleep..
All the four stand confused.

That’s all for today dears …I guess I am turning boring day by day bcoz the comments I get is also decreasing day by day ….do let me know about this Epi dears and big thanks to who commented on my ff last time

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  1. Nithu

    its grt superb no words dear…dnt feel ua ff is borng..its lovely dear

    1. Jara

      Thanks a ton for those lovely words dear

  2. It’s really good but make it longer naa ??

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear yea will make it lengthy….

  3. Sanjana reddy

    You’ve an amazing story writing skills jara. I’ve been reading yr ff silently all this while . I barely can usey in office due to protocol. Otherwise, I would’ve wrote a dramatic feedback. The way you write romance scene btwm shivika far most good than original show.I always hatred n love based relationship stories. U ve written the best. I could feel content of yr ff. Keep it up. Don’t stop writting

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear for those lovely word yep I understand… That’s the main reason I am not able to eight lenghtier….tks again dear for taking your time and commenting…

  4. Nida

    Hats off ???but very angry at you for not writing lenghtier and posting very late?????????

    1. Jara

      Sorry dear sorry… time pucca lengthy one…I swear…..sorry dear and thanks for your tremendous support…

  5. jUST too romantic..loved it <3 n plzz don't ever think it's's one of the best ff's of ishqbaaz..ok? <3 <3

    1. Jara

      Haha tks dear for those lovely words

  6. 😀 no words…..

    1. Jara

      Thanks dear

  7. Nice episode keep it up and continue

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  8. No dear it not so ur ff is boring in fact gr8 keep it up ….
    Shivaay used to say mental strength
    Will u success ……don’t ado comments will surely increase
    My new fiction is on the way …..
    N yaa I am also getting less response never mind just go ahead

    1. Jara

      Haha mental strength tks dear for those lovely lovely words…. And sorry for not commenting on ur ff but read it fully u r awesome…

  9. Akshaya

    Cute muahh..

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear…

  10. Agar aap hindi me likhti to achha hota…please

    1. Jara

      Ahaa OK dear will try add lil Hindi tks a lot for your comment

  11. Good one ?

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  12. Wow… Awesome ! Ur ff is too good dear…plz continue..

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  13. Superb Jara… if possible..Plz update daily

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear yea will try to update daily

  14. The episode is good. But show the lighter side of shivay

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear yep Ll bring it in

  15. Jara this is one of the best ff’s..i can’t say how eagerly i was waiting fr the next but its short plz make it longer n post asap plz dont stop writing its awsome..not boring.

    1. Jara

      Thanks. A lot dear for those cute cute words yep will make it lengthy and post asap

  16. Goms

    Jara Don’t degrade yourself that your ff is boring..
    Many silent readers are there like me..dear

    Yur ff is good..

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear for those words.. It really meant a lot to me

  17. N for Nice yarr…….Ghajabb??

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear

  18. Priyanka.N

    R u serious abt u r updating boring part….thn kill it dear…i really love your is interesting to knw shivay loose towards Anika

    1. Jara

      Haha killed it dear thank you sooo much for your lovely words

  19. Shaza

    Nice episode …but not worth …I mean waited for so long and Thai much short ?..pls make it long na ??? Plssssssssss…..and it’s not boring at all’s one of the best ff of ishqbaaz ..I swear…

    1. Jara

      Sorry Dr for disappointing you….and thanks a lot for your comments will try it make it lengthy ….thanks a ton dear

  20. Jara don’t stop writing your ff. I’m really big fan of Ishqbaaz and your ff. So plz keep going.
    Loved the romantic scenes btw shivika ????

    1. Jara

      Thanks for your comment dear…will not stop writing.. And will update asap

  21. piya khullar

    its amazing i read it in the office so cant comment oftenly

    1. Jara

      Thanks a lot dear for spending your time and commenting it really means a lot to me…

  22. Awesome I really liked it

    1. Jara

      Thanks. A lot dear

  23. This was fabulous
    If u stop writing i am gonna be super angry with u

    1. Jara

      Haha I am not gonna stop dear…and thanks a ton for those lovely words

  24. Sat

    Hey jara . A great sorry for commenting so late. Actually I am busy. The epi was worth reading. I just loved it. Jara you rocked again. But please update ASAP. Where is your next epi. Your ff is not at all boring. It is interesting to the power of infinity. ??

    1. Jara

      Guess what I was also thinking why you were not commenting thanks for those lovely lovely words dear yep updated it …it’s in process….

  25. Adhya

    Hey Jara..! i’m so sorry dear as i couldn’t comment on ur ff previous days becoz, I’m out of station dear..I’m really very sorry…plz excuse me dear…And Episode was Awesome dear..It’s noty at all boring..plz don’t say like that..Keep Going on .

    1. Jara

      It’s OK dear no need of this many sorrys I understand… And tks a lot for commenting…

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